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The Demon Fox on Site-13 (SCP-953 x Male OC) by adamabyss12
The Demon Fox on Site-13 (SCP-953...by adamabyss12
(Just like with SCP-1765, this is simply my interpretation of Site-13, but in a separate timeline compared to that one, especially in how SCP-953 will behave after the t...
The Cruel Site's Fate (SCP-1765 x Male OC Oneshot) by adamabyss12
The Cruel Site's Fate (SCP-1765 x...by adamabyss12
This is merely my interpretation of what would happen to the SCP-1765 sisters being shipped a male OC during the events of SCP-1730, also known as "What Happened to...
Meet Me in the Hallway by wastelandlouis
Meet Me in the Hallwayby ray
"Ma vie est une énigme, dont ton nom est le mot." -Victor Hugo My life is an enigma, of which your name is the word. December, 1729 France was entranced with t...
Mania of the Zombies: House of the Zombies Part III (Book Twenty) by RobertHelliger
Mania of the Zombies: House of the...by RobertHelliger
(SLIGHTLY EDITED 2ND VERSION) In 1730, James Hargrave attempts to kill the Vampire Mr. Nyman, as he continues killing more people in New York, while a group of teens ent...
The ghost of Katherine by edeneverest7
The ghost of Katherineby eden everest
Many years ago, you were invited to stay at your uncle's castle. Although you didn't like it at first, the place grew on you and, eventually, you couldn't think of any o...
MANIA OF THE ZOMBIES: HOUSE OF THE ZOMBIES (Book Eighteen) by RobertHelliger
Nyman, a intruder, visits the mysterious Zombie and Vampire House in New New York, a place that has been around for centuries. Despite the blinding effects of WWIII's de...
Mania of the Zombies: House of the Zombies Part II (Book Nineteen) by RobertHelliger
Mania of the Zombies: House of the...by RobertHelliger
Nyman, who is now a Vampire, (pictured with Lady Bessie Blakhorn in 1730 clothes on the book cover), struggles to feed on the blood of New York girls, as he transports f...
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LOST by ManiaNia81
LOSTby ManiaNia81
1730 μ.Χ Η χρυσή εποχή της πειρατείας. Οπου οι πειρατές ξεφύτρωναν από παντού λεηλατώντας τη θάλασσα. Κρίσταλ - Νίαλ Δυο νεαρά παιδιά που αγαπιούνται από πάντα... Ζουν...
Death at Sea by Spirit_Feild
Death at Seaby Eat Da Potato
Unedited!!!!!! Alex was forced to become something she was not for the first part of her life, only for her mother to be killed and taken away from her best friend and f...