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An Accident, A Decision, and Destiny  by sabrynabrooklynne
An Accident, A Decision, and Desti...by Sabryna
Young Carl sustains a terrible accident as a child. A life altering accident that will change the trajectory of his adult life. There are several directions his future c...
Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered He Wasn't by sabrynabrooklynne
Reborn: The Boy Who Discovered He...by Sabryna
They tell me this is where I am supposed to tell you what this story is about. The title, a single word, "reborn". Maybe it's just enough to make you want to...
The Fashion Towne Chronicles by sabrynabrooklynne
The Fashion Towne Chroniclesby Sabryna
This collection contains several loosely connected stories that all involve the Fashion Towne Mall and the T.oday's G.irl Dress Shop in some way. If you've read any of...
Vampiria: A Gender-Bending Vampire Story by LisaAkahana
Vampiria: A Gender-Bending Vampire...by LisaAkahana
In the fictional Stoker City, the life of a normal teenage boy changes forever when he is bitten by a vampire. The side effects not only turn him into a creature of the...
Daughter For A Day  by sabrynabrooklynne
Daughter For A Day by Sabryna
Leonard announces his intention to go to a costume party dressed as a girl and turns to his Mother for help. This was something she never imagined happening to her. Thi...
The New Tenants by PennyDemise
The New Tenantsby Penny Demise
Chris is a nine year old boy who likes to wear women's underwear and clothing. Because of tight finances, Chris's mother rents out a room to a mother / daughter, things...
Bears Know Best by TiffanyShar
Bears Know Bestby Tiffany Shar
Thirteen year-old Taylor Landt's step-mother believes that he should be the next great football player for the high school he'll be attending in the fall. Having a dad w...
Dollar Runaways by TiffanyShar
Dollar Runawaysby Tiffany Shar
Megan Franchino knows her chance for escape is now or never. With school finally out for her son Antonio, and her abusive husband going out of town she just might get fa...
Daring to Hope (Standing Up to Life Book 2) by TiffanyShar
Daring to Hope (Standing Up to Lif...by Tiffany Shar
In many ways Tiffany is the newest girl in her small community near Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the whirlwind of the last few weeks she has emerged from the shell of a s...
Metamorphosis Lounge by GenderPlay_Books
Metamorphosis Loungeby GenderPlay_Books
He's not a very good boyfriend and this time he may have gone to far. After an agrument, his girlfriend has asked him to visit somewhere he hasn't been before. He does a...
Becoming My Twin Sister by GenderPlay_Books
Becoming My Twin Sisterby GenderPlay_Books
Nicholas needs a job, but he can't find one due to his criminal record. Worry he flokes are going to kick him out, he hatches a plan. His twin sister, Lilly would easy g...
Sophie: A Story of Change by tessaract87
Sophie: A Story of Changeby Tessa Fisher
High school is a period when many young adults discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives. But for some this path is longer and takes more unexpecte...
The Flower Girl (Tg Transformation Story) by GenderPlay_Books
The Flower Girl (Tg Transformation...by GenderPlay_Books
Not being part of the wedding, Steven feels like he needs to offer himself in another way. After the Flower Girl pulls out, he see's it as the perfect chance to be part...
My Journey to Adulthood by JosieGo82
My Journey to Adulthoodby JosieGo82
I found myself at a clinic where I had to choose the direction for the rest of my life. Would I be happy, or would I make a mistake?
MANILA BOY by diputako
MANILA BOYby diputako
Subaybayan ang masarap na karanasan ng isang freelance model aka manila boy
My Super, Wonderful, Extra Special Day by sabrynabrooklynne
My Super, Wonderful, Extra Special...by Sabryna
My Special Day - 29 Feb. two years ago was the day that marked when my mom came around to full acceptance of who I am and what was happening to me. This is my story of...
The Street Festival: How A Wallflower Became The Hero (updated)  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Street Festival: How A Wallflo...by Sabryna
Marty, is a quiet, shy kid, a loner with no close friends. He's always felt like an odd, uncomfortable, awkward person with zero social skills. With no positive male ro...
Ian hated the life that he'd been given. School, home, and everything in between was just unbearable. Then one day, he took a different path during that in between and d...
Mother by VictoriaTemple7
Motherby Victoria Temple
An 11-year-old boy is living a happy childhood. He had a loving mom and Dad. He has friends and is respected and liked at school. He loves playing football and helping h...
Fubuki^² by Rakkitsuki
Fubuki^²by Rakkitsuki
Watch the day to day life of an admiral turned lookalike of their Starter ship, Secretary Ship and Trusted flagship, Fubuki. Follow the mishaps and misadventures of this...