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Reunited Underneath the Lantern Lights by DippedPeachBlossoms
Reunited Underneath the Lantern Li...by Ali
Luca didn't think the past would come running back to him. Who knew coming back home after 6 years would mean that you'll be seeing your ex? The one who shattered him...
Eternal Echoes by Kid_Kia
Eternal Echoesby Kia
Trapped in the cursed confines of Willow Manor, a group of friends finds themselves thrust into a nightmarish journey across time and space. Emily, Sarah, Michael, Olivi...
The Promised Queen by zia_eio
The Promised Queenby zia
"You will be the Yuvraani of Suryagarh but you will never be my wife." When they were only kids, Ridhima and Hruday were promised into a bond they didn't even...
Zayan's Abyss: Drenched in Blood and Agony by TheWhisperingFire
Zayan's Abyss: Drenched in Blood a...by 🖤
In the city of Pakistan, Lahore, lived a family of five brothers. Each brother was unique in his own way, but Zayan stood distinct from the rest. He bore the physical sc...
Cheating On And Off by YvanUng
Cheating On And Offby Yvan Ung
Fresh from their victory in the first round of the state tournament, the Venomous Agendas' girls basketball team is about to hit a snag, under the form of a key player b...
Mystical Saga - The beginning by widluvknightQueen
Mystical Saga - The beginningby Knight_Queen
Mystical Saga - The Beginning [UPDATES EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY] ZACHARY THEO CRYSTAL, an authoritative and harsh Alpha king, discovers something forbidden. FIORA MARY...
Blissful Pain by DazzlingVee_
Blissful Painby Vipranshi
'Blissful Pain : A saga of love and heartbreak' In the journey of growing up, a young girl has huge dreams. She yearns for only one thing and that is love. She wants to...
Undead Horizon:The Chronicles of Survival by Tinfoilhats67
Undead Horizon:The Chronicles of S...by Jeeya P
In a city overrun by zombies, Jade Smith finds herself facing a dual challenge: saving her kidnapped mother and battling the undead hordes threatening her home. With det...
Raven's School of Magic: Year Two by xxHoneyFernxx
Raven's School of Magic: Year Twoby xxHoneyFernxx
(This is a series!!! Read Year One first!) Daily Updates! The truth is out. Ariel is the missing firstborn twin born to the Rose's and the Dark One knows who he is. To s...
Playlist for the Apocalypse by Lauryn_Low
Playlist for the Apocalypseby Lauryn Low
It was not noticed exactly when people began to fall victim to the broken life of routine and monotony but by the time humanity realized that witnessing strong emotion t...
Undying secrets: Return Of The Revenant by PenProseDreamer
Undying secrets: Return Of The Rev...by Pen Prose Dreamer
Join Sammy and her friends as they navigate the harrowing halls of Crest Wood Academy, where a mysterious outbreak turns their school into a battleground for survival. W...
Traitor In Disguise by ThandiBsuku
Traitor In Disguiseby Bianca Masuku
"Amanda, who do you think is the traitor?" "..." Amanda is a 19-year-old girl, fresh from senior high school, and wants nothing to do with university...
Rebellion: A Way To Freedom by iryn0329
Rebellion: A Way To Freedomby Iryn Kim
"If we mix red, green blue, it becomes black, but it can also be white." 16 year old Emma Harter's dream is simple: she wants to be ordinary. But it's not eas...
Chaos by Wallylover0509
Chaosby Wallylover0509
don't count that i'll finish this, it's just practice story for a contest Pic from pinterest
The Wind Nights  by ZachBeavers
The Wind Nights by H. M. Butiong Agdon
This novel follows the story of Pashma, who is on a journey to find his sword, after it is stolen. gets into a complex plot of lies and deceit that changes him forever...
Fragments of Forever by Pearly-writer
Fragments of Foreverby Pearly writer
'Fragments of Forever' is a heartfelt tale of loyalty and the enduring power of first love, where every moment brings the lovers closer to a future they never dared to i...