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The Skies we Ignited by -Kjayy
The Skies we Ignitedby Kjayy
"There are a thousand reasons why I should stay away from you, and in your presence, a thousand times I have been defiant." ___________________________________...
Lovely Affair ||COMPLETED|| by RealHeartFakeLove
Lovely Affair ||COMPLETED||by A Forbidden Author
||Teenage Student Affair Novel|| • "How did we end up like this?" "I fell in love with you, and you fell in love with me." "But you have a wife...
Safe in his arms (Derek Hale book) by evajude01
Safe in his arms (Derek Hale book)by Eva Crosbie
'he liftedme on top of my dresser and continued the kiss.my arms trailed under his shirt. Before it could get more heated..... "Mad do you......." Scot walked...
Marriage: A Sacred Bond (Book IV of 'Love Find Its Ways') (Completed)✔ by LonelyPrincess239
Marriage: A Sacred Bond (Book IV o...by AffiKhan
#1st Rank in #boldness "Go. Go. Go. Go." Both of them said pushing me inside and walking me towards my room. "Going. Going. Going, girls. Going." I...
Mysterious boy by SiddarthXfanfiction
Mysterious boyby Sana
Hey guys so I am back with a new ff which is "mysterious boy" mere account mein waise bhi bohot saare ff hai jisko handle karna thoda mushkil hai par kya kare...
Abnormal Izuku [Remaster] by Lun-1c
Abnormal Izuku [Remaster]by Lun1c
A remaster of my story Managerial Tips I - Izuku Midoria. With a different plot! Read to find out more.
Furry Bounty Hunter by jaegermyster
Furry Bounty Hunterby jaegermyster
This is the story of a 18 year old boy named Anthony who has just graduated and has come to discover that aliens exist. It seems this alien he meets is fairly harmless w...
Dangerous Magic by holdforjenni
Dangerous Magicby holdforjenni
There is such a thing as too much magic. Rochelle is on a mission to save her father. First stop: the library at Beatrice Potts Magischola Prep, for research purposes. B...
Legendary Girl's Myth by purescent_
Legendary Girl's Mythby tomoe-y.
#23 in MYSTERY/THRILLER #123 in FANTASY #90 SUPERPOWER Myth had become one of my favorite joke of the year. I prefer Science more than Myth. To me, myth is more like a b...
Vampire + Reader by Yandere-Author
Vampire + Readerby Yandere Author
Y/n moved just after her parents Divorce and bumped into a mysterious guy while walking around town, not knowing what that would lead to becoming a slave... I do not own...
STALKER  by Antessia
# 🏆First position in The blue rose awards for mystery/ thriller. This is not a fairy tale of or a lovely romantic story. it's a story which most of the girls have faced...
The Code No One Shall Decipher  by ZeroTVoid
The Code No One Shall Decipher by Zero Time Void
Lately I landed in many Undertale AUs... or well created a few. I didn't except to land in Gravity falls this time. Well I fell because of Gravity. Sigh, let's get this...
University of the Damned: Bearer of the Ancient Curse (Book 1) by Animeaddict04
University of the Damned: Bearer o...by Chris Oca
There are two kinds of people in the world: Sanctified, who uphold morals and traditions, and the Damned, who are condemned for their special abilities. Melanie is a San...
CurPowder (Weight Gain) by WeightObsessed
CurPowder (Weight Gain)by WeightObsessed
"BUY NOW CURPOWDER! MAKES ALL YOUR FOOD TASTE BETTER!" An evil CEO of a company wants to rule the world. Create the world to make it better for himself. Lot...
Hide? (SVT Supernatural+Mythical Fanfic) by Ujishua
Hide? (SVT Supernatural+Mythical F...by Poison 💚
Joshua Hong is a Vampire. Vampires are good at hiding, but its difficult to hide in L.A am i right?Joshua is streets casted for a 13 member K-POP group and at the time...
Ab"sin"the by girlie_yo
Ab"sin"theby girlie_yo
Poetry that comes right from the heart, and is born into existence.
Babysitting The Badboy(BTBB) by aalexandria12
Babysitting The Badboy(BTBB)by aalexandria12
Being around a boy, is not an easy situation, every girl knows that! So imagine, babysitting one! An arrogant one! A one that flirts non stop! And has quite of a temper...
The Abnormal by Scarlet_Witch3000
The Abnormalby Saoirse
Jamila Afdil lives in SunLife a normal town, except for the fact that if you have over two children the youngest is taken to die. Oh and also to remind everyone that The...
Another Human (Wolf x Reader x Staz) by Blueberry_lover345
Another Human (Wolf x Reader x Sta...by Blueberry_lover345
this story takes place after everything is done with fuyumi. fuyumi was sent back to the human world after getting back to being a human. yay! finally everything has com...
Whisper by BearGoRawr
Whisperby Bear
What would you do if you knew the answer to everything and anything? Not just simple answers to simple questions, but any question about the past, the present, and even...