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My heartless lover  by nanaamonu
My heartless lover by nanaamonu
**** cover page not mine **** R rated read at your own risk After having a very hot one-night stand with a stranger, Christodia found out that the stranger is no othe...
Bossy Bodyguard [18+] Dominating Desires Series by authormahimistry
Bossy Bodyguard [18+] Dominating Mahi
⚠️SEXUAL CONTENT He is her ex's dad. She needs his protection.
Will they find love despite their stubbornness? I didn't expect to own my family's old money at the age o...
Filthy Hot Prince [18+] Alluring Rulers of Azmia Series by authormahimistry
Filthy Hot Prince [18+] Alluring Mahi
⚠️SEXUAL CONTENT "I want to paint you, Valeria." "Paint me?" "Yes. Naked." He is a Prince, an artist. She is my salvation. Will their lov...
Sexy Porn Star (Bts fanfiction 16+) by girlythots
Sexy Porn Star (Bts fanfiction 16+)by girl thou̸g̸h̸ts
In which finding love within the porn industry was not what I signed up for, but I found it. Several loves. READ IN BLACK PLEASE Started: 12/20/20
Ariana Grande & The Erotic Massage by SKRTVMPRE
Ariana Grande & The Erotic Massageby Skirt Vampire
Ariana Grande is a hard working woman and deserves to be treated as such. One night she decides to stop at a late-night massage parlor to fulfill her sexual urges....
The Lake  by YouMayCallMeSir
The Lake by YouMayCallMeSir
Two strangers meet at a lake by chance and it takes an interesting turn.
Make the Prince Happy by giuwuii
Make the Prince Happyby Gi Gi
Sergio, a 16 year old boy, has to get married. In order to find his "Queen" he needs to learn how good each one of these women "perform" in bed, the...
Hotel (Series Part 2 of 4) by shescoy
Hotel (Series Part 2 of 4)by Shes Coy
...that night a sadist was born.
Restaurant Bathroom by 0008RayRay8000
Restaurant Bathroomby 0008RayRay8000
Secret sex in a restaurant Bathroom
The Mafia's Daughter And Her Bodyguard  by jess_jess13
The Mafia's Daughter And Her writer
This story is about the Mafia's daughter(Jess) and her new bodygaurd. She ends up developing feelings for him and one thing leads to another... (IF YOU JUAT WANT THE SEX...
The Cornerz (BxBxB) by user85445032
The Cornerz (BxBxB)by
I was trapped between two very muscular chests. Taking a deep breath I try and control my soon to be boner. Just cause I told them I was their biggest fan. How did that...
Him imagine y/n by int6matefl
Him imagine y/nby int6matefl
"Do not cum, do not slower the speed, do not stop i will be at your apartment in 10mins"
The Fling (18+) by authorphoebemorris
The Fling (18+)by Phoebe Morris
Nora knew she was out of her depth, knew that the smart thing to do - the 'right' thing to do - would be to ignore his scandalous proposition... But would one night of...
GAP 2: ROAD TO FOREVER by goldendarkness101
GAP 2: ROAD TO FOREVERby goldendarkness101
fan made. Mon's & Sam's POV alternate storyline when book 1 ended. is love really all that we need? can we overcome our overwhelming gap when we fight for our love? what...
My sister's fiancee is my husband. (Under Reconstruction sense 4-5-22) by Onyx_2105
My sister's fiancee is my Onyx Mortrelli
Athena Costello loves her sister very much and would do anything for her. With that she did not hesitate to help her runaway the day before her wedding. The thing is Ath...
Fell For My Bestie .. by WeirdoAlaina
Fell For My Bestie Weirdo.Alaina
kaycei finds out that she's pregnant by her supposedly "bestfriend" . what will happen between the two ? will it remain the same or will it change ? READ TO F...
Mismatch by PreciousBun225
Mismatchby Minimoni
i will add it later, because im sleepy and cant remember what was it before it got deleted. pheew~~
MY 7 MAFIA OWNERS  by SurbhiTyagi
MY 7 MAFIA OWNERS by Surbhi Tyagi
hiii guys I am rewriting this story . Pls do support . Y/n - plsss d.dont do t.this plss i.i am s.sorry ?? - your sorry won't buy my expensive perfume again...
My Boyfriend's Brother by illbefamoussomeday
My Boyfriend's Brotherby Savi Sings
--------------------------------------------------- I belong on my knees, doing as you please. --------------------------------------------------- I know I may be young...