I Love You

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"I love you, Steve Harrington." You say with a wide smile as you look at yourself in your mirror. You have been practicing all morning on how to tell your best friend that you have feelings for him. You wide smile turns into a fine line as you push your hands to your sides. Clenching your fists. You close your eyes before taking a deep breath then letting it out slowly. Opening your eyes pretending that Steve is standing in front of you again. "Look. I--"

"Honey! Steve's here!" You hear your mother shout from down the hall. You bite down on your bottom lip, letting out a small grunt knowing that tonight had to be the night you told him how you felt without even knowing what to say. You took in one last deep breath before exhaling. You turn on your heels, grabbing your coat along with Steve's jersey before heading down the hall.

You slowly walk down the hall, his voice echoing along with your mother's laughter. You smiled at the thought of him telling one of his stupid jokes that we only seem to understand. You walk in to the kitchen to see your mother stirring dinner, and a beautiful Steve Harrington leaning against the counter with both hands rested on either side of it. You notice  Steve turn to look at you, stopping in his tracks. You look at him before looking down at the red dress you borrowed from your mother. What a saint. Your cheeks begin to heat up.

"Is it too much? It's too much. Just wait here." You get ready to turn around to fall into the hole of overdoing it, but to your surprise, you felt a grip grasp on to your wrist. You look down at grip before looking up to meet a mixture of dark and light brown eyes. You smile even wider before biting down on your bottom lip.

"No, no, no. You look... Absolutely beautiful." He lets out a throaty chuckle before looking into your eyes then down at your lip. He runs his tongue over his bottom lip before turning to look at your mother. He notices her still stirring the food before turning back to look down at you. He moves his hand from your wrist to your hand, intertwining your fingers with his own. A smile prominent on his face. 

"Oh look at you two. Can I get a picture of this moment? You two look just so darn cute." You feel your cheeks heat up for the second time of the night, letting out a nervous laugh you look up at Steve. He's already looking down at you. You shrug your shoulders before giggling and turning back to your mother, nodding. "Oh, perfect." You watch as your mother walks over to the cabinets where she keeps all of her Polaroid cameras. She grabs one before turning to look at you both, happiness in her eyes. "Okay, okay. Now act like you two actually love each other." She playfully says as she holds her arm out to gesture for you both to get closer together. You bite down on your bottom lip as you feel Steve's chest rise and fall quickly. An arm wrapping itself around your waist causes you to calm down. You clear your throat before smiling wide with Steve. *Flash*  "Okay, go have fun you two. You're only 18 once." She smiles wide before turning away from you guys, going back to stirring the food.

Steve looks down at you, his arm still wrapped around your waist. His eyebrows rise before he slightly parts his lips to speak.

"Shall we?" You let out a giggle as he nudges your side pulling you with him towards the front door. He opens the door for you creating a bridge with his arm for you to duck under. On your way to his car, you both hip bump each other before fits of laughter fall into place. You get into Steve's car, realizing that it should be now or never that you tell Steve Harrington how you feel. You become very nervous and quiet, causing you to pick at your nails. You feel the car move a bit as Steve gets in on his side. He huffs before turning on his car, looking over at you. His brows furrow. "Hey. Hey, you okay?" You look at him, his worried eyes trained on you. You smile softly before nodding. Squinting your eyes, you sigh.

"Actually, no Steve. I have something I need to tell you." Steve opens his mouth to say something before closing it, giving you his full attention. He leans back in his seat, turning a bit to look at you. "We've been friends for 3 years now. And I have enjoyed every single day of those 3 years, with you. You are my best friend, Harrington. I mean, you can be a dingus sometimes, but you're still you and I love that about you. Steve, I love you." You say finally causing your heart to beat faster as the car becomes silent. You hear Steve let out a breathy gasp before looking down. You sigh as a minute goes by without him saying anything back. "I should go--"

"I love you, y/n." You stop in your movement as you hear those 4 words fall out of his mouth. Rolling of his tongue like he's been holding it back for so long. You bite down on your lip.

"You don't have to say it because I said it. I've loved you for awhile now. And after we graduate, who knows where we'll be. I just wanted to tell you before it was too late." You say, nodding your head before looking down at your nails once more.

"Hey." You hear Steve whisper. You look up to see him through your eyelashes as he lets a wide smile cross over his lips. Each corner reaching ear to ear as he lets out a refreshing laugh. "I love you. I really really love you." You can't help but let a wide smile form against your lips as you look up at him.


"I love you

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"I love you." He says one last time before leaning in to you. Pressing his thumb against your chin, he gently presses his lips to yours.

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