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Remade as a Sans/☝︎♋︎❍︎♏︎❒︎ by Truenote
Remade as a Sans/☝︎♋︎❍︎♏︎❒︎by Truenote
Matt was a regular person who was a big fan of Undertale and its fangames. One day, he dies because of a person accidently knocking him off a mountain while he was hikin...
Sword Saint Of The Omniverse (On Indefinite Hiatus) by ramdom291991
Sword Saint Of The Omniverse (On ramdom291991
Yes we have achieved lift-off into the Omniverse What's the best part about dying and getting Isekai'ed? becoming stupidly op of course! now which character is stupidly...
Ben 10 omniverse x Male reader by ddxcrr
Ben 10 omniverse x Male readerby ddxcrr
You are Y/n Kirby Tennyson twin brother to Benjamin Kirby Tennyson or Ben 10, follow his story as new and wacky adventures are about to unfold. I do not own Ben 10 and...
The Author Traveling The Multiverse With Hatsune Miku As His Wife by ShadowKatake
The Author Traveling The Katake Kage Zenchi
Read the title. It says it all. No? Then I might as well give a short synopsis. A wish-fulfillment fanfiction filled with wholesome love and fluff with none other than t...
Universe's Failsafe by Moddie0475
Universe's Failsafeby Black Star
In every universe, there are always villains and heroes. But only one can be failsafe for every universe out there to be saved. P.S. it's a screen play. I was never been...
My OC/ Supreme Omni God Male Reader (God of the Monsters) by Drag0nl0rd27
My OC/ Supreme Omni God Male Kaiju and Waifu Fan
It's something I made up so I can write stories with my OC. Where my OC will travel or conquer other worlds and have a massive harem along the way across the omniverse a...
Omnitail by 0mniReader
Omnitailby 0mniReader
It was a day like no other for the hero of Bellwood Ben Tennyson. He had saved the universe to many times to count and lately things were looking good for him. Azmuth ha...
issei the child of the creator of the omniverse(Discontinued)  by SeanMeek3
issei the child of the creator Sean Meek
issei is the child of the creator of the omniverse
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC) by Dragonlord04
Klaus (OP Saiyan OC)by Darktiger003
This is the updated version of his info from my OCs story. Just know that their will be mini Chapters included that'll draw out Klaus's character in depth and major refe...
Ben 10 Alien Girls x male reader by gentelmanbeast
Ben 10 Alien Girls x male readerby gentelmanbeast
Series of oneshots including alien females from Ben 10 series.
The Return - High School DxD x Bill Cipher Reader  by Cosmic_Entity
The Return - High School DxD x ||
| High School DxD x Bill Cipher Reader | ∆ The news of Bill Cipher's death quickly spread through the entire multiverse. Most people were surprised that one of the most...
Demon Izuku's Omniverse Sex Adventure by QueenOfStabbing
Demon Izuku's Omniverse Sex Power
Izuku Bakugou Formerly known as Izuku Midoriya is the "Little" Brother of Katsuki Bakugou. In reality Izuku is a Dimension Traveling Demon who likes to have fu...
A God Across Realities - OP Reader x Crossover by Cosmic_Entity
A God Across Realities - OP ||
I OP Reader x Crossover I Just a bored god traveling through realities looking for entertainment.
An Alien In Alola [On Hold] by cookiemuncher4
An Alien In Alola [On Hold]by Cookie Muncher
The story is about a young person who was once a hero and a human in his dimension, but was stabbed to death and his soul is now in the Omnitrix and his home dimension i...
My Hero: Omniverse by hypershadic_23
My Hero: Omniverseby hypershadic_23
In a world where 80% of the population is born with superpowers and inhuman abilities of some kinda, 14-year-old Ben Tennyson longs to become a pro hero. Unfortunately f...
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 2 by hypershadic_23
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 2by hypershadic_23
The next season of my Ben 10 x MHA What If series. After having defeated both the League of Villains and the evil Vilgax, it's time for Ben Tennyson to learn the truth...
The Legend of Ben 10: Book 1, Sentience. by Misaka_Omnitrix
The Legend of Ben 10: Book 1, Mikoto Misaka
Earth.. Water... Fire... Air... My grandmother used to tell me the tales of a long lost civilization from long ago, from before even the First Avatar, that existed witho...
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 3 by hypershadic_23
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 3by hypershadic_23
Continuing from the previous season, Ben Tennyson and the rest of his classmates have passed their final exams and are ready for their summer break, but when the League...
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennyson by auspicious_lilana
The Second Wielder | Ben Tennysonby 𝘓𝘪𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢
After spending 6 years of being in love with her best friend, Ben Tennyson. Jenny had finally won his heart and were happily dating. Right when they thought they were l...