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No strings attached by prentisslittlebitch
No strings attachedby Prentiss’ lil bitch
Hotch has always been attracted to the young BAU agent and perhaps she feels the same? But what happens when his attraction becomes something more? -Mature content as we...
Aaron Hotchner X Reader One Shot Book by bubssey
Aaron Hotchner X Reader One Shot B...by Bubs <3
Just a bunch of one shots about the man we all love
Happy At Last | Aaron Hotchner x Reader by bubssey
Happy At Last | Aaron Hotchner x R...by Bubs <3
Y/N begins to work at the BAU and is instantly interested in Aaron Hotchner. After several years and many crazy events, they try to work out their true feelings. #1 in a...
Pride and Punishment by Cici050710
Pride and Punishmentby Hotchie_Baby
You've been with the BAU for a few months but your temper and constant defiance of authority drives Aaron Hotchner insane. The only way he knows to tame you is to punish...
Fraternisation by justkeepreadingdory
Fraternisationby Madi
When your one-night-stand turns out to be your boss, your pact to keep your relationship strictly professional doesn't last very long.
The Agent's Temptation by kmo9909
The Agent's Temptationby Mariposa_encantada
Agent Aaron Hotchner closed his heart after his wife was brutally murdered over the phone. He had heard the gunshot echo and could even picture her face as the trigger w...
Love Me in Spite - [Aaron Hotchner x Reader] by mimita1211
Love Me in Spite - [Aaron Hotchner...by mimi
You never thought the worst thing this town could throw at you was getting framed for murder, and even less likely, the only person who believed your innocence was someo...
Hotchner Has My Heart by WeasleysWannabeWife
Hotchner Has My Heartby K
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Here," the black haired man said, holding out his hand. I take his hand and he helps me up off the sidewalk. He looks me up and down...
Indecent Proposal by Cici050710
Indecent Proposalby Hotchie_Baby
Y/N is fairly new to the BDSM community, and when Hotch sees her struggling with her new world and a sadistic Dom, he steps in with an indecent proposal that changes eve...
Aaron Hotchner Imagines by hlgarcia
Aaron Hotchner Imaginesby H. L. Garcia
A Collection of Aaron Hotchner Imagines.
Just Like A Family by cat112_
Just Like A Familyby Caitlin
Reader is faced with a tough decision, face her feelings or take a job half way across the world. Will she own up to her feelings or will she leave Hotch behind?
AaronHotchnerxReader One-Shots  by justkeepreadingdory
AaronHotchnerxReader One-Shots by Madi
A series of sweet one-shots about no other than SSA Unit-Chief Aaron Hotcher. Enjoy!
Aaron Hotchner One-Shots by dreamer9511
Aaron Hotchner One-Shotsby dreamer9511
Okay, so recently I've fallen for the dark and mysterious Aaron Hotchner. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some Reid. However, Aaron is just so...alluring, shall we...
Dangerous Game To Play by lovuerss
Dangerous Game To Playby ༺♡༻
you just recently joined the BAU and only have been on a few cases with the team one thing you couldn't deny was the feeling that have been building up inside of you for...
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Toasted_Cereal
Criminal Minds Oneshotsby Spencer
Im a new writer so any constructive criticism is welcome! This will probably mostly be reader x hotch, reader x spencer, or reader x Emily Thank you for reading!
Entangled by ishiwrit3s
Entangledby ishiwrit3s
What could happen when a secret CIA agent is sent into the BAU to apprehend and report back dirty cops after each case, all the while working with your boss who hates yo...
Aaron Hotchner One-Shots by mimita1211
Aaron Hotchner One-Shotsby mimi
A collection of Hotch x Reader one-shots and some two-parters (and one Hotchgan fic too-) ALL SFW (some suggestive content but that's about it) DO NOT REPOST MY WORK One...
Criminal minds one shots by spicyhotch
Criminal minds one shotsby Spicyhotch
short stories about the CM men. Most will be about Hotch and Rossi. Open to requests!
Aaron Hotchner One Shots {Aaron Hotchner x Reader} (SMUT) by spencers_wife
Aaron Hotchner One Shots {Aaron Ho...by spencers_wife
Every chapter is a different spicy scenario with Aaron Hotchner
PLANE TRIP; A.H. by _Kray03_
PLANE TRIP; A.H.by Kray:)
"You, Aaron Hotchner make me trip over air and find myself swept into the wind only to land back in your arms by the end of the day..." With one more killer i...