Chapter 3

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C H A P T E R 3

I didn't want to wake up on Monday morning, but sadly I did. I had hoped for an excuse to miss school, such as sleeping through the whole day. To try and make this come true, is forced myself to stay awake till three in the morning watching movies.

I did feel exhausted, but I knew if any of my family walked in here and saw me awake they would force me to go to school. I close my eyes, thinking about pretending to be ill.

There was a reason I didn't want to go to school on this particular day. Other then the fact it was Monday, but I wanted to avoid anyone at school after the underwear incident. If rumours got around about me being a stalker, I don't think I could survive year 12.

My plan was to stay at home 'ill' for at least a week, and then come back hoping Trystan and Finn would have forgotten all about it. To complete this plan, I needed a temperature.

I didn't do anything stupid like sit on the roof until I caught a cold. No, I just grabbed lots of blankets from my cupboard and piled them on top of me, hoping it would increase my temperature.

I felt like a stuffed mushroom sitting curled up in a bundle of blankets, but I was sure it was working. When my door creaks open, I quickly shut my eyes and pretend to sleep.

"Jade! You aren't even up yet, you're going to be late!" I hear my mums voice scold me, and I pull my blankets tighter around me.

"Mum I feel sick," I try to sound sick, and thankfully my voice was muffled so she couldn't tell the difference. "I don't think I can go to school today."

Suddenly the blankets are ripped off my body, and I curl up into tighter ball to protect myself from the cold air. My temperature! It will go down, my mind points out.

"Oh really? You look fine to me," she raises an eyebrow, and I look up at her through half closed eyes. Uh oh. "Don't think you can steal tricks off your brother to get out of school."

"Mum," I whine. "I think I'm going to be sick."

That was a lie. I felt fine, but what could I do? I was not going as far as making myself throw up. "Oh wait I feel better," I say, smiling up at her to try and soften her.

"Up," she orders, marching out of my room with my blankets in her arms. "And don't think about skiving or I'll have your head on a stick."

"Lovely," I mutter dejectedly, trudging into my bathroom. I still felt sleepy, because if only gotten about four hours of sleep. Maybe a shower would wake me.

But after ten minutes if standing in the hot water, I still felt tired. Today was not my day, I could tell. I wash my hair quickly and get out, before I fall asleep right there.

I was still panicking about what I was going to do today, but it was a subdued panic now. If I got through the day without falling asleep, that would be an accomplishment. I dress up in black jeans and a dark blue hoodie, pulling the hood up to cover my brown hair. Maybe I could hide my face so no one would recognise me.

Callum has for once, gotten to the kitchen before me. He's eating cereal, and smiles cockily at me. "Looking forward to school today?" He asks innocently.

"Shut up," is my clever comeback. I ignore him as I make myself some coffee with plenty of sugar, but he doesn't make it easy with snide comments on how I'm going to be a social reject.

But Callum wasn't completely useless. I guess as my sibling, he had to say something comforting. After telling me Alec would publicly mock me, he takes pity on me. "In the end though, I doubt any of the populars would waste their time searching for the underwear stealer," he says, which is nice from him.

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