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When the Stars Fall by TheOlive25
When the Stars Fallby 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕒
When Sophie finds out that she is pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Does she tell the dad? Her parents? Her friends? She's in her 2nd year in the Elite Levels. She a...
Not Your Moonlark/ A KotLC FanFiction by BookBeez
Not Your Moonlark/ A KotLC Aries
Sophie Foster finds herself in a fight with everyone she knows- and it's all because of a misunderstanding. Sophie was accused of something she had nothing to do with, b...
Elysian (After Stellarlune) by thatonebookworm_2010
Elysian (After Stellarlune)by Abigail Z. 📚
This is a KOTLC fanfic that starts directly after the Stellarlune cliffhanger. It's told from Keefe and Sophie's POVs. Blurb: Sophie and her friends have found Elysian...
Spies: a human KOTLC fan fiction by kayTAM87
Spies: a human KOTLC fan fictionby kayTAM87
This story is discontinued. Sophie is recruited by a secret organization , she meets a lot of other people her age and becomes instantly close with them. They all get a...
Together we fall by keefe4eva
Together we fallby Jay :)
25 years after Sophie was brought into the Elvin world, a lot has changed. Sophie and Keefe are happily married with two children. But that doesn't mean life has gotten...
The Foxfire Chronicles- Comrades and Classmates by keefegilbertty
The Foxfire Chronicles- Comrades keefegilbertty🌵🌈
A modern alternate universe story with Shannon Messenger's hilarious, lovable KOTLC characters!(She owns them, not me!) Have you ever wondered what Shannon's characters...
Missing You | Sokeefe by Sabrina_Sencen
Missing You | Sokeefeby 𝒮𝒶𝒷𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒶
All charaters belong to Shannon Messenger After several years of fighting the Neverseen, the awful group is finally defeated. Sophie and her friends are safe, and the on...
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare by readerwriter6262
Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth ♪ Brooks ♪
This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfiction that takes place right after Exile. I've read all of the books, but I didn't want to place it after Neverseen because Soph...
Diamond Heart- Sokeefe by ToomyVara
Diamond Heart- Sokeefeby Vara
[14 in Sokeefe as of December 19th, 2020] A Sokeefe story. When someone turns 12 they get the last name of their soulmate on their wrists. At 15 years old Sophie Foster...
UNLOCKED, kotlc by luvlulls
UNLOCKED, kotlcby ⋆ squish ⋆
𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 sophie attempts everything to wake keefe up from his coma unknowing of the dangers and consequences th...
In the name of LOVE (A SOKEEFE Human AU story) {ON HIATUS} by Scouts1
In the name of LOVE (A SOKEEFE ✨ organised chaos✨
{ON HIATUS > WILL FINISH WHEN I HAVE MOTIVATION AND IDEAS} Sophie Foster has moved to a new town. And a new school. Foxfire High. While school work and making new fri...
Made a Myōbu ( Tomoe x reader) by CryptidCrown
Made a Myōbu ( Tomoe x reader)by Cupidslittle lie
Myōbu- a fox yokai considered high ranking as they protect and guard the shrine. Y/n a girl with no recollection of her past but her mothers face. sense the age of 9 she...
TOO CLICHE - a kotlc story by LoveBookwormGirl
TOO CLICHE - a kotlc storyby Sophia
Biana has a massive crush on Keefe Sencen, brothers best friend, the cliche ultimate popular guy, cute, actually gets decent grades, the king of Exillium Highschool and...
Discovery (PJO/KOTLC/HP crossover) by EmilyF10
Discovery (PJO/KOTLC/HP crossover)by Emily
Percy Jackson always knew he was different. Different from his friends. His peers. Demigods in general. The problem was, he didn't know why. He was certainly more powerf...
Anytime Foster I'm Always Here by KotLC183
Anytime Foster I'm Always Hereby 𝙺𝚘𝚝𝙻𝙲183😜
Sophie Foster's childhood was magical filled with her best friend that she has known since she was three years old and a happy family nothing in her mind could destroy i...
"I finally found you" by TrinidadVega123
"I finally found you"by Trinidad Rami Vega
This is a fanfiction of Kotlc Sokeefe!!! Yeah, you heard me right SOKEEFE, if you're a Sophitz, sorry not sorry. All this characters are an inspiration of Shannon messen...
Clarity (Sokeefe Human AU) by CanonicalShadow
Clarity (Sokeefe Human AU)by Shadow
Sophie is moving to a new school, Foxfire High. Nestled in the hills outside of San Francisco, it is a school for the most elite, talented kids. Sophie faces people and...
Written In The Stars by klmbookworrm
Written In The Starsby klmbookworrm
The Neverseen have finally been defeated, and Sophie is about to go back to Foxfire as a level four. Forkle is back to hiding things from her, though that's a pretty nor...
At Foxfire {Book 2} || Keeper of the Lost Cities by teamxsophitz
At Foxfire {Book 2} || Keeper of Sid
The Vacker triplets grew up in a home of all love. They had amazing grandparents, the best aunts, uncles, and cousins. But most importantly they had the best parents and...
Foster Fan Book (KOTLC Rants & More!) by Team_Foster
Foster Fan Book (KOTLC Rants & TeamCap
This book will be everything Keeper of the Lost Cities! Quotes, favourite moments, ships, theories galore (who ARE Sophie's parents???), and so much more!