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Oceans by aisier
Oceansby Jessica
A collection of one-shots centred around romantic entanglements.
Above the waves by ellemoira
Above the wavesby Reychelle Moira
(completed) "And I will call upon Your Name and keep my eyes above the waves..." Savannah's physical conditions limit her from doing what she used to love. She...
Celebrity One Shots by holytrinitysophie
Celebrity One Shotsby Soph 🌸
Celebrity one shots Mental health, fluff, SMUT Parent figure, Girlfriend, Teacher Requests are open :)
Siren's Song. (The Ocean Novel By: Laura Robinson.)  by castlenovelist97
Siren's Song. (The Ocean Novel By:...by 𝕷𝖆𝖚𝖗𝖆 𝕽𝖔𝖇𝖎𝖓𝖘
Sixteen year old Luna Gilmore's father goes missing one day in October. And it takes her on a challenging adventure of self-discovery, the importance of family relations...
LEHREIN by StoriesBySaileeVaman
LEHREINby Sailee Vaman
For them it was nothing more than exchanging numbers, stalking profiles and hoping for a midnight call from the other side. For them it was nothing more than stealing gl...
Lou x reader (one shots)  by Erazerhead_gay
Lou x reader (one shots) by Erazerhead_gay
Just some one shots that I've thought about! #loumiller #oceans #oceanseight #romance #fluff #smut #oneshots #gay #lesbian #bi #nonbinary
THE LITTLE MERMAID by Authormellow
❝Give my body back!❞ ❝Why don't you give mine first?!❞
Furries by TransG18
Furriesby Mackenzie Hatch
Read the stories of these human girls and their furry lovers. See how much their lives change as they discover true love with furries who were once animals but now have...
the proposal [lou and debbie]  by heistwife
the proposal [lou and debbie] by téa
debbie ocean and lou miller's version of 'the proposal'
Ocean's 8 Headcanons by stayevildarling
Ocean's 8 Headcanonsby stayevildarling
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Ocean's 8 world, which is trademarked by Warner Bros Production Company. I do not claim ownership of...
The Legend Of The Sirens (An After Death Story) by Bramble4Life
The Legend Of The Sirens (An After...by Bramble4Life
Long ago lived the Sirens and the Land Dwellers... They lived in a peaceful manner, until one day the King of the Land Dwellers greed for power. And Sirens are well know...
The Legend of The Sirens (AfterDeath) by BrambleChan
The Legend of The Sirens (AfterDea...by Bramble Chan
In a land far, far away- lived the Sirens... thr Sirens lived in peace with the land dwellers, 'till one day a king who desires power decided to start a war against the...
part of your world | hyunseungin by jeongin_smiles
part of your world | hyunseunginby jeongin <3
hwang hyunjin is a prince. the youngest mermaid of king chan. he is in a secret relationship with kim seungmin, a commoner mermaid from another pod. and both of them are...
ashen black acicular trees by lyre-vertebrae
ashen black acicular treesby ulchabhán
(summer)2019 apparitions entrench the woodland
The Mermaid's curse #wattys2016 by Nerdy-BabyOcto
The Mermaid's curse #wattys2016by Autumn Pritchard
When ever even a slight drop of water touches Britts skin, weird things happen. She was never always like this. Actually she never even realized that, just a little whi...
loubbie parenting  by milfwhore666
loubbie parenting by eila
2 stories about each debbie and lou falling pregnant and having a baby and the beautiful family that emerges from each scenario
Wanderlust by once-upon-a-star
Wanderlustby katie baer
A list of Poems.
LOUVRE [A Jercy Fanfiction] by DSCN124
LOUVRE [A Jercy Fanfiction]by DSCN124
Jason Grace is a struggling artist. But he gets a chance to prove himself to his parents and the world. He has finally got enough money to have his own art gallery show...
Of The Girl | Eddie Vedder by pjam88
Of The Girl | Eddie Vedderby Pjam88
Fallon has moved to Seattle to get away from the lifestyles of California, and for a fresh start. One day during her shift at a record shop, Eddie Vedder stops by the st...
A2F - Pirate/Siren Roleplay by Addicted2Fantasy
A2F - Pirate/Siren Roleplayby April Black
Are you a mischievous pirate, searching for adventure amongst the seven seas with your crew and captain by your side? Or are you a beautiful or handsome siren, destined...