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Forgotten Memories | ❶ by AESTAETHIK
Forgotten Memories | ❶by nocontrolspn ✔︎
What if James Potter didn't really die the day of October 31st? James was spared taken away by Hydra, where became an experiment. There he met Wanda Maximoff. Hydra had...
habit- atj by lou-is-all-you-need
habit- atjby ☆♡
You're the habit that I can't break You're the feeling I can't put down You're the shiver that I can't shake You're the habit that I can't break You're the high that I n...
Lizzie Potter,,, Klaus Mikaelson by newton2026potter
Lizzie Potter,,, Klaus Mikaelsonby Miss. lectora
𝐋𝐈𝐙𝐙𝐈𝐄 𝐏𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑|| "It is ironic all this the truth, when I saved them they worshipped me, but I do something that is not to their liking and they turn the...
The Mess I Made ─ A. Taylor-Johnson by outrowonho
The Mess I Made ─ A. Taylor-Johnsonby JJ
Jaymes Davis loves Aaron Taylor Johnson. Jaymes Davis is doomed. REWRITE. SOCIAL MEDIA. [AARON TAYLOR JOHNSON X OC]
Our Journey| Aaron Taylor Johnson by LovelyRomanoff
Our Journey| Aaron Taylor Johnsonby LovelyRomanoff
Aaron Taylor Johnson: Partner in crime, Coworker, Friend.... Sam Taylor Johnson: Aaron's wife, mother of his children. Me: Trying to stay out of it. Through time, distan...
Him & I by ivanadaqueen
Him & Iby writer.
Romeo and Juliet. Bonnie and Clyde. Jack and Rose. All were epic romances that everyone knew was doomed from the start, apart from the lovers themselves. ...
Illicit Affairs -- Aaron Taylor Jhonson by mrmreckless
Illicit Affairs -- Aaron Taylor Jh...by C4tl0ver
"And that's the thing about illicit affairs" Matilda Olsen goes with her sister to the set of her movie without knowing she will feel safe when she is around o...
The Bodyguard| Aaron Taylor Johnson by LovelyRomanoff
The Bodyguard| Aaron Taylor Johnsonby LovelyRomanoff
Special Forces soldier becomes assigned a new task: Aaron Johnson. After being captured outside of US soil, will she find her way back to him alive?
attached | james potter by kill-zones
attached | james potterby di angelo
James Potter is infatuated. Utterly and completely infatuated. And he isn't going to give up that easily. (James/OC) UNEDITED!!!
All Of You(The Thief Lord Fanfiction) by fortheloveofmerlin
All Of You(The Thief Lord Fanficti...by @fortheloveofmerlin
Juliet is looking for a home. She is an orphan. Her parents left her when's he was three and has been in and out of orphanages ever since. She's tired of them, so one ni...
The Summer of 77' (Jily Fanfiction) by pygmy_p
The Summer of 77' (Jily Fanfiction)by pygmy_p
"There was only one obvious option. It would make Marlene happy, and I always want to make her happy. I'm going to spend the summer at the Potter's lake house.&quo...
The bad boy loves me and protects me by AAliXoxo
The bad boy loves me and protects...by AAliXoxo
When. The schools hottest girl Chanel and the schools bad boy Aaron finally tell each others feeling for each other, they become unbreakable. They would do anything for...
These Broken Pieces by venusdaisy
These Broken Piecesby panic
Naia suffered with depression. She had friends but none of them were real friends. she had family but they didn't really care about her. Naia hated everyone and everythi...
❝When I accepted my love for you, when I confessed my love to you, -it changed everything. The things that kept me from moving on, the things that blinded me for so long...
Bad At Love (Halsey One-shot) by IHaveAVoice20
Bad At Love (Halsey One-shot)by Kehlani’s Sister
Based on the song 'Bad At Love' by the amazing Halsey.
Bad people don't die by Erules
Bad people don't dieby Erules
Pairing: Pietro and the reader are siblings Word Count: 1.7K+ Warnings: Overprotective!Pietro, OOC!Pietro, siblings' love, Avengers Age of Ultron Summary: The reade...