Male Reader X Bakugou

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[ -Warning- ]

[Thoughts of suicide / Almost suicide]

Your POV

I can't take this anymore.

I don't want to feel this way.

I lean back against a wall, trying to gather the energy to keep myself up. I promised myself I would never cry in public ever again, but.. it didn't seem to work that well. I close my eyes, gripping the skin on arms as tightly as I can. I let out a small whimper, trying not to make any sound. I inhale, feeling tears fall down my cheeks and fall down to the floor.

Why must I keep on living when I don't want to? It seems cruel.

I lower my hand down to my pocket, feeling the outline of my pocket knife. I haven't self harmed in almost a year, but this time.. I'm not sure I can hold myself back. Maybe it won't matter? No one would see them anyways. Everyone who knows of my history has seen I haven't done that in a long time. I doubt they would notice a tiny little mark somewhere.

I reach into my pocket, pulling out the knife and release the sharp blade. I sob quietly, gripping the handle tightly. What would happen if I use it to stab myself? If I die, it won't matter what anyone thinks and if I survive I can figure out an excuse for it.

I turn the blade towards me and lower it.

It would only hurt for a moment if I hit the right organ, then I'll just feel cold. And then nothing. I would never have to deal with myself or anyone ever again, nor would I feel anything anymore.

Slowly I place the blade against my stomach to prepare myself for the impact and pain. I can feel the knife dig into my skin before hissing quietly. I still have to be quiet so no one would notice.

It's not that bad, plus it wouldn't last for that long. Only for a little while.

I lift the blade above my head, pausing for a moment. I feel myself shake, falling down to my knees.

Can I not even do this? I can't even find the courage to kill myself?

I hear something drop to my right, my head snaps towards that direction. I see a backpack on the floor in front of Bakugou, who's staring at me with his eyes wide open in shock. I can't move a muscle as we just stare at each other, waiting for the slightest movement to react to.

What should I do?

He makes the first move by running towards me and smacking the knife out of my hands.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, you fucking idiot!?", he yells at me, grabbing my shoulders with both hands.

I can't believe I got caught.. By him of all people.

"Just leave, Bakugou.. this doesn't concern you.", I whisper.

"Yes this does fucking concern me! How dare you try and do this fucking shit!"

I shake my head and break down in tears, lowering my head and closing my eyes. He doesn't say a word so I lift my hands on his, trying to get him to let go of me, but I can't. I have no energy, no strength.

All of a sudden, I feel his arms around me. I open my eyes, only to see the wall in front of me over his shoulder. He says nothing as I lift my arms around him as well, tightly hugging him and letting my emotions finally spill over fully.

"It's okay, [Name]. I'll help you, any way you need me to.", Bakugou says softly.

I keep crying into his shoulder, sobbing, not being able to say a single word.

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