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  • Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)
    4.5M 101K 56

    Everyone adores and loves her.. .. except him. He is always nice and friendly towards everyone.. .. except her. He is quite the catch at school and with one look, he can have anyone.. .. except her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUICK NOTE: I also posted t...

  • Mark Tuan, You are mine! (GOT7 || Book 2)
    267K 9.5K 37

    **Book Cover is just an edit ** Han Min Ae has got the love of her life- Mark Tuan. She went from nothing to his everything. They got engaged and were going to be married in few years to come. They are perfect together and they got a dozen of fans that support them So what could possibly go wrong?

  • moonlight (EXO Xiumin Fanfic)
    47.2K 1.8K 1

    Love at first sight. Is that something you believe in..? Well, it sounds impossible, really. Stuff like that doesn't usually happen. Or do they?

  • GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY (Mark Tuan)
    2.6M 78.5K 61

    Things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. She is accepted to JYP Entertainment, as a trainee! 2. A mysterious guy talked to her after the audition. She wonders who he is. 3. He is from GOT7! But who is he? 4. Moving to the JYP Dorm, preparing to debut. 5. And then she realises, the feeling of falling in l...

  • GOT7 FanFic: MY MELODY 2 (Mark Tuan)
    1.1M 39.5K 67

    More things that are happening in Park Hee Young's life: 1. Finally, after 6 months of hard training, she's able to debut in JYP Entertainment, as a solo singer, like what she always wanted. 2. Finally too, being Mark's girlfriend. She's more than happy being with him, and she hoped that they can stay like this foreve...