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Overprotective Innocence by Kiki_story91
Overprotective Innocenceby Kiki Lane
Mimi Sanders. A 14 year old girl, who is 5'3. She has golden doe eyes and long pink hair. She is a very innocent girl and is very overprotected by her 4 older brothers...
Oh Brothers! by Lun_ar
Oh Brothers!by Lun
Avery Leah Green, youngest of 5 siblings which all happen to be her very annoying and overprotective brothers. After her parents pass away she and her 3 other brothers a...
Balkhand days by lkjhmn1
Balkhand daysby lkjhmn1
Fan fiction of our beloved four boys none other than Vishnu himself.. Ram, Lakshman,Bharat, Shatrughan. Narrating a few adventures about them and exploring their beautif...
Where I Belong *ON HOLD* by flicker_shawn
Where I Belong *ON HOLD*by Lauren
PLEASE READ THE FIRST BOOK BEFORE THIS ONE!!! It's been a year since Lisa was diagnosed with Cancer and Lauren found out that she has a different dad than the rest of he...
Me, Myself, And My 4 Brothers by K_R_Liss
Me, Myself, And My 4 Brothersby ☆Kira☆
Elizabeth Delmar is a not your normal teenage girl. She hates shopping, dresses, and anything girly. She would rather go surfing with the boys than going to get her nail...
I'm Fine by dusktilldawn124
I'm Fineby Steph
After one night when her stepfather gets into trouble with the law, 13 year old Charlotte Burkins gets sent to live in a foster home for two months. But all of that cha...
Bharat's Guilt by lkjhmn1
Bharat's Guiltby lkjhmn1
Lord Ram had to go to forest. Dasharath died. The palace had to cry. The whole of Ayodhya was depressed. All because of 'him' Discover Prince Bharat's feelings as he re...
The J Brothers and Little Sister by JaneAllTheWay
The J Brothers and Little Sisterby Jane
Jade Callans just wants an ordinary life away from trouble and drama. But that's a bit hard when her brothers got quite a reputation at school for being the bad boy. But...
Colombo by moanas475
Colomboby Somebody <33
She never once questioned anything in her 16 years of living, she knew it was better to not ask questions and just stay in the dark; not everything needed answers. So sh...
My crush by avenlinne
My crushby ava
Kyle gorgeous handsome and just wow
The MAFIA Family  by cureysxelgusv
The MAFIA Family by ~☆Priya☆~
•This is a story of a mafia family the characters are by me but the brothers are tokiohotel members so it's like a mafia story of tokiohotel kinda😬
The Fernández Promise (ON HOLD UNTIL 2018) by Minions3007
The Fernández Promise (ON HOLD UNT...by Minions3007
Adrian Fernández, a powerful yet lonely man. His parents want the best for him and decide a marriage between him and Blair Valencia will put a stop to his playboy ways...
We Were Once Boys by Crimson_006
We Were Once Boysby Crimson_006
As the overwhelmingly powerful Dark Lord 'Cain' rules over his realm, four brothers are forced into hiding when the dark lord has destroyed their home with his army. Aft...
TJ's high school dream by Violin1139
TJ's high school dreamby Alyssa
TJ's life from the age of 16 to college. All rights reserved, no copies.
My Boyfriend is my brothers best friend by 1dloverforever9879
My Boyfriend is my brothers best f...by 1dloverforever9879
15 year old Skyler Jackson is a grade 10 student at MountainBrook jr high. Skyler lives with her Mom and Dad, her two older brothers nick & Sam, her twin brother Kyle, h...
We Don't Even Know Why (Uploading)  by alineamado886
We Don't Even Know Why (Uploading) by alineamado886
Don't mind spelling mistakes babe just read and gave a good time!!!❤👊 ***************-*-******* "Just take my hand and don't let go" he said looking at me dea...