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50 Shades of Shawn (Smut) by tickleshawnm
50 Shades of Shawn (Smut)by TICKLESHAWNM
This story is mainly based on the events taken place in the movie fifty shades darker but with your love interest Shawn Mendes.
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord)  by _sandhanitizer_
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord) by Sand Hanitizer
A BillFord story with a fifty shades au. it will take place after Ford gets in Backsupmore, meets Fiddleford and moves to Gravity Falls. You will find that it's related...
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Years by JadaCameron2000
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Yearsby Jada
What if you had a big secret? Who would you tell first? Your boyfriend, Your parent or Your best friend? This is the story of Christian and Ana. They have been dating ev...
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan Book One by mialuvlyy
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan Book...by MKA
With so much fears in her life, 29 year old Eleanor Carmen has one more to come her way. But will she admit it to anyone or keep it a secret for the rest of her life? **...
fifty shades of sacrifice by pixeefox
fifty shades of sacrificeby pixeefox
Ana Steele has a secret. she has been getting abused by her stepdad, Bob for as long as she could remember. At High school her life isn't much better. No one likes to be...
Fifty shades of bread by Sytrus123
Fifty shades of breadby :-)
Don't Here's a steamy, poetic, lustful, betray filled book with a plot twist end. Don't ask I was very, very, very, very, very, very bored.
Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
50 Shades Of Grey Valentines Day 2015 by NathanJamesHoran
50 Shades Of Grey Valentines Day 2...by NathanJamesHoran
Here is a short page story what Christian and Anastasia did for Valentines Day 2015 Happy Valentines Day Everyone I wrote this on Valentines day cause I'm heading out to...
Sincerely, Yours by msnohands
Sincerely, Yoursby Anna
This girl is crazier than me. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and mysterious as hell. But why do I always feel like she's hiding something from me?
Lost & Found by kedamaree
Lost & Foundby N
Sometimes you just have faith in the one you love!... A Outlaw Queen fan-fiction.
50 Shades of Tribbing and Scissoring by xXYouAreGayXxx
50 Shades of Tribbing and Scissori...by faggies
When college senior Lola Mejia steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Alejandra Mendoza for their campus paper, little does she realize the pa...
A clear Heart by Gentle_Gen85
A clear Heartby Gentle_Gen85
Ana and Christian have been married for only a few short months when Christian suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized. Ana is forced to take over Grey Enterprises w...
A Treacherous Wonderland by KlossIsTheBoss
A Treacherous Wonderlandby Sophie
People make mistakes in their lives and only some can forgive, watch Taylor Swift a fearless girl fight through life to be with the one she loves.
Tododeku smut by TODODEKU_SMUT
Tododeku smutby TODODEKU_SMUT
This is like my first story- I would probs delete this cuz I have no idea😂 Sooo enjoy while u can😂
Raindrops and Gasoline by CoffeeNerdsnCats
Raindrops and Gasolineby paye
Just some poems that I write freely. Please enjoy!
50 shades one shots by Sammygirl123459
50 shades one shotsby Sammygirl123459
Join Ana Christian Theodore and Phoebe on their daily life
Fifty shades kabby styled by the100abbyfanfic
Fifty shades kabby styledby paigeturcofanfic
less sex more love bassed on EL James fifty shades of grey GO READ also based on the 100 GO WATCH AND READ staring PAIGE TURCO AS ABBY / ANASTASIA and IAN HENRY CURSICK...