Revelations 1:17-18

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"I am the living one: I was dead, and now look, I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades"


"Alright class please sit down!" I yelled above the class of loud mouth Highschool students and smiled. I was trying to make them calm down, but that always doesn't work. It was 8:00 in the morning and it was Monday so I can understand.

"Class please sit down!" I said again, but they didn't listen. They really never did anyways, so it was normal with me. I heard the door creak open and I looked over, "Thank you for getting them started Jimin. You can go sit down." She smiled and I nodded and walked to my seat and sat down.

She started teaching and wrote things down on the board, well it was a list of things we were gonna do. "Alright please pull out your notebook, we are gonna do a journal for a few minutes. Just about what you did this weekend" She smiled.

She pulled out her computer and opened it.

Her face went pale slightly, she looked like she was reading something.

She looked terrified.

I watched her as her eyes looked down the page, then she looked over and she ended up making eye contact with me. She slowly closed her computer and stood up and smiled again but it wasn't real. I looked back down at my paper, what was she reading about?

"Jimin" She called and I looked up at her. "Yes?" I asked her, she motioned me over and I stood up and walked to her, "Everyone stay in your seats." She said and walked out of the room.

"Ms. Lee what do you want?" I asked. "I forgot to get something from the principal and I need you to go print it for me so I can watch the kids." She said and I nodded. "How many would you want me to copy?"

"I need 27 for the whole class, and there is what 3 things I need you to 27 plus 27 is 34 plus another 27 is 61" She smiled.

I shook my head, "Mrs. Lee its actully 81" I looked at her and she laughed. "I've never been good  at math" She then said.

That's for sure.

We got to the principal's office and Mrs. Lee walked in and you could here them talking about something. But I couldn't understand what.

But the next thing I hear is a loud scream and a loud growl. I jumped and stared at the door, my hand started to shake. I looked at the handle and reached my hand out for it and took in a deep breath.

I opened it slightly and froze looking at what was inside, the principal had his teeth around a part of Mrs. Lee's flesh it was I'm his mouth. I gulped as I looked into his life less eyes that were an ugly yellow color.

There was blood on the floor, and dripping from his mouth and her deadly wound. I felt bile rise up and I slammed the door making sure it was closed and ran to a bathroom.

But I didn't make it, I ended up throwing up on the hallway floor leaning against the wall, I wiped away my mouth and coughed. What was going on. I don't understand how did- what happened to him!?

Wasn't he just normal a few minutes ago,..

I held my head and I heard the sound of a door banging on slightly, with more of those groans. I pecked around the corner and heard someone yelling for help. I grabbed the book I had and slowly walked behind a locker and banged it on it. Loudly then ran into a nearby room that was empty.

I pecked out, I looked around the room... there was nothing but books, pens, and pencils. I took in a deep breath and sighed, Feeling more bile rise in my throat and tried to swallow it down.

I rubbed my eyes that were now filling with tears.

Jimin no please don't cry, someone could need your help. I let out another shakey sigh and an Idea popped into my head. I made my way over to the chalk board and grabbed some. I walked over to the farthest door and made a small crack in it. I threw the chalk across the hall.

I heard movement and watched as it made it's way to it.

I closed the door quietly and made my way to the other one and opened it and grabbed another piece and threw it farther down the hall. It looked up and it walked at a faster pace to it then walked down the hallway.

I ran out of the room and across the hall then into the bathroom and seen someone yelling for help on the floor and I gulped. I took the book and walked up behind it and smashed in its head. I almost threw up again as the blood went all over...

I held in the earge to throw up, like this disease is gonna be the death of me with home much I'm gonna throw up,

I grabbed the over as they worked on cleaning there face and I didn't realised that the person I had just saved was Namjoon. I shook my head slightly, "We don't have time for that there is another one of those things out in the hall."

"What are those things?" He asked and I shrugged, "I really dont know" I said back with a sigh and gulped. I couldn't run anymore with this, I leaned over the side of the railing and threw up on to the floor below.

His hand patted my back, "Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded, "I cant stand blood like at all it make me really sick and I hate it" I said and sighed again for what the fiftieth time that day and spit out some extra that was left.

"Sorry you had to see that" I apologised and he shook his head, "No I get it, my mother is like that too" He smiled at the thought, I think. I shook my head and smiled back.

"We should really keep going", I pulled him out and I pulled up the stairs all the way until we got to the door of the roof.

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