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Love Is a Journey by BeccaBradshaw6
Love Is a Journeyby Becca Bradshaw
Set 2 months after "Chosen". Buffy still grieves the death of her vampire lover Spike. Buffy only knows one way to make the death of a love one not hurt so mu...
Spuffy by ackerdaddy_official
Spuffyby Zaddy's
Spike and Buffy smut. Has some plot but mostly smut.
Buffy and Spike by officialkateparkes
Buffy and Spikeby Kate
Another Fanfiction. Not set in a particular season. Spike and Buffy live in Sunnydale at Buffy's house (no Joyce no Dawn) Xander and Anya are together and Willow and Ta...
Spuffy: An Untold Love Story by alwaysstorm
Spuffy: An Untold Love Storyby kat
Spike and Buffy explore there relationship in many new exciting ways. Fighting anything or anyone who dare gets in there way. All rights reserved. Characters are not m...
Displaced ↠ BTVS [1] by GMWislifeX
Displaced ↠ BTVS [1]by syd
In which a vengeances demon grants Paige's wish, and she finds her family's lives and personalities are completely opposite of what they once were. ---- These are the pe...
Broken Love - A Spuffy FanFiction   (ON HOLD) by buffymania
Broken Love - A Spuffy FanFiction...by Izzy Beaven
Buffy and Spike are secret lovers. When Spike confesses his love for Buffy, she finds it hard to keep her feelings towards him to herself. What will Buffy's friends thin...
I hate you - Ti odio by Calya_16
I hate you - Ti odioby Calya_16
Buffy ha avuto una vita difficile, e va dallo psicologo per farsi aiutare a superare il suo passato. Ma improvvisamente arriva nella sua vita Spike, e la sconvolgerà più...
Trapped - Whatever It Takes by Witherstone0
Trapped - Whatever It Takesby Witherstone
Between enemies, there can be no favors. A different take on what Buffy's one-way recon would turn out to be if she got some unexpected backup. AU S4 'The I In Team'.
Toxic Love by spuffystuff
Toxic Loveby spuffy.stuff
buffy and spike being chaotic, adorable, and sad
Buffy turns vampire by Snarryfan87
Buffy turns vampireby Snarryfan87
This story is starts season 4 of Buffy and fist season of angel. it's my take on what would happen if Buffy remembered when Angel was human and how the final battle woul...
A Fanfiction of Spuffy that was unheard by btvs_charlie
A Fanfiction of Spuffy that was un...by Spuffy
For all the Spuffy shippers, Spike and Buffy are in love, they are keeping it a secret but what happens when her friends find out.? Will it be the end of Spuffy?.... Wil...
Buffy and Spike: The Return by officialkateparkes
Buffy and Spike: The Returnby Kate
This is basically a part 2 of my first book 'Buffy and Spike' You probably don't need to read the first book for this to make sense but it would be appreciated if you di...
Gone by btvs_charlie
Goneby Spuffy
What if Spike was the one who ended up the one who turned invisible? If he did would things of played out differently? Well read to find out what happens
A cute Spuffy story but with a twist by btvs_charlie
A cute Spuffy story but with a twi...by Spuffy
Spike and Buffy have a teenage girl, She always sneaks out and she has a huge secret from her parents. One night she gets caught but something happens. What will it be...
Tainted Souls by Ceresxthexstar
Tainted Soulsby Ceresxthexstar
Upon Willow's death, Buffy is trying to get back on her feet after her 50 year imprisonment. Plagued by bloody memories and uncontrollable power, Buffy joins together wi...
Spike by IndianaSolo221
Spikeby ~ThePowerOfLove~
Based on the hit television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I bring you multiple short stories based on Spike, one of Joss Whedon's most popular characters. Completed.
buffy and spike teenage problems by spuffylover16
buffy and spike teenage problemsby amy lamb beatrice styles
buffy is teen also a slayer but she's anorexic ever since her parents split up she thought it was her thought but spike trys to help her because he Love's her
Jealousy is a funny thing by btvs_charlie
Jealousy is a funny thingby Spuffy
Spike has been staying with Buffy and Dawn for a while now and things happen. When the social worker comes Buffy has an emotion she has never felt before
Promise by Jamsu95
Promiseby Jamsu95
Klaroline AU. Spike makes Buffy a promise.