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Our little arrangement💫 by Ghostwriter455
Our little arrangement💫by ❤️Ghostwriter💜
"Look at me Axel . I'm sorry I never should've- His lips were on mine and I grabbed his waist like it was the most natural thing in the world. His lips felt soft...
What I hate about this Costume by probably-a-lizard
What I hate about this Costumeby Nikolas
Trans guy Marinette AU! Please be kind!
Sliding Into Your DMs - Ranboo x Male Reader by ayup_im_trans
Sliding Into Your DMs - Ranboo x Tobey
When a small streamer slides into Ranboo's DMs and somehow gets noticed things start to change. For the better or worse? Nobody knows yet. There is not enough Ranboo x...
Secret || Chanlix by Lovely_leeknow
Secret || Chanlixby Lovely_leeknow
In which Felix has a secret; he was born in a girl's body. Trigger Warning - Transphobia, self-harm, mentions of eating disorders, etc.
𝕄𝕪 '𝕗𝕖𝕞𝕒𝕝𝕖' 𝕓𝕠𝕪𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕 // My first DNF story 💗 by TalkativePeanuts
𝕄𝕪 '𝕗𝕖𝕞𝕒𝕝𝕖' 𝕓𝕠𝕪𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖 TalkativePeanuts_45
Dream is a transgender boy who used to be called Drista. While George is a shy, kind, and single boy. But what happens when Dream moves to Brighton and meets George and...
Just Enough (Trans! Male Reader x Nishinoya) [FINISHED] by eryn_yeager
Just Enough (Trans! Male Reader owo
(Y/N) is a trans guy who just transferred to Karasuno. Once there, he realizes that he needs to join a club and chooses the boys volleyball team. Meeting an old friend a...
who i am.   (sbi family) by badboymiles
who i am. (sbi family)by badboymiles
tommy, is a 14 year old transgender male. (ftm) and he has multiple mental health issues. he is abandoned at an orphanage by his parents, for 11 years. mental health for...
Milo by goingallnight
Miloby goingallnight
[Demi Lovato Adoption Book] A story about little girl named Milani Rue. She's 4 and a half. She likes dinosaurs, trucks and trains. And pancakes, a lot of pancakes. Oh a...
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Closet by uhitsSJ
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Mateo
Featuring Trans!Peter and Bi!Peter, a lil au inspired by many other trans!peter au's :) (not my art on the cover, credit to owner)
Karlnapity Trans Quackity (STOPPED FOR NOW) by arsonlikesbread
Karlnapity Trans Quackity ( Simon
If anyone on the dream smp is uncomfortable with this I will not hesitate to delete it! If you don't like it go away. This is where big q is ftm and yeah. I hope you enj...
Metal family Dee x transmasc!reader by tobeeboys
Metal family Dee x transmasc!readerby Apples
So it seems that all of the Dee x readers I can find are for girls Where is my love for the gays 😩 so here's a self indulgent story specifically for us transmasc gays...
My Name Is Alexander [LAMS] by Purple_Ghost_1782
My Name Is Alexander [LAMS]by Masters in Clownery
Alexander was now living with the Washingtons, they had recently adopted him a few months ago. Lafayette was like Alex's brother, he was also adopted by the Washington...
Campfires & Rainbows by Aurelia2873
Campfires & Rainbowsby Aurelia
Devin Chase is being forced by her parents to go to a gay camp. This camp is supposed to "correct" Devin's lesbianism. But this camp is actually a disguised sa...
transinnit (a tommyinnit ftm story) by imGgay
transinnit (a tommyinnit ftm story)by Clem :))
cover art by @CloudMP3 on twitter atleast I think anyway okayy so yeah this is a tommyinnit ftm and is probably gonna be very angsty sooo buckle up i guess there will be...
Am I Yours?  Dream x George Fanfic by Magnorsquirrel555
Am I Yours? Dream x George Fanficby Magnorsquirrel555
Clay was hiding from everyone he cared about. Was he too femme? How could he come out to his best friend? Why was being trans so hard?
Who He Is(A Trans!Alex AU) by TheGayTurtleGirl
Who He Is(A Trans!Alex AU)by 🍃Rylie 🍃
This story was inspired by Purple_Ghost_1782 Alexa Hamilton has always had a nice life. She had great friends, a great family, good grades in school- everyone loved her...
Bruno's Trans Son by MarvelFanfiction3000
Bruno's Trans Sonby MarvelFanfiction3000
After being abandoned by his papa, Mateo grows up being the family burden. Being seen as dangerous to the entire town. But as the magic of the miracle falls, it's up t...
Trying to figure myself out(Karlnapity-trans ftm Karl) DISCONTINUED FOR NOW! by numb3ronednf
Trying to figure myself out( Marz/Marzilu🏳️‍🌈
Karl always knew that he was a boy at heart and had known that from the time he was little. He had got himself together when he was around ten, coming out to his family...
Trans Nico (solangleo love story) (Completed) by EmoGothicGirl14
Trans Nico (solangleo love story) BVB FANGIRL
Nico di Angelo has a secret no one knows but his family and only one person knows and that's his father and Bianca but she died when he was ten. Being a demigod does no...
Wilbur soot x male reader-I'm in love with an E-...boy? by o0lemonboi0o
Wilbur soot x male reader-I'm in lemon
so while writing this i had an idea cause i remember this cover of the song im in love with an e-girl so its kinda based off that uhm i will link the youtube vid once th...