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After The Lie ✔️ by Melody_Alyward
After The Lie ✔️by Melody
Elaine Scott is a 24 year old girl who loves her job. But when she is being forced to marry someone she doesn't want to, she ends up choosing some random guy to marry sh...
The Night We Met ✔️ by Melody_Alyward
The Night We Met ✔️by Melody
Selena Lewis used to be a confident, bold, outspoken girl who befriends a guy name Cyrus Robinson when they are little. But life intervenes and they both lose contact ea...
✦﹒ weird ie scenarios ! by -KoiiRei-
✦﹒ weird ie scenarios !by rei <3
( formerly "IE Fanmade Comics 2." ) A mix of severely cringe yet kind of fun scenarios!
Filipino Text Messages And Calls by Sanctimonious12
Filipino Text Messages And Callsby Sanctimonious12
Hello everyone! Im sanctimonious but call me san, this story will be filipino but some of you know's about creepiest message.
Wisteria-A tale of Euphoria ✔️ by Xylia_Alyward
Wisteria-A tale of Euphoria ✔️by Xylia
~[Highest #1 in abitofromance] ~[Highest #6 in abitofcomedy] ~[Highest #7 in thewattys] ~[Highest #8 in thewattys2019] ~{#30 in dimensions} ~[#35 in action-thriller] ~...
the Week Of Haunted by crystalsaphire5
the Week Of Hauntedby crystal saphire
a short horror about a few high school kids going for a night in the forrest in a haunted cabin near a haunted lake
The Maze (And The Three Mystic Flower) by blessed_sorrow13
The Maze (And The Three Mystic Flo...by blessed_sorrow13
"It is reported that 500 children has been abducted for illegal experiments in an underground laboratory found here in Lalisa private hospital. Investigators states...
Chasing The Dead by Ceri0city
Chasing The Deadby Kleosity
"Don't you realize it? I. Don't. Love. You, and ever will... Even if I try to" He states, with a flicker of remorse in his eyes as his face still stand emotion...
Meet Kade Nathaniel Smith ang sikat na badboy at ang leader ng Charming boyz at Meet Avyanna Chantal Atkinson ang babae na medyo nerd pero napaka cold nya pagdating sa...
OUR PAGE by Huhneebear
I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday.
The Untold Story of Henriette (COMPLETED) by Cazedrth
The Untold Story of Henriette (COM...by justcallmecaz
HIGHEST RANKING ACHIEVED #15 out of 19.5k STORIES "In every face of a happy person, there's a sadness. In every lips of laughing, there's a cry hiding. Yes, I'm dec...
Nostalgia-Back to Melancholia ✔️ by Xylia_Alyward
Nostalgia-Back to Melancholia ✔️by Xylia
This is the volume 2 of the book "Wisteria-A tale of Euphoria". This is a story about the events that took place before the volume 1. -[#4 in abitofromance] ...
Utopia-The Tale of The Worlds ✔️ by Xylia_Alyward
Utopia-The Tale of The Worlds ✔️by Xylia
This is the volume 3 of the book "Wisteria-A tale of Euphoria". After the portals were officially opened, Azalea and her friends thought that everything was n...
WOUNDED by eoghanconnelly13
WOUNDEDby Eoghan Connelly
James, Sarah, Molly. Ordinary on the outside, different inside. The carer The liar The murderer "In life, there's only ever one outcome, we can only ever be sure o...
Demon Deal by MissLittleSenpaiLox
Demon Dealby Kim G.
About: a boy who wants to get his life back after he died by the demon, but in order to do that, it's a matter of life or never-ending hell.
The mind of a mad man (Joker fanfic) by BrandonBarra9
The mind of a mad man (Joker fanfi...by Gordo's_Inferno_Horror
In this story. Joker places entries of when he slowly went mad, before he was fully turned to the joker. This is my own image of the joker, so please. Bare with me, and...
Witch's Servant by maria5600
Witch's Servantby BoylishElisa
(first time so whateves the pic was edited i don't own it but the story i own my own kind of idea so yeah not the one's that are publish by whoever people.) A story of a...