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WOLFVILLE by MadisonTrupp
WOLFVILLEby Madison Trupp
Timmory Cross, a restless university student and newly-turned werewolf, must navigate her complicated double life while hunting the beast that turned her. ...
The Kitsune's Daughters - A Foxy Tale From The Mera Family by MiraCarleen
The Kitsune's Daughters - A Foxy Mira Carleen
[This story contains Gender Transformation, Age Regression, and Fox Transformation themes.] Orphaned and untrusting of people after being abused by his foster parents, D...
ACQUIRED: reWIRED edition by solarharris
ACQUIRED: reWIRED editionby Solar Harris
If you've ever looked at someone else's body and wished it was yours, there's a product just for you. Business traveler Dale Buckner barely thought twice about purchasi...
Christopher To Christina: An Answered Prayer  by Laindzy
Christopher To Christina: An Laindzy
This is the life story of Christina and how she blossomed from unhappy, depressed, bullied Christopher with no hope for the future, into wonderfully happy, well adjusted...
An ordinary, insignificant boy makes an innocent wish to escape his dull, boring life and become popular and respected. He will get exactly what he wants and more...
Jeanette by zeldazebra
Jeanetteby Zelda Zebra
We follow a no-longer-young man as they recover from the consequences of some poor decisions. As a result, he loses everything familiar in his world. Now they must buil...
What a good cowgirl by Kinky_Ass_Shit
What a good cowgirlby Cam :)
while on vacation in sunny California, Darla finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is abducted by a shadowy figure. When she wakes up, bound to a hospi...
I am a, Litten? by Codybear110
I am a, Litten?by LittenLover
Tripp was your average kid. He loved Litten and wished to be one. He also wished to meet Ash Ketchum. What happens when his wishes come true? Join Tripp in the life of a...
B. F. O. F. (Kaiju Paradise story) by zGrass
B. F. O. F. (Kaiju Paradise story)by Grass
If you only see one part, it doesn't mean there is only one chapter. You can make it xreader if you want This is just a story, that came in my mind randomly and i though...
Tails' Notes on Lycanthropy (LYC-N73) by Disappointed_Tails
Tails' Notes on Lycanthropy ( Tails is disappointed in your...
A book containing Tails' research on the disease known as "LYC-N73" as well as his own... personal issues with it. These notes go through the history of the di...
{The maze potion} by MilaStars0
{The maze potion}by Mila/virgil
Thomas and Minho find a Mysterious Bottle with liquid in The maze no tag no name but when they show it to alby he says it's fine. To use and the next bonfire he thinks i...
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Dragon Dreams by citizen_indigo
Dragon Dreamsby citizen indigo
Josh dreams of dragons. He thinks it's just a welcome escape from everyday life. Until one morning, he wakes up with scales, wings, and a tail. Josh faces a harsh new re...
A Scaly Situation by Nathendrake392
A Scaly Situationby Nathendrake392
Andrew Williams is an 18 year old high school senior. Things are going pretty well for him and he has a decent plan for his life. Or so he thought. When strange things s...
Spider-Man Tg Story 18+ only  by BradleyLegg
Spider-Man Tg Story 18+ only by Bradley Legg
This is the story how Peter Parker from the 90s TV show turned into a woman forever and he leans to love his new self
The Study by Amelia_Dxvis
The Studyby Amelia Davis
Bryan is chosen to conduct a study, but he is required to assume the identity of a girl for a whole year. As his new persona, Heather, he encounters various situations t...
စကြာဝဠာတွင် တစ်ဦးတည်းသော သာမန်လူသား (Myanmar Translation) by Pinky__boo
စကြာဝဠာတွင် တစ်ဦးတည်းသော သာမန်လူသာ ץ
Title :စကြာဝဠာတွင် တစ်ဦးတည်းသော သာမန်လူသား Type :Web Novel(CN) Author: 送君十里 Status in COO :190 chapter +5 extras This isn't my story. Credit to original auth...
Atypical [Completed] by AHobbitPun
Atypical [Completed]by AHobbitPun
"You make me nervous," I whisper, trying to sound hilarious and good-natured and not shaky and insecure . "You make me nervous," James says under hi...
The Lolita Effect  by cluelessdaddy
The Lolita Effect by ✧ ash ✧
❝ imagine me, ruining your life, but with red lips and some cherry cola ❞ In which a sixteen year old's obsession with a certain Vladimir Nabokov book takes an ill-fated...