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Wild Watchtower: Shield & Claw Book One by ALMcGurk
Wild Watchtower: Shield & Claw Angela McGurk
Whoever Fiáin was born to be died along with her twin brother. She died when a strange white wolf came into their territory and murdered her brother in front of her. All...
You Were What You Eat by StephanieProchaska
You Were What You Eatby Stephanie Prochaska
Not a villain. Not a brooding love-interest. Just a normal, high-school vampire. As a vampire, Anna knows about hunting. She knows how to find isolated prey, how to put...
All You Never Wanted by StephanieProchaska
All You Never Wantedby Stephanie Prochaska
Two months ago, Megan found a genie. Things were going great - until that bottle was stolen out of her room. Now, Megan's wishes aren't working, and she's not sure what'...
The Mythos Trials by RebelDynasty
The Mythos Trialsby Shannon Rohrer
(Book Three in the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy) The Spectrum has fallen. Those not trapped within its borders find themselves scattered across the realms, unable to help...
The Thief of Winter by BellOfSilence
The Thief of Winterby S. Wolff
** A thief with very exceptional skills is trying to steal the most precious thing from the ruler of snow, ice, and frost: the winter itself! ** "When she embraces...
Anthology of Contests by NadiaMeyer
Anthology of Contestsby Nadia Meyer
Just a small anthology for me to place all of the short stories/one-chapter stories for contests.
Whispers of Nowhere by RebelDynasty
Whispers of Nowhereby Shannon Rohrer
**AVAILABLE ON AMAZON** (Book One in the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy) When Gwen's father gets home late from work, it's just another typical night for the museum curator...
Nobody Likes Megan McGowen by StephanieProchaska
Nobody Likes Megan McGowenby Stephanie Prochaska
Megan, a struggling student, has to navigate the magically-induced pitfalls bringing a genie to high school causes in order to keep her life from spiraling completely ou...
  My Unique Emperor  (Part 2) by Edna_1567
My Unique Emperor (Part 2)by Edna
Alternative name: My unique emperor 2/ Why my husband is so obsessed with me? It is 2nd part of my unique emperor . In order to receive love from her father, Mirai trie...
The Spectrum Chronicles: Shattered Time by RebelDynasty
The Spectrum Chronicles: Shannon Rohrer
**NOTE: THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT PREVIEW ONLY** Giving in to his impulse to reclaim his long-lost youth, Chronos-Father of Time, whom has existed since it began-turns back...
A Just Punishment by RainReynolds888
A Just Punishmentby Rain Reynolds
Hlina is a goddess that resides in Asgard, but she's always had an interest in the lives of mortals. All she wants to do is help them and spread kindness just as her fat...
The Demon of Red Gate by KatoIsBlue
The Demon of Red Gateby Wisteria Blue
Set in the mythical past of the ancient far east, a humble day laborer-turned-assassin tries to endure a night of suffering in the smouldering ruins of his destroyed tow...
WordWeaver by JaneH08
WordWeaverby JaneH08
Hidden in the serene valley of Windrun lies a colossal willow tree, its ancient core harboring a remarkable library that holds within its books the entirety of written f...
The Glowing Crystal by N05talgicQueen
The Glowing Crystalby Lliss
As he threw punches, I grabbed his wrists, but couldn't hold them long enough to escape. I grabbed a rock and hit it on his face causing him to bring his hands to his no...
Monsters Are Forever by StephanieProchaska
Monsters Are Foreverby Stephanie Prochaska
The fourth and final book in the You Were What You Eat series. It's finally senior year, and Anna, Mina, and Carmine are hoping for a normal year of high school. But the...
The Spectrum Chronicles: Arcane Guardian by RebelDynasty
The Spectrum Chronicles: Arcane Shannon Rohrer
**THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT PREVIEW ONLY** (Part of The Spectrum Chronicles, companion series to the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy). There are those who have lived for millenn...
The Minoan Rhapsody by Al_R_Arce
The Minoan Rhapsodyby Al R. Arce
Olympus had no foresight, clouded by the chaos created by their own. As they struggled from within, the Minoans rose to power. You think you know their stories: King Mi...
Myth and Legends Contest Entry-Hemera's day on Earth by AuthorBrookeVanSoele
Myth and Legends Contest Brooke VanSoelen
Hemera's mother sends her to Earth in search of something important. Something that can't be found in Mount Olympus or Hades. Hemera thinks it a punishment for denying h...
When the God Became Mortal  by inkyreeds
When the God Became Mortal by inkyreeds
A deity's journey among humans.
The Old City by tiresiasthefounder
The Old Cityby Tiresias
Marcus and Seneca are weary veterans from Soran's recent war with Magnar. Thirteen years ago, fate ripped these childhood friends apart and now throws them together agai...