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  • VIOLENT TIDES (gxg - editing)
    380K 23.8K 43

    Ainsley is a dragonblood princess, powerful but constantly restrained by her duties and her oppressive father, the king of Ellay. When a pirate crew makes a shaky truce with the king and asks for a guarantee of their safe travels around his country, he offers up Ainsley as an unwilling hostage and a show of good faith...

  • Coffee Beans
    1.3M 52.9K 63

    Highest Ranks: #1 in wattpride (17/05/21) #1 in unlimitedpride (17/05/21) #10 in lesbian (27/02/19) #4 in girlXgirl (27/03/19) #10 in LGBT (07/02/19) #75 in Romance (18/04/18) [COMPLETED] Ellie runs a small coffee shop in a little village just outside of London. It's somewhere local businessmen grab a drink before...

  • Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten)
    17.4K 1.2K 21

    "Then do it." June challenged, watching Flame's eyebrows shoot up. "I don't think you're as tough as you want everyone to think. You want to hurt me? Do it." The fire in her hand grew, and June watched it with bated breath. She was inviting the town's best known villain to do whatever she wanted with her. It was a dan...

  • Anyone But Her
    785K 32.1K 31

    Wren and Kenna hated each other in high school. Now mature-ish adults, they still hate each other. The problem? They're engaged. A year away from marriage, according to two of the most powerful people in the world: their parents. ...

  • When Mary Met Halley
    1.1M 36.9K 63

    WATTYS WINNER When her fiancé ends up in a coma and his secret mistress, Halley, shows up, Mary feels like her world is falling apart. What she doesn't realize is she's actually falling in love...with Halley. ***** PRIDE READING EVENT: From June 10...

    1.2M 46.2K 54

    " US OLYMPIC SWIMMER CHARLIE GRAY FORFEITS" " WHAT HAPPENED TO OLYMPIC SWIMMER CHARLIE GRAY?" Charlie Gray stopped swimming . Though the reason was unclear one thing was certain, she'd never get back into the water. When Gia gets assigned to be partners with the girl who's hardly ever at school she doesn't think th...

    986K 35.3K 35

    Zara McMann and Peyton Mitchell aren't exactly what you'd call 'friends'. An incident in eighth grade turned Peyton against Zara, and they haven't spoken since. After being assigned partners for their latest English assignment they are forced to communicate, but when a lockdown ensues and they are trapped and alone, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll See You When I Fall Asleep
    951K 40.2K 43

    On the eve of a person's 21st birthday, they have a Dream. In their Dream, they see their Soulmate. Cammie, who has been with her boyfriend for the last four years, is confident that she will Dream of him. But on the eve of her 21st birthday, her entire world is turned upside down she not only doesn't see Her boyfrie...

  • Granted
    36.6K 2.3K 24

    Eris is an immortal being, forced to be a "genie" and grant wishes to humans in exchange for self-preservation while Dianna is an ordinary human woman, leading a busy but mediocre life. A deity's hand plays with fate as these two women meet each other and falls in love.

  • Gregory Girls Gone Wild |GirlxGirl|
    113K 5.9K 43

    The water supply at Gregory College is contaminated, possibly fatal, and definitely unfit for drinking. It's the worst crisis Gregory College has ever had to deal with in years. Twenty year old Rainey Dumar is in charge of delivering free water bottles to her fellow students. She likes the job, but it is what it is:...

  • My Crazy Nerd (GirlxGirl)
    780K 44.8K 43

    She's not crazy. Just a little eccentric. Penny Rosemary, your typical nerd who caught herself a bit of trouble near the end of the school year when she beat the crap out of her best friend's ex-boyfriend. She's not a violent person. Really. But that's what everyone thinks of her as and Penny just can't help but feel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mary and Halley (sequel to When Mary Met Halley)
    226K 10.3K 43

    (Sequel to When Mary Met Halley) A year has passed since Mary and Halley fell in love over the hospital bed of the guy who was cheating on both of them, and they couldn't be happier. Together they feel able to conquer the world, with the help of their friends, a ragtag bunch of children and teens, and a crow with a cr...

  • The Second Chance (GirlXGirl)
    1.4M 62.4K 40

    ~COMPLETED~ Dying young was never Rachel Kidder's plan, especially on the night of graduation. She had just laid everything on the table with her bestfriend, Devon, and after a horrible rejection she faces the fatality of drunk driving. Getting a second chance at life, Rachel does not remember who she used to be, beca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost & Insecure
    1.3M 23.5K 35

    When Dana Thomas's parents get divorced, and her aunt and uncle pass away, her mother decides it's time for a change - just in time for senior year of high school. Dana gets thrown into a small town where everyone knows everyone else and concerns themselves with everyone else's business. Katie Torres, daughter of a w...

  • Inevitable Disasters (girlxgirl) (teacherxstudent)
    196K 5.4K 21

    Arcadia is the soon to be Alpha of the Zues pack, following the strict set of rules is all she's ever known, but what happens when a pair of blue eyes catch her attention. Only fate knows.

    Completed   Mature
  • Whispers and Silent Motion (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian)
    316K 10.5K 31

    Toni is the most skilled assassin in her division, she's quick, smart, and clean... Until the one time that she isn't, and it comes back to haunt her in the form of a target that she happened to miss. FIRST DRAFT.

    Completed   Mature
  • 30 Day Trial Period
    1.2M 51.4K 67

    This is a FREE story with PAID bonus chapters. Lizzie and Parker couldn't be more opposite, except for their inability to sustain romantic relationships. They can't stand each other - but when they take on the challenge to date for thirty days to fix their horrible dating habits, the line between fake and real starts...