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BAU x reader GC  by dani97050
BAU x reader GC by dani
A BAU groupchat where the reader is the teams princess and they all love her. Pairings: Jemily Hotch x reader
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Criminalcows
Criminal Minds Oneshotsby Criminalcows
Spencer gets a tattoo, need I say more? A collection of unrelated short stories usually posted on my tumblr. (Same username) Currently just Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotch...
Love Me in Spite - [Aaron Hotchner x Reader] by mimita1211
Love Me in Spite - [Aaron mimi
You never thought the worst thing this town could throw at you was getting framed for murder, and even less likely, the only person who believed your innocence was someo...
Aaron Hotchner X Reader One Shot Book by bubssey
Aaron Hotchner X Reader One Shot Bubs <3
Just a bunch of one shots about the man we all love
Aaron Hotchner One-Shots by dreamer9511
Aaron Hotchner One-Shotsby dreamer9511
Okay, so recently I've fallen for the dark and mysterious Aaron Hotchner. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some Reid. However, Aaron is just so...alluring, shall we...
Federal Gambit by icyrogers
Federal Gambitby vivian
A mystery man is in your apartment. How will the love of your life, Hotch, react? More importantly, how do you know Gibbs? This is the adventure of what happens when a c...
Indecent Proposal by Cici050710
Indecent Proposalby Hotchie_Baby
Y/N is fairly new to the BDSM community, and when Hotch sees her struggling with her new world and a sadistic Dom, he steps in with an indecent proposal that changes eve...
College Coming | Criminal Minds by MImagiNation4EVR
College Coming | Criminal Mindsby MImagiNation
Introducing Y/N Alvez, Luke Alvez's sister who attends BA University, affectionately called the BAU. Let's just say she's an incoming freshman that took a gap year for t...
dancing in the rain by milfdanvers
dancing in the rainby cass
you're playing with jack in the rain before hotch gets home from work :)
Blinded by Love | a.hotchner by hotchnersprincess
Blinded by Love | a.hotchnerby Hannah Grace
Blinded by Hate Sequel One minute, you are in Aaron's arms, dancing. It's your wedding, and you couldn't be happier. But a pinch in your abdomen, on an old scar, pulls y...
The Profiler and Hunter (CM x SPN MiniFanfic) by mimi_suju
The Profiler and Hunter (CM x Murderous Panda
(Criminal Minds / Supernatural Crossover) You've been on a hunting trip, and you haven't been home in a few days. You've decided to take a week's vacation away from the...
Somebody Else by MrsHotchner
Somebody Elseby Krys
*** Hanna Bentley is a hardworking FBI agent from NSB (national security bureau). Her closest friends, Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid have known her since she was in the...
You (HotchxReader) by AHotch
You (HotchxReader)by HotchOwnsMyHeart
Your whole life revolves around your job and your team, but will you put yourself in danger for the ones that you love? Agent Hotchner's son has been kidnapped from his...
Aaron Hotchner One Shots by MousePsychologist
Aaron Hotchner One Shotsby Dr.Mouse
Here is what will be a variety of Aaron Hotchner one shots to help pass the time.
what didn't make it in - i hate politics  by h0tchnissgirl
what didn't make it in - i hate h0tchnissgirl
These are the chapters that I wanted to add to I hate politics but I just didn't know who's to fit it in. They aren't in any specific order.
Criminal mind One-Shots and Preferences (taking requests) by m0mmmmyyymi1kers
Criminal mind One-Shots and m1lfs
Requests are open and I am comfortable with writing smut. T.W: There will be smut in some stories.
Aaron Hotchner x Reader Fics by spencerreidsmiles
Aaron Hotchner x Reader Ficsby Marissa
My Hotch x Reader fics! I mainly write for Spencer, so both angst and fluff Hotch fics will be going here. These have been reuploaded from my tumblr, @spencerreidsmiles.