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Born In The Deep End ☯Avengers & Female OC by Jayde-Candy
Born In The Deep End ☯Avengers & Jayde-Candy
Kira is her Father's unwilling sidekick, raised to be the perfect assassin, trained to see people as targets and threats. Her whole life is upended when she runs into th...
IronDad And Spiderson one-shots by BlighttLightt
IronDad And Spiderson one-shotsby Astra
Pretty self explanatory
CEO?? by Fan_500
CEO??by Chloe
A field trip to Stark Industries, where secrets are revealed and friends made. Okay, so I know I'm already writing one of these field trip tropes, but I promise that thi...
I Work Here by comedicliche
I Work Hereby toastedbread
Classic field trip trope, except Peter technically isn't supposed to be on the trip; Peter is forced to stay home at the Avengers Compound the day his Academic Decathlon...
Field Trips to Stark Industries One Shots by Mynamajeffhahahah
Field Trips to Stark Industries Jeff
Peter and his class go on field trips to Stark Industries and well they never go as Peter planned.
Peter Stark by Fan_500
Peter Starkby Chloe
Peter Stark, more commonly known as Peter Parker, has many secrets. Most, he keeps from his peers, such as his family and his secret identity as Spider-Man. However, the...
field trip to si by Ellie-sullivan2010
field trip to siby star
Peter stark was adopted by Tony 3 months ago afterwards may abandoned him for being autistic and since then has been living in the si with the avengers so you could tell...
Yet another field trip fanfic (Spider-man) by sleepyyghostt
Yet another field trip fanfic ( sleepyyghostt
Peter Parker has been living in Stark tower with all the other Avengers for a while now, and he loves it there. Then one day at school he receives a permission slip for...
Field trip to where? (ft.Irondad) by Howard_Potts
Field trip to where? (ft.Irondad)by Starkulous
For once, Peter actually has to help Tony with a project, so he's going to have to miss school. WHY DIDN'T MJ AND NED TELL HIM THAT THEIR ENTIRE SCHOOL WAS COMING TO SI...
spiderson oneshots by lovernumber999
spiderson oneshotsby Mare
Basically people finding out about Peter being Spider-man or the Avengers child. Also please dont judge english isn't my first language. I do not own these characters...
The Eventful Fieldtrip To Stark Industries [And Other Amusing Stories] by MedlockMay
The Eventful Fieldtrip To Stark Medlock May
•Published: 8th November 2022 Peter Parker struggles to keep his three lives separated. Just when he thinks it's going well, his stupid Parker Luck acts up, and now, he'...
Peter Parker One-Shots by the_nerdy_hermit
Peter Parker One-Shotsby the_nerdy_hermit
A series of one-shots focused around the precious boi known as Peter Parker. ~Avengers as a family ~Irondad and Spiderson ~Peter being a loveable idiot ~ Field Trips ~Me...
A Trip Home by LeeroyLoveMarcy28
A Trip Homeby 💜 Ric Tomlinson💜
Peter is excited to go on a field trip with his decathlon team, but they haven't been told where it is to. When he finds out the location, will he be able to keep his al...
A terrible field trip by EllllGBwood
A terrible field tripby Ellie
Another cliche Peter Parker field trip. Art does not belong to me. I'm not sure who the artist is, but if you do know, please tell me so I can credit them accordingly. T...
𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑭𝒊𝒆𝒍𝒅 𝑻𝒓𝒊𝒑: 𝑻𝒉𝒂 ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ
Read the title. It's a field trip fanfic where Flash has been an intern for 3 days before the events of the trip and Peter doesn't know that. Rankings 2nd - fieldtrip...
Spiderman field trip by Technodumbass
Spiderman field tripby clumsy-ball
Just a normal story where Peter Parker and his class go on a field trip to Stark Industry
Peter Parker One-shots by rowtro
Peter Parker One-shotsby R. M. T.
The title says it all, just a few random field trip one-shots made by yours truly. I may be putting a few not field trip one shots because I feel like it but most will b...
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷 by CloeTheTealSnake
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷by Ghost
Typical Midtown field tripping to SI but Peter never gets a permission slip signed... plus plot twist. Also, other alternatives if requested. Cover by the amazing @MyShi...
A forgotten tour by EmpressLilyana
A forgotten tourby Himikowantsyourblood
My version of the 'field trip to SI' trope. Peter was having a meeting with the Avengers, when a tour group stumbled upon them. Unfortunately that tour group happened to...
Peter Parker Field Trips by Izzack18
Peter Parker Field Tripsby I_Miss_One_Direction 😢
I know there are so many of these but these won't just be them visiting Stark Tower (granted a few may be) but they will be field trips anywhere with Peter and his class...