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  • Bella's True Mate
    344K 7.6K 22

    What if Bella turned out to be a wolf shifter, but she doesn't come from the La Push pack. The Cullens left her, but now after 15 years they are back. What happens when Emmett finds his real mate, and Bella imprints on a certain blonde goddess? Read to hear Bella's new life.

  • The Cullens Truth Or Dare
    44.4K 677 7

    The Cullen's playing truth or dare is that a good idea dont forget they are a bunch of vampires and one member of the family loves playing truth or dare and always picks dare and thats Emmett he gives out bad dares to his family and when they say truth he will ask questions that will make them embarressed but im sure...

  • Crescent Sun: Twilight Saga After Breaking Dawn (2nd Place Watty Awards 2011)
    2.6M 30.5K 31

    Bella and Edward are living peacful after their fight with the Volturi. But a visit from the Denali's is going to change that. How is Bella going to react when she finds out that Tanya wants to steal the love of her life? Could Edward leave her to be with Tanya? Or will Tanya try to kill Bella so she will be out of th...

  • Crescent Moon (Sequel to Crescent Sun)
    409K 7.9K 14

    The sequel to "Crescent Sun: The Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn". Renesmee has gone missing, and the Cullens along with the wolves are panicked and worried. What they won't expect is who helped took her. They never expected that a long time aquitance who has helped them before, would turn on them now. Will the Cull...

  • Vanishing Sun (A Twilight Fan Fiction)
    158K 3.3K 12

    ~Warning- This story has abuse in it. If you can not handle reading about someone being abused then do not read~ Bella is forced to go live with her Aunt and Uncle in Tennesee while her mom travels for a job. Little does she know what will be ahead of her in this life. Her Aunt and Uncle hate her and want nothing to d...

  • Never Returned (twilight story)
    300K 4.5K 20

    What if, before Bella jumped of the cliff, someone stopped her? Alice would never have had that vision, and Edward never call Bella's home. Would she end up marrying her best friend Jacob? And what happens when a pregnant woman (not saying who ;) ) is bitten by a vampire? What shall her child turn out to be? Will Edwa...

  • Sun Kissed Dawn (A Twilight Fan Fiction) ON HOLD
    48.1K 656 7

    What would have happened if Bella couldn't decide between Edward and Jacob after Edward came back? What events would happen during that time before Bella finally chooses Edward? In this story, we have twisted it up. This story will have alot of exciting twists and drama in it! So if your wondering what would have happ...

  • You're my Everything! Jacob and Renesmee Love Story
    82.9K 1.4K 16

    Hey this is my story about Jacob and Renesmee's life from when she is 7 (looks 17 and acts 17) and has stopped aging but doesnt know Jacob loves her more than a friend and she doesnt know Jake imprinted on her but knows about imprinting and the legends. And also knows he is a werewolf. How will Nessie reaact when Jaco...

  • Renesmee and Jacob's Love Story
    375K 6.1K 28

    Renesmee finds out Jacob imprinted on her and things change rapidly. Jacob is forced to move out of Forks and doesnt know what to do. What will Renesmee, the Cullen's and the pack do? Will Jacob stay anways or move away from his true love. Read and find out.

  • Twilight Breaking Dusk - Book 1
    2.2M 27.7K 41

    [This is a Breaking Dawn continuation story] After the Volturi had left my family and I in peace we planned to live happily ever after. Only, to live happily ever after would come with a great cost especially when you thwarted the Volturi. They knew that they were over powered at the moment and left peacefully. Littl...

  • My True Love( A Jasper and Bella Love Story)
    428K 4.7K 41

    This is a story about Jasper and Bella falling in love with each other. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading.

  • Moonlight (Twilight/New Moon FanFic)
    693K 10.6K 45

    Bella at 15 runs away from Phoenix because she's had a horrible life and ends up in Forks, Washington. She meets Victoria and Anne who offer her a job as a stripper and a place to live in. Bella accepts it having nowhere else to go... Bella doesn't trust people easily especially guys, so what happens when Bella meets...

  • Solar Eclipse//Twilight
    130K 2.4K 44

    She knew. She forgot. She became one. And, then, she remembered.