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Presidential {Z Nation} by sarah_averagewriter
Presidential {Z Nation}by sarah_averagewriter
A guide to survive the zombie apocalypse by Joy Felicity Kingsworth: 1. Get yourself a cute best friend who you've known since childhood. 2. Form an emotional attachment...
Fracking Apocalypse - a ZNation 10K/Tommy Fanfiction by randomreader000000
Fracking Apocalypse - a ZNation 10...by randomreader000000
After surviving three years into the apocalypse Bailey Hawthorne strongly believes she has the new world figured out. She's got her best friend Addy beside her along wit...
The Special Blend by DptShaneWalsh
The Special Blendby Shane Walsh
After black summer, 17 year old Scarlett Vasquez was left with only one other surviving member of her family. Her adoptive brother: Javier Vasquez. She gets separated fr...
Hawk eye and Sharp Shooter. by AshleyBlack42
Hawk eye and Sharp Shooter.by Ashley Black
Most people carry things like guns and knife or weapons during a zombie apocalypse, but travailing with binoculars my come in handy. Jean does just that, well her full...
The apocalypse (addy x reader) by allthevibezz12
The apocalypse (addy x reader)by allthevibezz12
I'm rewriting my other story cause I didn't like how I did some of the chapters or the beginning so I'm rewriting it but basically your gonna be put in the Znation show...
In the Apocalypse by Prettybutpsycho100
In the Apocalypseby Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson is a crazy teenager. She can be impulsive and insensitive but she cares more than she wants people to know. When the apocalypse starts she doesn't chan...
All That I'm Living For ☠️ by InTheMorningx
All That I'm Living For ☠️by Sloane
Cora has adapted to this dangerous world with the teachings from her Uncle and the instinct to keep her little sister safe. When bounty hunters looking for 'The Murphy'...
Play Your Cards by allynicol
Play Your Cardsby allynicol
Ace, the Queen of the Apocalypse as most know it. She rules the world with an iron fist. The girl said to be independent, nonaligned, sufficient, and self-ruling. But th...
Karma // 10k Fic // Completed by littletinything
Karma // 10k Fic // Completedby littletinything
Karma comes back for a mission. Battling it out with Zombies was never her plan. Operation Bite-mark proved to be more difficult than what she signed up for. One partic...
Savage (10k/ZNation) by FaithfullyBeautiful
Savage (10k/ZNation)by FaithfullyBeautiful
"That was savage!" "Yeah, she is." ~ Finley Finch didn't start the apocalypse by herself, but after three years she finds herself fighting for her li...
Z Nation ~ Zombieslayer by blocksberg7777
Z Nation ~ Zombieslayerby blocksberg7777
When Mack meets someone from his past and she turns out to be a great addition to the group. Follow the journey of our favourite Zombieslayers and maybe even get some cl...
The Zompoclyspe by Citizen-Z
The Zompoclyspeby Citizen Z
Arkansa princess (10k x reader) by Annalana0
Arkansa princess (10k x reader)by Ann
y/n is 10k's old girlfriend from when he went on a trip to Arkansa but they had to break up when 10k went back to New York.she is a wonderful shooter since 10k taught he...
The Snipers of the Apocalypse by FalseShadows
The Snipers of the Apocalypseby Alrrami
10k x reader. I do not own Z Nation, all rights reserved to Syfy. Alrrami was a normal girl, with a special ability- she was a natural-born sniper. This came in handy wh...
THE KIDS AREN'T ALRIGHT carl grimes by -morality
THE KIDS AREN'T ALRIGHT carl grimesby 𝔐𝔢𝔤
I think you're my best friend. carl grimes x oc
Kai / 10k fanfic / Znation by Cirr0s17
Kai / 10k fanfic / Znationby Th3.Und34d
Kai is more of an unusual 17 year old. She was raised by her dad who used to work in military. She is more of a closed person. She doesn't have a lot of friends from pre...