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My eyes were locked onto Ace's grey irises as I made my way towards the dance floor. His glare was deadly, but there was something within his eyes that I couldn't pinpoint. The space slowly started to close between us as the music began to play. The band chose Sway by Michael Bublé, one of my favorites.

As we inched closer to each other, Ace dipped his head so his lips grazed my ear.

"Try not to step on my feet, darling." He whispered as he turned around to take his spot on the dance floor.

He had no idea that all those years of ballroom dance were finally going to pay off. Might as well toy with him a bit.

Before he could take another step, I curled my arm around his waist, moving it teasingly slow. I glided my hand from the side of this chest to the top of his defined abs. He tensed, flexing his muscles as he took a deep breath.

Damn, this man is fit.

"Two can play this game, Miss Grey." He said softly as his hand went over my wrist. He slowly slid his hand until our fingers were interlocked as we swayed to the music. My hand traveled up to his back, feeling his dense muscles underneath his suit. I stepped to the side and our eyes met once more.

"Half a million just for a dance and a date? Getting desperate now, Mr. De Luca?" I smirked.

He gracefully placed his other hand in mine and twirled me so we were chest to chest. His nose trailed up my jaw, making a shiver run down my spine as he smirked mischievously. One hand gripped my waist while the other slid down to my hips. I leaned into his hands, forcing him to follow as we slowly leaned to the side. His hands began sliding down my curves, feeling every inch of my waist.

"Don't let it go to your head." He said under his breath. I twirled before he caught my waist in one hand while the other achingly trailed down my back. I grabbed the back of his neck while my other hand rested on his muscular bicep.

"Why did you do this?" I asked in a serious tone as I looked up at him. Our noses were practically touching as we continued to glide across the floor, displaying intricate moves and spins.

We took another step and stopped. His arm grazed underneath my breasts and moved to the side, caressing under my arm until he reached my wrist.

"I couldn't let Moskov get you." He whispered seductively in my ear.

"Oh? And why is that?" I asked under my breath while my nose trailed up his neck to his jawline. He inhaled sharply while I smirked victoriously. I loved having control.

We continued dancing around the ballroom, our faces centimeters apart from one another. His minty breath and cologne invaded my senses as I twirled gracefully across the floor.

"I couldn't let him take away the kill I've been craving for eight years, now can I?" He said as a devious smile stretched across his face.

"You sure know how to flatter a woman." I said sarcastically while raising an eyebrow.

"Besides, when Moskov takes his last breath, it will be by my hand." He said coldly as his eyes narrowed.

"Not happening. I'll be the one to end his life." I said sternly.

I could tell that this took him by surprise. He raised an eyebrow and looked down at me with curiosity before pulling me in and pressing our chests together.

He dipped me down while he trailed his free hand to the outside of my thigh. He felt the knives I had hidden underneath my dress before he let out a low chuckle.

"You're a very naughty girl, aren't you, Miss Grey." He smirked as his hands traveled from my blades up to my waist.

I felt my panties drench in wetness, and I mentally cursed myself for my body's betrayal.

As he began to raise my body up, I slowly trailed my hands up his thighs. His breathing hitched as my fingers grazed over the gun he had concealed in his dress pants.

"I'm not the only naughty one, I see." I said before I looked up at him with a smirk.

Never in a million years would I have thought that my rival, my enemy, could ever be this gentle. For years our sole mission was to murder each other. I was always so hell bent on putting a bullet through his temple that I never realized how... handsome he was.

His jawline was so sharp I wouldn't be surprised if it could cut glass. His piercing grey eyes seemed like they were always dancing with amusement. His hands were calloused, yet his touch was gentle and delicate. Intricate and detailed tattoos adorned nearly every inch of his body. His hair was as dark as the night, only adding to his dark and intimidating features.

But I pushed away these thoughts as soon as they appeared. This was just a game. A game that we'd been playing for far too long. I was raised to kill him and exterminate all and every De Luca. He was the enemy. I couldn't let his looks distract me from the fact that he wouldn't hesitate to end my life.

"Such a shame I'll have to kill such a pretty face." I said as I brought my hand up to his cheek. Our faces were so close his nose caressed mine.

"The feeling is mutual, darling." He smirked as the music began to die down.

He dipped me slowly as the band hit their final notes, his grey eyes locked onto mine before he dipped his head and brought his lips to my ear.

"Tomorrow. 8:00 at Le Coeur Solitaire." He whispered in my ear before he playfully bit my earlobe, forcing me to stifle a moan that threatened to escape my lips.

He pulled me upright as we both stared into each other's eyes. Ace held me within his arms for a moment before he gave me his signature smirk before slowly dropping his arms. His heat was immediately replaced by coldness as we both turned and walked away from each other.

Applause erupted in the ballroom. Most likely not from the dance itself but the fact that we had enough self-control to not attack each other. I looked around the room until I spotted Alice and I made my way over to her.

"Well... that was steamy." She said in disbelief with her eyebrow raised.

"A brief truce. Next time, he won't be as lucky." I said seriously as I grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. I drank it all in one gulp before I placed it back on the tray.

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