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  • Arnesto Modesto: The World's Most Ineffectual Time Traveler
    1.4K 317 55

    This story is a full-length novel on Amazon (and elsewhere) and is currently (12/12/2018) a #1 best-seller in Time Travel Fiction in Australia. Though I'm unlikely to make big changes at this point, comments are always welcome and typos almost certainly squashed. Now the REAL description: What if you could go back and...

  • A Singular Witness
    23.1K 1.1K 40

    Quinn wants to escape her claustrophobic hometown after her father dies unexpectedly from a rare parasitic infection, and an internship filming feed in cities around the world for a software company developing a virtual running game seems like her ticket to run. When it turns out the company is owned by the father o...

  • The Stranger - A LGBT Contemporary Fairy Tale
    66 14 5

    F/F (LGBT) short story with contemporary characters and a magical realism twist. Suitable for ages 14+ Barb has long held feelings for her good friend Greta but Greta can't get over her feelings for her possibly deceased husband. Then The Stranger meanders into their small mountain town of Baylor. Everything starts t...

  • Escape From Norriswood
    626 78 33

    "Naughty girls can make a lot of money," Bobby had said again. Click. "And we're going to make you a lot of money. Enough to pay your way through college." He brought the Polaroid down from his eye. "Now let's get some shots of you in the bedroom." When Tara steals her father's car and asks Rosalyn to help her getawa...

  • Impulse
    237 7 4

    A murdered coworker, a shifty character, and a detective a lot closer to the truth than she thinks.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tale Teller
    1.9K 296 44

    For Vaun, roaming the land, spreading stories of wonder and mystery, is the highest form of freedom one could have. When a foreign power invades with a strict regime, not only is his way of life endangered, but he begins to lose everything he held dear. In a desperate attempt to flee his oppressors and fight for surv...

  • The Regulator
    1.2K 207 11

    **Winner of the Wattpad Bookshop Gauntlet, January 2019** The M'Nean Ambassador is dead. Once tasked with his protection, Commander Neylan Haas of the Admiralty's Regulator Force now finds herself accused of his murder. On the run from her own people, Haas takes shelter in the Lazaretto, a plague ravaged sector of Ori...

  • Hestia's Wish [2019 ONC Longlist]
    17.5K 1.2K 26

    Hestia Hale is trapped in world of chaos. Upon her thirteenth birthday, she is selected as an apprentice to one of the strictest blacksmiths in the Isles. With this new change, comes pressure and fear. Fear of being sacrificed if she doesn't meet Aries' standards within three years. When Hestia wishes to join the Arie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Infested
    173 8 5

    Henry finally found the family he had dreamed of; but, on the day of losing a loved one, everything suddenly took a horrible turn. Copyright © 2018 By T. A. Hinson All Rights Reserved All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, includin...

  • The Porcelain Afterlife of Momoko Hara
    3K 203 26

    Would you become a ghost for the boy you love? Min, an orphaned 15-year-old girl, auditions to become a Kpop idol in the year 2091. She hopes with beauty and fame, her neighbor Jaehyun will finally see her as more than just a friend. But the opportunity Min seeks is not what she finds when an Entertainment company for...

  • Forever Sixteen
    1.6K 6 9

    "I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains." -Anne Frank Emerson Marianne "Ella" Frank was often found in the shadow of her twin sister, Anneliese Marie (formally known as "Anne"). Like Anne, Ella received a diary for her thirteenth birthday, recalling events as described in Anne's...

  • When Red Goes Riding (Short Story)
    146 25 1

    "Little red, little red, went riding one day... And now she's dead." A reimagining of The Little Red Riding Hood, written for the Frightening Folk challenge.

  • Inflow ✔️
    574 91 5

    Wyatt Alexander enjoyed the solitude of his work at the Kembhavi-Cooper Craters, but a pressure aberration on a water main out of one the largest Martian colonies breaks that solitude and forces him onto an emergency repair that puts his life and the lives of the colonists at risk. By user Christopher Opyr (as Chris H...

  • Radio Waves of the Macabre [On Hiatus]
    7.5K 1.3K 78

    David Li simply wanted to create a name for himself, to paint a brighter future. He never imagined that a chance encounter would propel him down a much darker path, one that would entangle him in a game of life and death broadcasting over generations. UPDATE: For those who enjoyed this work when I originally posted th...

  • State of Mind
    4.6K 1K 17

    State of Mind its a book of poems that is based on the state of mind of the author and related people to him. Do you know what a suicidal person or an isolated person feels? Or even a person with chronic depression? it was written to touch the darkest side and to see beyond real based life problems that people are sc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Misfits | ✓
    7.7K 1.4K 27

    about them who decided to lose pieces of themselves just to fit in. © 2016 mxttdaddyrio #thepeopleofsociety

  • We Are Stars | OLD DRAFT
    63.1K 5.3K 47

    #30 in Stars #780 in Teen Fiction Ever since the tragic death of her mother, Rowen has only seen the world through the eyes of loss, and never has she felt more alone. With her father's obsessive drinking, secrets to keep, and her dreams of becoming a professional astronomer on the line, she has dug herself a deep hol...

  • They're Lying [under editing]
    1.3K 227 37

    Raylee was told by the government that a disease is threatening humanity and she had no reason to doubt them. Especially since she saw the infected in her town centre. But ever since she ran away from home and forgot her pills, she has been absolutely fine. Shocked to the core, she uncovers the secrets of this so-call...

  • Sapphire
    12.1K 582 51

    Shay Warner ran away from her adopted family as soon as she found out what they truly were: criminals. They lied, they killed, they betrayed her in a way that scarred her forever. It isn't until the police catch up to her that she's forced to go back, putting her in the middle of a tug of war that threatens to tear he...

  • Lover's Spit
    7.5K 1.2K 33

    you called me angel then put a cigarette to my lips. ©2017PO

  • Of Caverns and Casters [First Publishing]
    12.5K 276 3

    [FEATURED BY @YAFantasy] One run-away prince, two die-hard scientists, magic that may-or-may-not be real, and a land that wasn't supposed to exist. Welcome to Avadel. * * * Researchers Leavi Riveirre and Sean Rahkifellar want nothing more than to study how the cogs of the universe click together. When a plague unleas...

  • Saving Eli
    141K 4.2K 56

    Elijah Hastings was that brooding mystery that most persons adored but never thought to solve. He was loved and feared all at the same time. He seemed to have the perfect life but then again, no one truly knew him so I'd guess that was an assumption. And I'd guess the next big assumption was to think that he wasn't s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Werewolves Don't Wear Cowboy Boots
    392 74 21

    As children in Belfast, Bridget and Colum Connolly's world is turned upside down after a deadly attack on their family. Twelve years later, they try to make a life for themselves in America. Living has never been easy for Colum, and Bridget craves something more than small-town life can offer. Certainly the last thing...

  • It's Not Like The Movies (rewriting)
    2.7K 120 3

    Freya Liu-Hampton isn't much of a romantic but that doesn't stop her best friend, Dale Sampson, from asking her to help him find his soulmate. Dale wants life to be like a romantic comedy but Freya knows that's not how it works. Because no matter how many happy endings there are in the movies, sometimes what you're lo...

  • The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island
    21.5K 3.2K 70

    Ever since the mainland vanished overnight, along with almost the entire city watch, gangsters have ruled the bustling cobblestone streets of the once proud towns of Renryre Island. Now, a new quest begins; the search for the mainland is revived. It's a perfect opportunity for villains and heroes alike! This comic fan...

  • As Long As You Love Me ✓
    447K 24.4K 43

    Zari Davis flees Dallas after witnessing her fiancee cheating, with no clear plan on where she's going. After flipping her Volkswagon Beetle, she wakes up convinced that the cute guy that's been reading raunchy novels aloud while she slept is actually her boyfriend. Gabriel Luna's in a little over his head. After bein...

    Completed   Mature