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Him imagine y/n by int6matefl
Him imagine y/nby int6matefl
"Do not cum, do not slower the speed, do not stop i will be at your apartment in 10mins"
Carnal desire by Sassypandaxx
Carnal desireby Yourneighbour
Hide yo kids ( only 18+) Along with your innocence as you delve deeper into each world. Please read the tags before you get in.
Sex School by kaylac1616
Sex Schoolby kaylac1616
Delaney Annabeth thought she was going to a completely normal school. Turns out her mom is going behind her back and enrolling her to a sex school. Delaney has to move s...
Tempting My Rented Boyfriend. by priyabolagani
Tempting My Rented Priya
Warning: Mature Content Ahead Betrayed by her Ex and Bestie, Eleanor decides to take revenge on them. On the day before the cheating couple's marriage, she goes to a bar...
JEONS OMEGA (17+) ( ON HOLD )  by Tulips_I_Love_You
Y/n being a weak omega is getting wedded to the most strongest and ruthless alpha named JEON JUNGKOOK! y/n - a.alpha u.u alpha - yes sweetie this is my home...
He Called Me In (18+) by smuttysmuthon
He Called Me In (18+)by smuttysmuthon
This is a blow job/ titty fuck rape fantasy. The girl gets called into work only to find an empty store. Her coworker, who's the only one there, leads her to the back r...
DARK ROMANCE (Mature stories collection)  by sidneetxmeghna
DARK ROMANCE (Mature stories meghna
A collection of mature short stories. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.🔞🔞🔞 18+ content 🔞🔞🔞
Olivia Rodrigo's Bodyguard Gets Lucky by SKRTVMPRE
Olivia Rodrigo's Bodyguard Gets Skirt Vampire
Olivia Rodrigo and her bodyguard decide to head to their hotel room after a long day and things get a little hot and heavy
Fasana-E-Mohabbat  by rooh_khan01
Fasana-E-Mohabbat by Iram Khan
A SHORT STORY COLLECTION BOOK #1 Each story weaves together the intricate threads of human emotions, showcasing the beauty and complexity of love in its many forms. Rand...
Her Dark Obsession  by notbitchyxsweet
Her Dark Obsession by bitchyxsweet
Y/n was always felt like an outcast because she was born different then most kids. When she was younger, she found out that she has telekinesis...but she can't control i...
Lovely belle by Genmarujiro
Lovely belleby Genmarujiro
One day Xiao Jian discovers his neighbor Uncle Zhang Qian's wife Xiao Yunyun inside a bus.... He approaches her only to discover a man mol*sting her, filled with anger h...
ʜᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs  by authornehasaikia
ʜᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs by 𝐍𝐞𝐡𝐚
In the depths of every shadow lies a story waiting to be told, a journey of healing and redemption that transcends the darkness within. Welcome to the tender narrative o...
17+ only. Do not watch if you're 16 yrs and below. Enjoy.
තත් 🔞 by sheronhesaraa
තත් 🔞by sheronhesara
තත් හතක් මත වැටුනු පිනිකැට කියන අරුමැසි ආදරේ ....♥♥♥
Only Yours by thatbih14_
Only Yoursby thatbih14_
BOOK #1 "What are you going to do? You can't kill me. I am the most skilled person in this mafia hands down. Hell.. I even beat you! 'The big, bad mafia Don',"...
R U L E S by TheQuirkyQueen08
R U L E Sby Queen
"Jesus Christ." I called out, this was the first time I was finding out my body could be so sensitive, I was so used to the five pumps and done but James was s...
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan Fanfiction  by BriFlare
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan -BriFlare
Frustrated by life, forty-something Charlie can't stop himself from being interested in Gemini, despite their age gap. Started ⇢ Wednesday, January 27, 2020 Published ⇢...
lust by flomansion
lustby cvm dvmp
Just to let everyone know, I wrote this when I was a virgin and still managed to make it the most heavenly smut I've ever read. Now that I'm not a virgin anymore, expect...
Skulls and Roses || BL 18+ by meow_191
Skulls and Roses || BL 18+by Lady Caroline
The life of a mortician changes forever after he tries to have his way with a beautiful woman's dead body. And soon he discovers that the only person who can save him fr...