Baseball hat girl

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Chapter four: Baseball hat girl (Ryder's POV)

Her dad's car drove past us and we sobered up. We weren't drunk. We went out for a bite and just got back. We had to leave now to the airport. Our things were all packed up and sitting in Owen's mom's car. 

"Hey, boys!" she smiled while answering the door for us. "Come on, go get ready," she sighed. 

We all went upstairs and split into three different bathrooms to get ready in. We all decided to stay at Owen's one day before our flight because his mom was free to drive us to the airport and it would just be easier if we went together. We're going to Rome. Rome. Boring old Rome. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place but for seventeen-year-old guys? I'm not too sure. 

Colton's parents are sending us. They got this voucher from a client for two weeks in Rome and because his parents are too busy to go, they're sending us off. I pulled on my hoodie with a pair of grey joggers before throwing my shoes on. I sprayed cologne on before going downstairs and grabbing a bottle of water, sitting on the couch. 

"Where's Ryder?" Colton asked as Owen came downstairs. 

"I thought he was down here," Owen shrugged. 

"I am," I stood up with a sigh, pushing my phone in my pocket. "Colton," I walked over to him, resting my elbow on his shoulder. "How many Hendersons do we have in our grade?" I asked before drinking some water. 

"Hendersons? Are you still thinking of the basketball girl?" he groaned. 

"Just tell me," I pushed.

"We have three girls as far as I know. I've hooked up with two of them. If she's a Henderson, she's the one we don't know," he shrugged as we climbed into the car. 

"I'm pretty sure a Henderson sits behind me in English but that can't be her. She hides behind books and this basketball girl..." I trailed off while blowing air. 

She impressed me. She's feisty, she's hot, she talks back a lot. She's someone I haven't dealt with and now I'm interested. She's been on my mind since she threw that basketball over to the Forbes'. Something about her is just different. 

"People are pretty different in school you know, it could be her," Owen shrugged as his mom got into the driver's seat. 

"Do you know her name?" I asked him, leaning forward and resting my elbows on the front seats. 

"I'm not telling you her name," he chuckled. "Plus, I don't know who sits behind you in English, I'm not in your class," he shrugged as his mom started the car. 

"What's going on boys?" his mom asked while driving. She's probably the most involved parent I know. It's kinda fun talking to her, she helps us all out with advice. 

"Ryder's got a little crush, Mrs. E," Colton snickered. 

"It's not a crush," I glared at him, "I just wanna know her name," I huffed. 

"Who's?" she asked in confusion. 

"Your neighbor," I sighed. 

"The Hendersons?" she asked. 

"Yes!" I nodded. 

"Don't tell him, mom, let him figure this one out on his own," Owen said before she could tell me her name. I resisted a groan and rolled my eyes at Owen. 

"She's a lovely girl, helped us out with housework multiple times," Mrs. E smiled. 

"I just wish I knew her name," I huffed while leaning back in my seat. I unlocked my phone and went onto Instagram. My brows furrowed in confusion when I went through my notifications. 

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