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Chapter 2 - Jonathan Carter

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The large guest room was well lit. The fire was built higher than usual as instructed. Lady Jayne glanced at her niece fondly. Nikki was sitting quietly nursing a hot cup of tea recovering from her shock. Her honey blonde hair fell around her shoulders as her pale blue eyes stared at the boy on the couch. Her trembling had stopped. Dr.Grant had checked her. Besides having a bad scare, thank the Gods Nikki had only sustained several bruises and only some superficial scratches. The solid car had done its job and protected her but it would be some time before she sped again. The Mercedes was insured but will need repairs in the work shop. In the meantime, Nikki could use one of the other cars.

The boy was another matter. She turned her head slightly towards the sleeping form on the guest bed. The good doctor had given him something for the pain and had cleaned him up as much as he could. A thorough check and scan would have to be done later at the clinic. His head had been bandaged. The bleeding had stopped. His dark hair was still matted with dried blood on one side and part of his face was already purpling. Maybe a concussion but not too bad she hoped.

The bleeding from the deep gash on the boy's left arm had also been staunched. After the wound cleaned and dressed, his hand was tied loosely at the bedpost to keep it alleviated above his head. The shards of broken glass had been painstakingly removed by Dr.Grant from his lean muscled body. There were no broken bones. They were lucky to have freed his legs and get him out of the car when they did. He suffered only sprained legs muscles. The boy was soaked, chilled to the bone and was still shivering when they reached home.

They had managed to get him out of his wet T-shirt and jacket but that was all. Without his cooperation, there was no way they were getting his tight black jeans off without causing more pain to his bruised legs. So they just dried him as best they could and covered him up. Thank god he had finally stopped shivering.

His few possessions were laid out on the side table next to him. A phone, power bank, some keys, small change and a wallet. From the car, a duffel bag, knapsack and a laptop. That was all they could find in the twisted wreck. Sadly, the car was a total loss.

Lady Jayne had gone through the wallet of Jonathan B. Carter and had gasped softly in shock as recognition dawned on her. She had taken a closer look at her friend's son. He looked different now ... leaner, older and something else ... she couldn't quite put her finger on it. He should be about eighteen now, if she guessed correctly.

He was a Carter. "Umm, not just a Carter ... the Carter boy," she thought.

Maybe she should inform Jennifer he was safe, she must be worried sick. As Lady Jayne recalled the scandal surrounding the youth last year, she revised her plan. No, she should play it by ear, gauge his response before making any rash decisions. No wonder he looked so familiar, his picture had been plastered all over the news and tabloids. Now she understood why he did not want to go to a public hospital, she shook her head sadly. Jennifer was an established surgeon in the city's leading medical facility. The irony was not lost on her.

Jennifer Anderson was successful and highly respected in her circle. However she was still powerless to help her son in his predicament last year when her ex-husband's new trophy wife had publicly hurled accusation after accusation at him. Jennifer could not understand why Jonathan had not just come to her. She was his mother for crying out loud! They could have talked and worked something out. She could have helped him somehow. Jonathan could have stayed with her at her spacious villa instead of disappearing. Where to, she had no idea.

Monique was formerly one of Grayson Carter's numerous secretaries. Married for only three short years, the young trophy wife of the business mogul had accused her "youngest son" of stealing from her when several pieces of jewellery had gone missing. She then went on to numerous other complaints. The voluptuous beauty dropped the final bomb when she filed sexual harassment charges against the bewildered boy. She was only doing the right thing, she said, tears running down her perfect face as she hung onto the arm of her husband. Grayson, bewitched by his beautiful young wife and enraged by jealousy, disowned his youngest son, casting him out of the family and fortune. It was a media circus. Jennifer was outspoken and strongly supported her son. But Jennifer was biased, the media declared. Jonathan was after all, her biological son.

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