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The first thing Yoongi did every morning was check his phone, he didn't think it was a problem he just wanted to check the time and his messages. Grandma Min said it was an unhealthy habit she thought Yoongi should just ignore his phone and come out to greet everyone before anything else but that never happened.

Yoongi brought his hand up to grab the covers and pulled them closer to his shoulders, his eyes squinted at his bright phone screen.

chiminpark13: hey

"Oh, so this kid wants to talk to me.." Yoongi's voice was deeper than normal and husky from just waking up. He peeked over his shoulder at Jungkook and saw him still fast asleep. Yoongi decided that there was no harm staying in bed if Jungkook was still sleeping.

ballsdeepjimin: hi, sorry i was asleep

Just like last time the person responded right away. Yoongi was pretty surprised by this since it was only 10am, he thought no human should be awake that early on a Saturday morning. But then again the person could be living in a whole different timezone.

chiminpark13: that's perfectly okay!!
chiminpark13: what's your name?

ballsdeepjimin: yoongi, yours?

chiminpark13: jimin

ballsdeepjimin: ah !! youre so blessed to have that name

chiminpark13: thank you :]
chiminpark13: i'm glad you like park jimin, he's so handsome

Yoongi smiled to himself just thinking about Jimin. "Ah, my heart shouldn't feel this way in the morning.." Yoongi mumbled as he held a hand over his chest where his heart was. It was fluttering, just like his tummy. Yoongi was getting too excited daydreaming about how the day he would meet Park Jimin would go.

The day Yoongi meets Park Jimin would be the most perfect day ever, well in Yoongi's head it was. He thought about how Jimin would be dressed in an oversized sweater making him look adorable. Or how Jimin could wear a button up shirt and look sexy, maybe even a few buttons undone. But Yoongi knew that he'd never meet Park Jimin, deep down inside he hoped that it would happen some day. For now he would just daydream their first meeting and dates.

ballsdeepjimin: he's so sexy
ballsdeepjimin: fuck, he's perfect

chiminpark13: lol
chiminpark13: what's up with your username?
chiminpark13: balls deep?

ballsdeepjimin: bc jimin goes balls deep

chiminpark13: lmao
chiminpark13: i read some of your stuff last night

ballsdeepjimin: okay ?
ballsdeepjimin: oh, what time is it for you right now ?

chiminpark13: 10:12am

Yoongi's eyes widened as he read the time, he was glad he had someone to talk to who was in the same time zone as him. It made it so much easier to talk.

ballsdeepjimin: wow wow wow
ballsdeepjimin: we live in the same timezone !!

chiminpark13: how cool.. maybe we live close to each other

ballsdeepjimin: maybe
ballsdeepjimin: im not telling you though, you might be a creepy old man
ballsdeepjimin: im not looking for a daddy rn

chiminpark13: ....

ballsdeepjimin: the only daddy i need is park jimin

chiminpark13: well let me just tell you ;)

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