Stranger Named Steve

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You walked down the hall of Hawkins High

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You walked down the hall of Hawkins High. The hall where there were teens making out in front of lockers that weren't even theirs. The hall where guys would stand in a group, practically rating any girl that crossed paths with them. And then there were people in the halls that seemed like they didn't care, when really, that's all they ever did. Was care. But I couldn't judge. I was that kind of person too. I've been pulled out of schools and pushed into another one, left to right. So, yes. I was a new girl. And no, I didn't necessarily find myself wanting to make any friends. I'd just have to drop everything within a few weeks anyways. Didn't need anything or anyone tying me down to a place I'd never fit in or stay at. I walked to my locker that I was assigned to, but not signed to for long. Getting my locker open on first try, I open it wide, placing my books into my locker. As I do so, I hear someone whistle as they walk right behind me. I stop in my tracks turning around, looking at the boy that had whistled. Some curly headed boy was looking me up and down, biting down hard on his bottom lip. and when I say hard, I mean, I'm pretty sure he was drawing blood at the pressure of his teeth sinking into the skin of his lip. I open my mouth to say something before someone else catches me off guard.

"Come on man. She's not a freaking dog." A tall honey haired boy walked up to the curly headed one. The one trying to play hero, was now directly in front of him, poking at his chest. Basically antagonizing him. "You hear me, Tommy?" The boy that was now cowering down looked from him to me, then back up at the man I still have yet to know. Tommy seems to nod frantically before rushing off, slipping on his own feet, turning a corner. With a swift turn at his feet he looks at me. "You okay? I'm sorry. Tommy does that with literally every girl he finds pretty. Which, he's not wrong. Look at you." And with that comment you look down almost blushing shrugging softly.

"You know, I didn't really need your help--" before I could say anything else, I hear someone call for the mystery boy in front of me.

"Steve!" The boy named 'Steve' looked over at the girl that had called after him, before looking back at me.

"Hey, I gotta go but I bet I'll see you around? Maybe like, over some ice cream or something?" You giggle softly at his invitation. And with that he begins to rush down the hall. But before he got too far you called out for him.

"Hey, Steve?" He stops in his track quickly turning to look back at you.

"Yeah?" He responds. Resulting in a giggle from you.

"Thank you." You say smiling, waving a hand at him before he grins walking backwards a bit. Bumping into a few people in the process before waving back at you, rushing to his girl. He wraps an arm around the girl that had beckoned him. You watch as they walk down the hall together, turning back to your locker, you bite your lip humming a bit. "Steve. That's his name." And with that, you close your locker, not letting the thought of him leave your mind.

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