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He Saved Me  by Dajionnaieee123
He Saved Me by Dajionnaieee123
How Could A Man Physical & Mentally Abuse The Women He Loves ? How Do I Get Away ? Will He Come For Me ? Scottland Needs Help & Doesn't Know How To Get Help , But WHO W...
A life of Sin ( Complete ) by BreannaVickers8
A life of Sin ( Complete )by Breanna Vickers
An average, vanilla girl named Valere is convinced by her friend to go to the BDSM club that she waitresses at. Valere feels out of place, maybe even a little scared. It...
𝐺𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑒 by Therealxtae
𝐺𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑒by Therealxtae
I've replayed the video about a hundred times now staring at my boyfriend and his girl best friend in bed together. She had him moaning like crazy. I kept rewatching it...
I See You [REWRITING] by londonlocket
I See You [REWRITING]by ashley
Stevie Alexander has spent her whole life trying to be seen in the shadows of her three brothers and famous father. She's always been a background extra in their stories...
BTS Mafia ff by apate92
BTS Mafia ffby Its_Oreo
Imagine working on a normal day then suddenly seeing something really disturbing. What's so disturbing that can cause a major issue? What if it's a dead body? Maybe a c...
Sam and Colby hard times by sam_colby2994
Sam and Colby hard timesby Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby being there for each other in hard times
Life Quotes by enablingelise
Life Quotesby enablingelise
Quotes to help you reflect or remember times from your life. VOTE | COMMENT | FOLLOW MY PROFILE | CHECK OUT MY OTHER STORIES
The Protection Plan (Snow White With Red Hair) by Author_J_
The Protection Plan (Snow White Wi...by ..Clouded Author J..
This story is centered around Juniper, a girl who's proved herself to be reliable and strong in the eyes of the first prince of Claire's, Prince Izana. Upon seeing the w...
Zodiac- falling in love under the stars  by 7fairy_tail
Zodiac- falling in love under the...by Freya
13 students. All with bad backgrounds. What will happen if you put them all in one house in Zodia College? Explore the early adult years while the 13 teenagers battle w...
Hard Times (Charles Dickens) by zurajanai_katsurada_
Hard Times (Charles Dickens)by zurajanai_katsurada_
A classical book, by the one and only Charles Dickens! (I only made this to make it easier to read on screen)
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Complete) by gdhsjjrhevs
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Compl...by gdhsjjrhevs
The story title explains it all! Sorry im bad at photoshop! Madelyn rans away from home. She was abused and the person who was taking care of her was just dreadful. How...
Sydney Super Star by rainbowsrcool01
Sydney Super Starby iloveharry
Teagan Marie Sanchez recently lost her parents in a car crash. She lives with her superstar sister Alyssa Sanchez who plays for Sydney FC in Sydney, Australia. Teagan is...
Käärijä (Jere) X reader by BeauXJereP
Käärijä (Jere) X readerby Myhonestreaction
"Do you even care about me!'' I shouted with tears running down my face. ''I thought i was the one for you, ''but you probably do this with evey girl in the crowd!'...
Lou x reader (one shots)  by Erazerhead_gay
Lou x reader (one shots) by Erazerhead_gay
Just some one shots that I've thought about! #loumiller #oceans #oceanseight #romance #fluff #smut #oneshots #gay #lesbian #bi #nonbinary
Need // Ohgeesy pt.2 by Ohcheesy
Need // Ohgeesy pt.2by Ohcheesy
Responsibilities Secrets HIS unknown baby Hennessy needs to stay strong for a good job and for her baby but what happens when her secret is out?
Lifeline 2 by trapdxllszn
Lifeline 2by 🤍
Book 2 pt 3. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK ONE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!! Javen and Kentrell face serious problems in there life that deal with having people out for them...
My Blackmailing Billionaire by 1n1mik1
My Blackmailing Billionaireby Anamika
"Do this!" He said angrily. I couldn't hold my tears back anymore and I couldn't speak. I nodded my head implying no. "This is not a question or a reques...
Through All This Together -Bojan Cvjetićanin by majastruc890
Through All This Together -Bojan C...by Maja Cvjeticanin
Bella Cortez just got out from toxic relationship ,she meet stranger who don't hesitate to help in worst times even if is only for a minute .After that she thought she w...
Adopting Abigail by carebear0024
Adopting Abigailby carebear0024
This story is about Carrie Underwood adopting a daughter she learns all the pros and cons about becoming a mother to a teenager who excepts her for who she should be se...
A slave for a monster  by bitemeslowlybaby
A slave for a monster by B I T E M E
" so much fun we shall have in my my bedroom together." He laughed, " it can either be a reward or punishment." He starts removing my shirt, "ei...