Yandere Bakugou X Male Reader

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Bakugous POV

"You really think you can fucking live after this?"

This fucking idiot. I look down at my target, running, from a rooftop, I bet he still fucking believes he can get away from me.

"What a fucking dumb piece of shit.", I scoff, following his every movement with my eyes.

He looks behind him, in a panicked manner, trying to flee me before stopping to look around the alley. I smirk and stand up just to jump down in front of him, blowing up some dirt when I land. He lets out a scream, falling down. I stand up and begin walking over to him through the smoke.

"You won't be getting away from me.", I mutter.

When he finally sees me, he sobs, trying to stand up and run again. I lift my fist quickly, before instantly slamming it down on his foot. There's a small explosion as he lets out a scream of agony. I look down at his broken foot, smirking.

"I think it's time we stop this game right here. Now you can't run anymore, so don't even try."

"P- Please let me go!", he stutters.

My eyebrow twitches as I lift my hand next to my head again, already ready to blow up his stupid face.

"Do you honestly fucking think I'm letting you fucking go after what I've done to you?", I ask him.

He sobs, lifting his hand to shield his head, while still trying to crawl away from me using his other hand. I let out a growl and take a step forward, before I feel a hand on my shoulder.

I can instantly recognise whose hand that is. Finally he's here.

"Bakugou.. what are you doing?", I hear [Name] ask.

I quickly jump away from him, behind the target.

"[Name]! What the fuck are you doing here!?", I yell.

The target looks up, starting to cry more before doing his best to crawl over to [Name]. He better not fucking lay his filthy, disgusting hands on him.

"H- Help me! He's trying to kill me!", The target pitifully cries.

[Name] looks down at him, before kneeling to look over his injuries. He looks at the disgusting targets slightly bruised face with worry before looking up at me.

"Bakugou, how could you do something like this to someone?", [Name] asks me.

My eyes widen.

"Well, I was just- He's- He deserved it!", I argue.

"What could he have possibly done to deserve this?", [Name] asks me.

"He- He was interested in you! So I had to do this!", I say, taking a step forward.

The target whines, crawling further away from me. He grips onto [Name]s jacket making me glare at him.

"That still doesn't tell me why you would think it's even slightly acceptable to do this to him.. Without me.", [Name] smirks.

He stands up, making the target let go of him as he looks up confused. [Name] walks in front of the target, closer to me.

"Now, dear target, why do you think that no one has tried to help you while you've been screaming your guts out?", [Name] asks, as I walk next to him.

He tears up once again, maybe he hasn't thought about that. How is he so fucking stupid.

"It's because of me and my amazing quirk. I made sure that no one even remotely close to us could hear you or Bakugous explosions, nor could they see the massive clouds of smoke. I call it an Illusion quirk."

[Name] lifts his hand to my waist, to pull me closer.

"It's so mean that you did so much damage to him without me witnessing it though, Katsuki.", he says, looking at me.

"It's his fucking fault.", I mutter, glaring at the target.

[Name] smiles, looking at the target again.

"Well, I'll be hurting him more in the end anyways.", he says, his eyes growing darker.

I smirk. [Name] was right, it is more fun to tease the targets than just straight up kill them.

"Dear target, you'll be one of the few people to witness history.", [Name] says, letting go of me and walking closer to the target.

He takes a cigarette from behind his ear, lighting it. Damn, he always looks so hot doing that.

"What- What do you mean?", the target asks.

"Well..", [Name] starts, blowing out a puff of smoke.

"You'll now get to see the first person in the world.."

[Name] makes a circle of smoke appear around us, trapping us in.

"With two quirks."

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