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Larry ~ Instagram by LiamisanAngel
Larry ~ Instagramby 🐻💙
Louis Tomlinson is a famous model and songwriter. Harry Styles is a famous singer. What will happen when these two will do a photoshoot together?
Versed by miszDanni
Versedby Dani
The two words "I do" were said. But that didn't fix anything. Eric is working to fix his mistakes as Maia works through trying to forgive. Through sex, intimac...
the worlds of Naruto by BenedraGary
the worlds of Narutoby Benedra Gary
Konoha 12 and theirs along with Minato, Kushina, Tsunade, Jiraya, and Ikura are teleported to a room where they are watching the different worlds of Naruto. Note Minato...
100 Verse of Unspoken Words (Published on Amazon) by shallowheartbeat021
100 Verse of Unspoken Words ( a b b y
So many words to say, many words wants to utter, but no ways to say them. So I just write it all the words I can't express because sometimes words are better left unsaid...
The Primes by LightWind_Snow
The Primesby LW
When the tech fell we couldn't adapt fast enough, we were herded like cattle to the woods, we thought we were safe but then they began to watch us...then they began to t...
Themisis Tracks by WritingDervish
Themisis Tracksby Briella Luna
Songs for Blind & Bound, a 2-disc metal anthology: 26 songs for kind killers & the killing kind
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Healer's Choice (LOTR General Fanfiction) by sivanshemesh5
The Healer's Choice (LOTR Sivan Shemesh
Legolas was hurt in battle, but when Aragorn tries to heal him, Legolas won't let him. What then is the healer's choice? Will he take control and heal his friend, or wil...
Mer!verse Error (continuation) by UtAU4life
Mer!verse Error (continuation)by UtAU4life
After Error gets ambushed by Ink and his followers, he goes to Outertale where he drops into the bottomless void below. Will he finally be able to have peace for once in...
the drownings of her soul by Haisleigh_Brown
the drownings of her soulby Haisleigh_Brown
i am Aaliyah and this is my story / a poetry collection / about the ups and the downs / and the in-betweens / the drowning / the floating / the swimming / and the...
Poems by ErikaHarlo13
Poemsby Word enthusiast
Some original poetry for the people with stars in their eyes. ☆"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language."☆ -W.H Aud...
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Self-Insert by Katisawesome36
Transformers: Revenge of the Katlikeshetalia
Hello again. I have made another coaster ride of a movie self-insert. If you like the first one, I hope you like this one. Also to try something new, not gonna have as m...
Overwhelming love (karmaxnagisa) (smutshots) by karmaslefttoe
Overwhelming love (karmaxnagisa) ( Karmas left toe
This is a story about how enemy's turn into lovers nagisa the omgea and karma the alpha when nagisa goes into heat and karma just happens to be around what will happen...
*HIATUS* Mer!verse Continuation Rewrite by UtAU4life
*HIATUS* Mer!verse Continuation UtAU4life
After Error gets ambushed by Ink and his followers, he goes to Outertale where he drops into the bottomless void below. Will he finally be able to have peace for once in...
Of Lyrics and Love | ✓ by aftertastefully
Of Lyrics and Love | ✓by mikayla
❝hello❞ ❝its me❞ ❝i was just actually saying hello. i didnt need you to break into a song❞ ❝but that's how it works, its how you get the girl❞ in which a boy charms a gi...
The Lost Maid (jasper x reader) by Therapist_Chick
The Lost Maid (jasper x reader)by FrootLoops_LittleLoli
your a maid working for encere jasper and fallacy until one of the maids that hated you decided to frame you your ran away never to be seen again or maybe There will be...
Writing Poetry by HaleySulich
Writing Poetryby Haley Sulich
Tips to help strengthen your poetry.
Every Truth I Cannot Tell by FranTorri
Every Truth I Cannot Tellby Francesca Torri
Featured by @WattpadPoetry In this book, I will open my heart. This is a collection of poems about subjects that are important to me. My poetry mostly discusses my love...
Crapverse by AnnoyinglyVexing
Crapverseby AnnoyinglyVexing
Crapverse is a parody of UnderTale Verses such as AUs Canon or Fanon. Crapverse takes place in its own multiverse, and begins with the death of King Multiverse.