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Under Lorena's Control (COMPLETE) by Dreamy627
Under Lorena's Control (COMPLETE)by Dreamy627
Lorena Vile's last name is an understatement. She is wanted by the most powerful empire on the planet. Everyone knows her real name but she's too clever for any arrest a...
♥︎❣︎𝐌𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐔𝐤𝐞❣︎♥︎ by hnyzharryzotsutsuki
♥︎❣︎𝐌𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐔𝐤𝐞❣︎♥︎by アリヤ大槻
In "🖤My little Uke🖤" i'm going to write a sasunaru story and no yaoi got it.. i dont know if i'm going to put yaoi in it too thee storyy Sasuke Uchiha is...
Rogues Aren't Lunas by TheAverageSmolBean
Rogues Aren't Lunasby TheAverageSmolBean
Mole- a ferocious, snappy, rude, sarcastic and almost insane she-wolf rogue, who is losing her eyesight slowly... Leif- a gentle yet strong and humorous sire, whom happe...
A Fanfiction of Spuffy that was unheard by btvs_charlie
A Fanfiction of Spuffy that was un...by Spuffy
For all the Spuffy shippers, Spike and Buffy are in love, they are keeping it a secret but what happens when her friends find out.? Will it be the end of Spuffy?.... Wil...
Fall In Love With Stepfather by diana1kim
Fall In Love With Stepfatherby diana kim🥰
Kanu nge kei min hmangaih zawk ...the bunny .. In pahnih in ....the older.. Kan in kar hi titawp ang kei hi ka nu awmloh laia i mamawh phuhruk nan chauh min hmang hi ka...
A Cinderella Type Tale (BWWM) by blackgirlwriter97
A Cinderella Type Tale (BWWM)by blackgirlwriter97
Chanel was an orphan and mistreated by her stepmother and her two step siblings. Everything her mother and father had ever worked to give her had been taken from her a...
No war: divergent fanfic by kate_hall25
No war: divergent fanficby kate_hall25
This is a no war fanfiction. Please comment ideas!
Can I Change My Babydaddy by niyah123407
Can I Change My Babydaddyby niyah ya favorite
This story is about how a 16 year old girl named shay was raped by her brother friend named trey And she gets pregnant GO READ MY OTHER STORYS YALL LUH YALL COMMENT AND...
My ocs by Robin_is_Senpai_2
My ocsby Phoenix
If anyone wants to roleplay
Too good to you (jessum fanfic)  by CommieCoffee_
Too good to you (jessum fanfic) by ❌💙Cameron Wimb~💙❌
A girl who thinks she's perfect and a boy who isnt the goodest boy in the school meet and eventually fall in love <3
The Sub Has Been Found by teejaho
The Sub Has Been Foundby teejaho
Well Trapper has found his sub. He has convinced her to marry him. now the only thing to worry about is testing her limits. Well that and his persistent little mother.
A Thugs Weakness by ObeyAiyanaForever
A Thugs Weaknessby Aiyannaaa
"Please don't kill me" Tyson is the powerful drug lord in Chicago. He's ruthless and cold-hearted he kills anyone who gets in the way of his money. Alajae {Ah...
The badboy named jake by lizzieboo234
The badboy named jakeby lizzieboo234
He was cool popular and handsome and was titally rebellious your typical bad boy and his name was jake, and he always gad a thing fir targeting girls, but what made him...
Loving You Till The End by cazza_bear_12
Loving You Till The Endby cazza_bear_12
About a girl and boy who didnt give up loving each other though there are some problems
Life Is Reailty by traeece2243
Life Is Reailtyby traeece2243
Hey I'm traneece and rayan , Jacob, chresanto is my ROD I have known them since they started since my dad is Walter ( their manager) but I just came back from Texas ( my...
my prince charming by cicikarlen
my prince charmingby crystal karlen
lilys father is a computer game creater or so she thought.......one day her father brings home a boy,.........from another country. prince jasper or jasper as her father...
Sail......WITH.....[One Shot] by XingHo_PALACE
Sail......WITH.....[One Shot]by HealingWater 1♥1
One Shot -Sulay -For 1month anniversary of XingHo_PALACE