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  • Carlisle's Diary
    207K 3.9K 141

    This diary starts off after the events post our battle with the Volturi and us moving to Hanover, NH so that Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett could attend Dartmouth. Please join me on some crazy adventures, unforeseen friendships, and the general insanity that happens when you are an immortal! I hope you enjoy my di...

  • Edward's Diary
    15.5K 265 24

    This diary takes off right after Breaking Dawn ends. It is about that thing called life, when it being lived Cullen style! Join me, Edward, as I try to balance being a father, son, brother, husband, and well . . . father-in-law. (Anybody having ideas about fending wolves off of your daughter, you are most welcome to...

  • Alice's Diary
    4.3K 145 11

    Hey everybody! This is the new Alice's Diary! I am a huge fan of the series and am very excited to be writing for you. I hope you enjoy my writing! This diary starts off during Christmas time and proceeds from there.... Alice’s Diary entries © Rachel Boone

  • Renesmee's Diary
    6.4K 166 17

    "Well this is lovely. That vampire just got a hold of me and now I'm in so much pain. I'm trying to hide it from Jacob and my family but it's almost too much. What the hell's happening to me..." Welcome to Renesmee's Diary....7 years and Nessie is a fully grown, beautiful young woman. But things have taken a turn for...

  • My Destiny is You
    12.1K 372 18

    Buffy and Angel along with the rest of the gang's futures were uncertain. They lost many of their loved ones to various battles but what happens when the return of those lost forever sets in motion paths and decisions hard made. Get set to meet their destiny..... Cover done by @theendofeverything03.

  • A Slayer's Forsaken Love
    21.9K 499 23

    This is my own story of what I truly wanted to happen between Buffy and Spike and for Buffy to just finally realize that Spike was indeed the right man/vampire for her. All Rights Reserved to Crissy Alaimo

    Completed   Mature
  • Miracle M.E.
    3.1K 310 33

    This is the story of Hannah Peters. She is a young woman diagnosed with a incurable illness that makes her turn to crystal meth. However, her story shows that addiction doesn't just happen with drugs and not every addict is a bad person. Throughout, she will meet another addict named Shanel who she runs into frequent...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only Time
    112K 2.7K 51

    (An Official Wattpad Fan fiction) Follow Hedraliel, Legolas' wife as she gives a first hand account on how they met, the multiple love triangles that nearly separated them for eternity, and the life they led after the wars for Middle Earth were won. Get ready for twists and turns that will have you breathless for more...

  • SHE
    1.8K 253 13

    It is said that a soul chooses its parents and life long before it gets cemented into a being for creation. But what happens when that being knows from the beginning that they are a soul inside a vessel, not the other way around. This collection of true spiritual paranormal short stories detail one such soul's journey...

  • Walking Forward to the Beginning (Book 5)
    4.9K 779 205

    Starting August 2nd, 2016 until September 3, 2018......these poems will be describing the onward journey in remission as well as how I continue walking forward to the beginning.....after all, only from the past can you grow in strength to face the future. The cover symbolizes being in a present place but the doorway...

  • Rebirth (Book 4)
    1.9K 352 82

    This book starts where Survivor left off only from a much more changed stand point and learning and living one day at a time. That doesn't, however, mean that I am cured of ME or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; which I was diagnosed with in September of 2012 being bedridden for 2 years (2013-2015). This collection of poems...

  • ME Survivor (Book 3)
    7.8K 618 61

    17 million people around the world suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME and it is incurable and untreatable. The disease is called ME but Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is the name the CDC gave it. Doctors for the most part think that it is all in our heads; well it's not. ME is a neuro-immune disease that aff...

  • Like Calls To Like (Book 2)
    1.8K 460 131

    This is my second poetry book. Book 1 is published on and is called "Out of the Abyss". This collection of poems shows my life at a time when everything was going well and then it wasn't. A lot happened between 2009 and 2012. Every book of poetry I put together, my hope is that my words will help someone e...

  • Gothic Poetry
    199 9 7

    Random poems of mine that consists of Love, Vampires, darkness, victims, etc... All Right Reserved to Crissy Alaimo

  • Broken poetry
    641 70 36

    These poems are extremely personal and were wrote at difficult stages of grief and depression. If you have hurtful comments keep them to yourself. This is my first time sharing these please enjoy. I'm hoping they may help or inspire someone else.

  • A Warrior's Songs
    253 61 10

    "I believe that Poetry is the aesthetic act; that poetry is not the poem, for the poem may be nothing more than a series of symbols. Poetry, I believe, is the poetic act that takes place when the poet writes it, when the reader reads it, and it always happens in a slightly different manner. If one doesn't feel the poe...

  • My Warrior Path (Book 6)
    9.7K 642 121

    My 6th poetry book starts September 10, 2018. After Walking Forward to the Beginning, it's now time to head towards the future and all of my goals and dreams; a warrior marching down her path as depicted on the cover. This book will also be edgier then my previous ones as I share my thoughts on politics and other matt...

  • Concrete Jungle
    960 138 27

    Alexandra Feodorovna Morozova or Sasha as she's known to everyone is a highly successful journalist for National Geographic Magazine. She has the job of her dreams and a great life, but she's haunted by something that happened in her childhood. Sasha was only 6 years old when a terrible catastrophe occurred in a neig...

  • Repulsive Graphics [CFCU]
    12.9K 1.7K 53

    A picture book journey of my designs and artwork that I constantly work on as I develop arthritis. If you want me to make a graphic, come on in and let me know! Beware when reading, I'm unapologetically foul-mouthed sometimes and I like cracking dad jokes. Nearly all of my covers come with cover tutorials. I'm not shy...