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My Broken Angel by galaxy_queen_1
My Broken Angelby galaxy_queen_1
Addison Summer's mum died when giving birth to her since then her father has started drinking and abused her and never let her forget whose fault it is, shes depressed...
The Marriage Contract|[ Original draft] ✵ by EVERGREEN_18
The Marriage Contract|[ Original d...by Evergreen S.R.R
Description: marriage, marriage is a very special thing, two people showed only get married if they love each other and care for each other completely. In the early days...
The Throw Away Child  by karmakiller1499
The Throw Away Child by mary-kate
"Abigail skipped class again" my teacher spoke to the evil bitch I call my mother "I will make sure her father gives her a long long lecture and I assure...
The Ward of Nampara: A Poldark Fan Fiction (COMPLETE) by SamanthaMarkle92
The Ward of Nampara: A Poldark Fan...by Samantha Markle
#1 in 1700s tagged stories September 2021 #1 in Poldark fan fiction February 2022 #8 in Aidan Turner tagged stories September 2021 Return to Cornwall and the romance and...
Life in Hell:  by CosmicKestrel
Life in Hell: by luna || dead
He grabbed my face roughly with his huge hands, his amber eyes penetrating my same amber ones. I clenched my fist at my side. His hot breath tickled on my nose. With a...
I'm Not Supposed To Love You, But I Do... (DISCONTINUED) by saras0074
I'm Not Supposed To Love You, But...by LonelyWriter0074
"What am I thinking?! I'm supposed to hate her! She's supposed to hate me! We're NOT meant to be together! I can't help it, but I love her." WARNING:LONG UPDAT...
From Nightmares To Dreams by candyfloss912
From Nightmares To Dreamsby chocolate
''I turn over to face the wall smiling like an idiot. Will my life finally go from being nightmares to dreams?'' ########### Felicity: A quiet abused girl that goes unn...
SAVE-ME{ON HOLD}by 4everchonibaby
A 15-year-old girl, gets abused and bullied... everywhere she goes.
Eyes Like The Sky (Murasa Amaniki x Male Reader) by JustinSmith794
Eyes Like The Sky (Murasa Amaniki...by Paramount Phoenix
Murasa Amaniki has always been a shy girl. You found her in the streets in an alleyway, cold, hungry and in need of shelter. On top of that, it was raining, so she ran t...
Broken by lovehorsessomuch
Brokenby lovehorsessomuch
Once upon a time yeah, yeah we all know it. This story is a little different, but it's hitting close to home. Maria Sanchez, a 5'10" 17 year old, blue eyed beauty...
How I met the Boys by TheSilent_Screamer
How I met the Boysby TheSilent_Screamer
Hadley Kyle is the invisible girl. She has a life no one could image, but no one would ever get a glimpse of with her independent demeanor.
Mafia ( Jungkook ff ) by Gamesarefun7
Mafia ( Jungkook ff )by Games are fun
Will Yn ever find the truth about her unknown kidnapper? will she able to find the true reason behind her weird feelings? The mafia king will find her true queen soon l...
Why so broken  by cupcake123cp
Why so broken by cupcake123cp
Becky Trailor is the perfect definition of your senior class nerd, at least that's what she wants you to think. What happens when Mr. Scotty Jean the schools cliche bad...
Unbreakable by Bellisimo_100
Unbreakableby Alyssa Penn
Cassidy Lawrence grew up without a lot of things. She lived without a mother, without happiness and without ever knowing what 'love' was. That is until West Hayes came i...
The Claws of a Phoenix by Wingedfire
The Claws of a Phoenixby Wingedfire
"It's-" the boy coughed, "It's going to be very hard for you to find her. You can be sure of that. Her memories have been erased. She has no knowledge of...
Camisado by iwantdeathplz
Camisadoby Open the fuck up
Jade Taylor wasn't what you'd necessarily call average, most people didn't even know of her existence most of the time, as she never spoke, always hidden behind a Harry...