Chapter Three: First Day at Foxfire

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An alarm blared across the room and I woke up abruptly. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I looked up to see Sophie standing in front of me with a stack of neatly folded clothes in her arms.

"Good morning! This is your uniform for school, the crest pin goes on the cape to hold it together," Sophie instructed me and handed me the stack of clothes that contained mostly black and emerald colors. I stood up and headed towards the bathroom to get ready. I changed into the uniform and clipped the crest pin onto the cape, then I put on some makeup and brushed my hair until it looked decent enough.

I slowly walked down the beautiful stairs and manged to remember the way to get to the kitchen of the massive house. Sophie was sitting at the table eating breakfast and Edaline was putting more of whatever she had fixed on a plate. I sat down next to Sophie and Edaline brought me the plate that she had just finished preparing.

"Lydia darling, once you're done, there is backpack waiting for you in the entryway. It should have everything that you need, but if you happen to find that you don't have something you need, just let me know and I will get it for you," Edaline smiled as she set the plate down in front of me.

"Thank you so much for doing all of this for me," I thanked her.

"Don't worry about it. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you because we know how difficult it can be learning so much new information in a short amount of time," She replied before returning back to where she had previously been in the kitchen.

After I finished my breakfast, I thanked Edaline again and walked to the entryway to grab my bag. It was a light purple color and looked to be stuffed full, I didn't see how I could be missing anything. I waited for Sophie by the door, because I assumed we would be leaving that way, but then she called me to the top of the stairs.

"Since were at home, we don't need to go outside to light leap, we use the leapmaster, since it has crystals to basically everywhere that elves are allowed to go," Sophie informed as she walked to a contraption that had so many crystals hanging off of it.

Sophie yelled, "Foxfire!" and a crystal dropped down from the mass of crystals. Sophie grabbed my hand and shut her eyes, so I did the same and concentrated very hard. When I reopened my eyes, we were standing in front of a beautiful building that looked like a shiny, silver castle.  I tried to count the amount of towers I saw, but had no luck keeping track of all of them.

"So, yesterday Magnate Leto mentioned something about light leaping and how we have to wear nexuses until we learn the skill, but he never explained how we should go about learning it, do you happen to know?" I asked Sophie as we walked into the building together.

"My advice is to think about it like your mind is giving your body a tight hug too hold it all together, because that is your end goal, making sure all of your body makes it to your new destination," She explained.

"That actually makes sense, thank you!" I thanked her. We walked down a few more hallways before Sophie stopped in front of the door of Magnate Leto's office.

"I'll wait out here for you," She assured me before I knocked on the door of his office.

"Come in!" Magnate Leto's deep voice rumbled. I opened the door and it creaked as it opened fully. I stepped inside Magnate Leto looked up from the papers he was sorting.

"Good morning Lydia!" He smiled. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk. He handed me two pieces of paper, one had a schedule on it and the other, a locker number.

"If you need anything, you can probably find me right here or you can always ask Sophie," He smiled.

"Thank you!" I said before I got up and exited his office.

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