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Ain't Together  by kpfan2396
Ain't Together by kpfan2396
Catherine expected a normal college experience. Mikaela Straus as her rugby coach was not what she expected.
How Could He? by GabbyPresley
How Could He?by GabbyPresley
A new appearance of Elvis and love. As if this could compete with all the fresh Elvis work! But still hope you like! Elvis and a high school sweetheart called it quits...
In My Life by PauliePie
In My Lifeby PauliePie
Time had never sped up more in life until he found his mother again; everything became a blur. Things changed. Some more drastically than others. Him. *** ~Completed~
The Perfect Wife by alwaysstorm
The Perfect Wifeby kat
Kidnaped from her perfect life, Margo is forced to live in a town that is stuck in the 1950's
{Thirty-Five Owls} by herenowwithyou
{Thirty-Five Owls}by Lily
Thirty-Five Owls being a correspondence between Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore, Grand Sorcerer, etc., and the prisoner Gellert Grindelwald, of some decades in length. go to the...
Talia- KING PRINCESS FANFIC (finished) by kingprincess69
Talia- KING PRINCESS FANFIC (finis...by kingprincess69
We were toxic and doomed from the start. A fanfic based on King Princess' song 'Talia'.
sullivan, dear, can you fall in love? by Noah_says_hello
sullivan, dear, can you fall in lo...by Noah_says_hello
elizabeth armstrong, father browns niece, and sid carter's best friend. lost her parents during the war, so father brown offers her to stay at the rectory, she accept th...
The Girl on the Train by LeeGavin
The Girl on the Trainby Lee Gavin
It’s 1955 and Tom Carver is a young architect living in Australia. He travels across to England to visit family and whilst travelling on a train from London to Cornwall...
amore regge senza legge. by gedankenverhangen
amore regge senza legge.by 𝒸𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓂ℯ 𝒻𝓁ℯ𝓊𝓇
Como, Italien 1950. Casimiro & Dante. Zwischen Orangenbäumen, Kunstmärkten und schmalen Gassen, entsteht das warme Kribbeln in der Brust. So warm, dass es sogar die wü...
The Boy in the Leather Jacket (BxB) by nickiehxx
The Boy in the Leather Jacket (BxB)by Nickie
This story is about Bruno and Shmuel from The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. But I'm making it to be that Bruno and Shmuel lived, I just thought it would be cool to make a...
letting angels fall. by lyricsharice
letting angels fall.by sagacity
in which the spring of 1950 never seemed more contrary
King Billie by oofitsandy
King Billieby Daddy Andy
"Will you ever choose your music over me?" "You're the best music I could ever have" Mikaela and Billie were childhood friends that grew apart in mid...
King Princess Imagines by Tueurr
King Princess Imaginesby H.❦
Because why not?
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Buddy holly x reader x Richie Valens  by m0thMushie
Buddy holly x reader x Richie Vale...by Rosie
"she is poetry"-d.p.s by 77frida77
"she is poetry"-d.p.sby deadmarauderssociety
Isabella Pitts.Sister,friend,girlfriend and everything with love and emphaty. Charlie Dalton.Son,friend,boyfriend and everything with mischief and fun. Together they are...
A Winter Of Angels by MarkTheDark87
A Winter Of Angelsby Mark The Dark
*WARNING: This story deals with some scenes in which partain to abuse, patriarchy, and domestic violence. Some scenes may be triggering to some. Reader discretion is adv...
A Broken Greaser by Tbirds_forever
A Broken Greaserby Tbirds_forever
We all know Sonny LaTierri right, the tough majo bad boy and the member of the T-Bird at Rydell High. Well Sonny's life isn't perfect, his father smokes and drinks all t...
Young Love by Tbirds_forever
Young Loveby Tbirds_forever
What if Putzie and Jan became best friends at a young age and they start to have feelings for each other?
The Prettiest Red - Garycato (Oneshot) by ChickenStripping
The Prettiest Red - Garycato (Ones...by Blank Error
Avocato is bone tired from work and really needs a drink -------- Gary Cross dresses here guys- it's like a 1920-50s au