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Motherhood is the most fulfilling experience of a woman's life. I was blessed with four wonderful sons and they were all I could ever ask for. With Arthur, Brad, Sid, and Monty, I felt like my life had meaning now. It may be difficult sometimes, I wasn't going to lie, but it was definitely worth it. 

Bukod sa pagiging Mommy ng apat kong anak, I was also busy with our family's company. Dad had already retired from his job and he was now letting us run the company. Ginagabayan niya pa rin kami sa pagpapatakbo ng kumpanya but majority of his time now was spent travelling with Mama. Minsan sumasama kami lalo na kapag bakasyon ng mga bata pero madalas nagsosolo ang dalawa. Katulad ngayon. They went to Switzerland for the weekend. 

I was brushing my hair in front of the vanity mirror after blowdrying it while my three boys were jumping up and down the bed. I had already bathed the triplets and afterwards, asked Ronnie to look after the kids while I took a quick shower. The bathroom was the only privacy I had from them and I couldn't even enjoy my bath because Ronnie was telling me to hurry as she had something she needed to finish. Pagkalabas ko ng shower ay lumabas na din si Ronnie sa kwarto ko at bumalik sa ginagawa niya. Tinuloy ko na lang ang pagboblowdry ng buhok ko habang binabantayan ang tatlo. My four boys still sleeps next to me. They had their own rooms but they prefer to sleep next to Mommy. Maingay at magulo dito sa kwarto ko. Palagi din nag-aaway ang mga magkakapatid. You know, those petty sibling fights. Nagkalat ang mga laruan at mga musical instruments ng mga bata at kahit anong linis ko, after just thirty minutes, they could to turn my room upside down again. I get a daily dose of headache but that was just a small sacrifice for the unmeasurable happiness they bring to my life. I wanted to enjoy them while they were still babies. With them, I never feel lonely or feel like there was something missing in my life. They made my life complete.

"Mommy, Brad kicked me!" Sid whined.

"I did not! It was an accident! He was on the way!" Brad was quick to defend himself.

"Sabi ni Mommy play nice! You don't play nice!" Monty scolded Brad. "You're kicking and hitting me and Sid!" 

"I told you to stop jumping on the bed, you three. You're going to hurt each other." I carried them down the bed. "Halika na! Bumaba na tayo. Tapos na akong mag-ayos."

"Are we going to see a movie today, Mommy?" Sid asked.

"Yes, we will." I answered and kissed the top of his head.

"What movie?" Asked Monty.

"Any movie you want to watch." I answered.

"And then we'll go to the toystore and you'd buy us toys?" Brad smiled widely.

"Toys na naman? Puno na yung toy box niyo tsaka di ba nagpromise si Dad na uuwian niya kayo ng toys?" I brushed my fingers through his dark hair. 

"If it doesn't fit in the box anymore, we can donate the old ones to the orphanage." Sabi ni Sid. We usually donate their toys to Aunt Andi and Uncle Tristan's orphanage. Mahilig kasi talaga sa laruan ang mga bata. They go crazy whenever we're inside a toystore.

"After we watch a movie, instead of buying toys, I'm going to let you play in the arcade." I said, negotiating with the three. 

"Okay!" Halos magkakasabay na sagot ng tatlo. 

Lumabas na kami ng kwarto at kinatok ko si Ronnie sa kwarto niya. She promised to accompany me today. Hindi ko kaya ang apat na lalaki na ako lang mag-isa kaya kapag wala si Mama at Dad, si Ronnie ang palagi kong kasama. 

"Hey boys, are you ready?" Ronnie cheerfully asked her nephews. 

"Yeah! We're going to play at the arcade!" Brad excitedly said.

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