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When the Stars Fall by TheOlive25
When the Stars Fallby 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕒
When Sophie finds out that she is pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Does she tell the dad? Her parents? Her friends? She's in her 2nd year in the Elite Levels. She a...
All is Fair in Love and War||Sokeefe fanfic by auntiesnixxy
All is Fair in Love and War|| Fangirl
What happens when someone who was supposed to be dead isn't? And when you fall in love with your boyfriend's best friend? And everything you knew and loved crumbles apar...
Kam (kotlc) by domesticKam
Kam (kotlc)by domesticKam
A Kam fanfic TW depression, verbal abuse Idk I'll try So gay Yes yes This is probably trash lol I hid some other ships in here lol WE GOT #1 IN KAM =DD
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Tragic Love ✔️ by deaths_angel_15
Tragic Love ✔️by deaths_angel_15
#1 in @yeslordhunkyhair contest!!!!!! What happens when Sophie disappears?What will happen? A tragedy or a happy ending?Wll Keefe finally confess?Will Sophie snap out of...
Love Triangle - A Kotlc Fanfic by ImDerpE_4kotlc
Love Triangle - A Kotlc Fanficby Ancient Swirlz
I was bored at school. So during 1st through 6th period, I was writing this, so... And my friend says she's addicted to this. So look out for that. Also, I'll be posting...
Sokeefe Stories by Hunter_Artimes
Sokeefe Storiesby HunterOfArtemis
⚠️WARNING⚠️ If you are a Sofitz shipper, don't read this. The author of this is a hardcore Sokeefe shipper so there will definitely be some Sokeefe fluff. Though don't w...
Keefe's Point Of View (sokeefe) - discontinued by kthnoir
Keefe's Point Of View (sokeefe) rose™
"I know what matters Foster, and that's all that matters" - Keefe Scencen The title is pretty self-explanatory, but this is just a collection of scenes that ha...
Torn Between by jjgymnastgirl
Torn Betweenby ~author-san~
loading... ----- 37% complete ----- ----- 59% complete ----- ----- 95% complete ----- ----- loading complete ----- Uploading file... ----- upload complete ----- Name: So...
Silver eyes, Teal eyes by deaths_angel_15
Silver eyes, Teal eyesby deaths_angel_15
This is a Tiana soulmate story!!!!(Sorry all Glam, Tarella, Dexiana and other people who ship these two with others, not sorry.) _______________________________ Soulmat...
Don't Go Into the Woods AU - KOTLC Fanfic by vivian_elisaaa
Don't Go Into the Woods AU - vivian_elisaaa
When Sophie Foster was thirteen everything was ripped away from her. She moves to an undercover spy academy where she will train to be the best of the best. When she tu...
Untitled for now - A KotLC, PJO, Avengers crossover by FelixFurever
Untitled for now - A KotLC, PJO, Felix
This is before unlocked but they didn't find out what's in the cache ( tho it'll play a big part later ). This is after Blood of Olympus in PJO but no TOA, the seven are...
Next Gen by EmDaFalcon
Next Genby Emily Falconer
A KOTLC Fanfiction (Keeper of The Lost City).
Embers Falling TIME FORBID (KOTLC FANFIC) by Willsolace636
Embers Falling TIME FORBID ( @25Piper
KOTLC fanfic We go in the future with this second book of Embers Falling. After the war. After all the disaster and pain. Right when the Neverseen was deleted. What is...
A Sokeefe Story: Trouble in Tahiti by InflictorIggyFart
A Sokeefe Story: Trouble in Tahitiby
This is a Sokeefe human au! Sophie applied for an application to go on an all paid vacation to Tahiti with a random, unknown other person. Who will it be? Keefe applied...
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~(Requests open) KOTLC One Shots~ by FruityPolarbears
~(Requests open) KOTLC One Shots~by Dakota 💜
Just as the title says! Just some creative writing and short stories. Requests are welcome and encouraged! Disclaimer: I curse in my works, and can hint at mature theme...
Five times that no one realized how powerful Keefe was by keepers2of5olympus
Five times that no one realized ThatOneNextDoor
Plus the one time that they did (Warning: Contains implied self-harm. If this upsets you in any way, please do not read) ( I also apologize for the cringey cover.) Cross...