Abusedmate Stories

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Where Flowers Don't Belong by Art3mis18
Where Flowers Don't Belongby Annie Whipple
Evangeline has never known anything but slavery. Being forced to work for a cruel pack at a young age, all she cares about is completing her chores, scrounging up enough...
King of the Alphas by beforeoursunsets
King of the Alphasby beforeoursunsets
#1 in Luna 11.16.2018 #1 in Romantic 3.7.2019 #1 in Suspense 4.8.2019 {Completed} Summary: Charlotte Woods finds herself in a life or death situation. After war breaks o...
A Howl For Help by phoenix_queen36
A Howl For Helpby Phoenix
Phoenix has been to Hell and back in her pack. Her fiery, sarcastic attitude has been repressed over the years as her spirit has been completely drained. She is now just...
Abused mate by user14660626
Abused mateby Book lover
Her mother died when she was eight her father couldn't Handle it. He started drinking. You can guess the rest. He's been searching for his mate what will he do when he f...
Omega Turned Luna by lone_howler_
Omega Turned Lunaby A Lone Wolf
**I'm not the best at descriptions, but give this story a chance** Cora Wilson has been an Omega in the Dark Moon pack for as long as she can remember. Being an Omega, s...
The Alpha King's Abused Witch Mate by Silverknife11
The Alpha King's Abused Witch Mateby Silver Knife
Rayla is a witch who is abused by the Half Moon pack, and forced to use her power to clean up after them. She doesn't believe she has a mate, because she is not a werewo...
Abused mate by nightfallmoon
Abused mateby Woof
Hello my name is Emily I'm just gonna say this as blunt as possible I'm broken, abused, also did I mention starved? All of this has gone on sense I was 7 years of age O...
No Escape by resaawwk
No Escapeby resaawwk
Jackson roughly kicked down the front door, the rage boiling from the situation festering inside of him. As they walked inside the old house and scanned the room, there...
My She Wolf by Slushie260
My She Wolfby Slushie260
Book 1 She was hidden. Completely lost in a world where she wasn't important. I had to fix that. She will see. I need her. She's mine. My mate. My she wolf. (Short, swee...
His Abused Mate by Peanuts121
His Abused Mateby Peanuts121
Warning: Amateur writing with tons of cringe and mistakes! Read at your own risk. Skylar Clark is just a 17 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. When she mo...
Alpha Kaiden by stydiasbane
Alpha Kaidenby stydiasbane
Diana , an 18 year old girl , has been tortured and abused by her pack as long as she can remember because of her position as the omega of the pack. Her pack had told he...
Rejected Goddess by Katlovi3s
Rejected Goddessby Katlovi3s
Olivia Jane Evans is just an ordinary she -wolf that wants to find her mate and live a happy life - just like her parents story... Her father turned 18, he smelt the sw...
His Abused Mate by prxncesstiana
His Abused Mateby prxncesstiana
the story of a fox and a wolf
The Alpha's Abused Babygirl by MaryPeeler
The Alpha's Abused Babygirlby MaryPeeler
When lily was three years old she was kidnapped by a group of men straight out of her back yard. Now 13 years later she's still with them. Living in cell with barely any...
The Nerd Of My Life by AnnaWolf2001
The Nerd Of My Lifeby Anna Wolfe
Alpha meets nerd. Meet Tobias Anderson, a fragile boy, who happens to be quite nerdy in more than one way. Toby has had quite a rough start in life, constantly abused by...
!Suprise Mate! by SuengHosWife
!Suprise Mate!by SuengHosWife
An omega with 2 personalities An alpha with anger issues.