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Abel's Princess (The Weeknd + Normani Kordei) by Shesagxoner
Abel's Princess (The Weeknd + Norm...by 🕊
Princess Scott is arguably The Weeknd's biggest fan and she finally get's a chance to meet him after getting VIP passes for one of his shows. Once they meet, Abel makes...
Fifty Shades Of XO (Weeknd FanFic) by xo_souledout
Fifty Shades Of XO (Weeknd FanFic)by xo_souledout
Mature Content (Ages 17+) WARNING: This story contains adult activity, strong language, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements. ❌⭕️ All Rights Reserved ©...
Ethereal On The Eyes by Flowerbomb1
Ethereal On The Eyesby Mother with no kids
When nineteen year old Mauve, becomes a babysitter for the known happily married couple, the Tesfaye's; little did she know also became a target in Abel eyes.
Valєríє (The Weeknd Fan-Fic) by Iesha07
Valєríє (The Weeknd Fan-Fic)by iesha
ι never тнoυgнт ι ғeel тнιѕ ĸιnd oғ нeѕιѕтaтιon...мy нand on anoтнer gιrl...ι wιѕн ι dιdn'т нave тo lιe...ι wιѕн ι coυld leт yoυ ĸnow...caυѕe ι love yoυ...and ι need yoυ...
SHE IS ART. {Bella Hadid/You} by lliirio
SHE IS ART. {Bella Hadid/You}by 𝕁𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕤𝕎𝕚𝕗𝕖
"Loving you was easy, It was the Leaving you was hard" Y/N is Age 29 and G!P Bella is Age 27.
UNWANTED. {Gigi Hadid/You} by lliirio
UNWANTED. {Gigi Hadid/You}by 𝕁𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕤𝕎𝕚𝕗𝕖
You are best friends with your exes boyfriend and together with her sister. Who said friendship groups couldn't be complicated? Y/N: is age 23 and G!P Gigi: is age 25.
Love In The Sky (A Weeknd FanFic) by xo_souledout
Love In The Sky (A Weeknd FanFic)by xo_souledout
Living in Toronto, Simaya is a dancer who resorted to stripping to pay for college and help take care of her grandma. By day she's a good girl college student and by nig...
MIXERS by munknthingz
MIXERSby munknthingz
Giselle Soto and Riley Pena are establishing a catering business in LA. It's been three long years of 24/7 work. It seems to finally be paying off when they get a bid t...
Flames (the weeknd) by guccibrii
Flames (the weeknd)by 💀
the weeknd fan fiction. Sorry for the errors.
Young and Beautiful by Flowerbomb1
Young and Beautifulby Mother with no kids
Lani isn't a kid anymore but she's still young and growing. Time has flew by and both Lani and Abel are at the prime of their careers. Things have changed but the questi...
"Love Hurts"  (The Weeknd Fan Fic) by Cena24
"Love Hurts" (The Weeknd Fan Fic)by Cena24
(i know Abel would never act these ways towards a female but it's just for entertainment purposes) Anywho.... Jordyn Smith is a beautiful, sweet, smart, innocent, caring...
The Weeknd Imagines by xolieber
The Weeknd Imaginesby xolieber
A book full of Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd imagines. XO cute, sad, romantic and more! Started: 12'9'21 Finished: 29'1'22
Live For (The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye Fanfiction) by xofttiller
Live For (The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye...by xofttiller
Everyone knows Abel. He's not new to anything. The thing is, Liyah is just a regular girl that's in love with him. Liyah wants to be with him but knowing him and his l...
True Colors (The Weeknd Fanfic) #Sequel by Shesagxoner
True Colors (The Weeknd Fanfic) #S...by 🕊
⚡️THIS STORY IS A SEQUEL TO MY FIRST STORY "BIRD TRAP"⚡️ Abel and Camille have beat obstacle after obstacle fighting to love each other unconditionally. Now th...
Saving Me From Myself ( The Weeknd ࿎ Abel Tesfaye Fanfic ) by RepeatAfterMeXO
Saving Me From Myself ( The Weeknd...by RepeatAfterMeXO
❗️(*MATURE CONTENT *)❗️ (*TRIGGER WARNING- sensitive subjects*) Imagine being best friends with Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd . Well that's exactly what happened to Jess...
The Weeknd imagines  by jasonsboner
The Weeknd imagines by jasonsboner
A B E L T E S F A Y E I M A G I N E S 🏅 #1/ 42 - #xo 🏅 #77/ 257 - #theweeknd 🏅 #48/ 166 - #abeltesfaye 🏅 #16/ 66 - #tesfaye 🏅 #6/ 63 - #tesfaye 🏅 #22/ 190...
Little Miss Weeknd And The Weeknd 2 by ShawnyTesfayeee45
Little Miss Weeknd And The Weeknd 2by Shaniah Tesfaye
I just love the Weeknd too much and have to write a story about him and Little Miss Weeknd. I'm bored and just want to go to the future of the years. This is book 2. My...
ONLY ONE by munknthingz
ONLY ONEby munknthingz
It's been 2 years since Abel and Rachel parted ways. She still helps formulate marketing strategies for his booming XO company but nothing else. Abel has lived with the...
Arranged (The Weeknd + Dinah Jane)  by Shesagxoner
Arranged (The Weeknd + Dinah Jane) by 🕊
Mckenzee , a senior at Birchmount Park High School, finds out that her parents arranged for her to be married the summer after her she finishes school. She is less than...
i heard you're married // ariana grande + the weeknd  by wrstbehavior
i heard you're married // ariana g...by wrstbehavior
(abeliana imagines + one shots) // mature themes and language used