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TRAPPED I YOONMIN I ✔ by Ididntevenleeknow
Jimin is trapped, and Yoongi seems like his only escape from reality, #10 in #abusivefather 2021-07-01 #71 in #loving 2021-07-31 #2 in #kindacute 2021-07-07 #29 in #warm...
Why Won't Anyone Believe Me? by depresseddemigod
Why Won't Anyone Believe Me?by Kara Campbell
Izuku lives with his abusive father, and he tries to tell his classmates about it, but no one believes him. In result of him making 'false accusations', U.A called his f...
Auto Mechanic for the Mafia by olivesandpie
Auto Mechanic for the Mafiaby Orchidlove
Marco Rafaello is the Don of the Italian Mafia based out of America. He is attractive, aggressive, and a fierce leader. He only cares about his mother and his men, anyon...
Bad News by Spagbol99
Bad Newsby Spagbol99
Fifteen year old Lincoln Taylor's life had finally settled down, before the unthinkable happened. Suddenly sent to live with a father he never knew and a family he had...
Ida Jones by Paix15
Ida Jonesby Paix15
Ida Jones learns her father has arranged for her to be sold to the local gang for his debt but Ida has other plans. After running away and into the hands of the local MC...
Beaten by ForTheLoveOfIt
Beatenby ForTheLoveOfIt
His dad grabbed his shirt and pushed him backwards. Ryan cried out as he tumbled down the stairs and hit the floor hard. His dad advanced on him. Then he walked forward...
Behind These Walls by mashange13
Behind These Wallsby mashange_sa
I looked at him fear soon enveloping me. My heart starts pounding, my palms become sweaty, I feel my face lose its colour as I become pale. I beg him to stop, I cry out...
Your Mine, Streetfighter by sinric
Your Mine, Streetfighterby Crowe
Eliza Martin, the abused street-fighter. She's a nerd in her school for her good grades. Eric Grey, the badboy street-racer. He has good looks and a bad reputation. Eliz...
Excavate by No_this_is_patches
Excavateby No_this_is_patches
Riley knew how to take care of himself. He wasn't good at much, but he could do that and do it well. Cycling through violence and neglect from his father, he didn't have...
The Twins  by VeronicaO18
The Twins by VeronicaO18
Veronica and victoria were 2 when their mother stole them from their family. years later when their mother was murdered by their stepfather they found a note to look for...
princesses don't cry by Amarismoonbeam
princesses don't cryby Amaris moon beam
Sorry I wrote this when I was younger. I'm not editing this book. It's not the best but I did put my little heart in to it at the time. I hope you like it😁 Amaris is th...
love is in the air || yang jungwon [COMPLETE] by bunbunwoonie_
love is in the air || yang jungwon...by SpreadYourWings
This story is about a girl who named Wang Jihyun (You), who doesn't felt love from her parents since the day she was born. She lives with her abusive and alcoholic fathe...
Pretty Boy by fuckinangelic
Pretty Boyby emi
After years of abuse form his father and a full year in hell with his foster father and brother, 15 year old Aiden is finally reunited with his younger sister, Ellie as...
Internal cry by TheWritingUser
Internal cryby TheWritingUser
"How long has he been hurting you?" There it is. The question I dreaded, but I promised him I would be honest, so I took a deep breath and answered. "Seve...
Until. (Larry Stylinson AU) by directioner_imperio
Until. (Larry Stylinson AU)by *larry's daughter*
|Completed| "NO! Tell me it’s a joke. Please tell me you are kidding" Losing your family isn't easy to cope with specially when the remaining want you dead mor...
Mio Famiglia?! by princessofia16
Mio Famiglia?!by princessofia16
Rebecca Rose Valantino is a shy but smart girl... The last thing she saw before falling unconcious is her father had killed her mother infront of her own eyes... What ha...
The Oldest Is Always The Ginny Pig  by StoriesWithKarl
The Oldest Is Always The Ginny Pig by kar|J@cobs
y/n is the oldest of the sbi family. You see Phil always wanted a warrior, a fighter, a killer. y/n minecraft, first born child to philza minecraft. The first child phil...
His Abused Mate by Peanuts121
His Abused Mateby Peanuts121
Warning: Amateur writing with tons of cringe and mistakes! Read at your own risk. Skylar Clark is just a 17 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. When she mo...
Chapa & Bose (Danger Force FanFic) by Danger2019
Chapa & Bose (Danger Force FanFic)by Foxy.EXE
Chapa has a alcoholic father that abuses her but she doesn't tells anyone. She also goes through deep depression & cuts herself. Can they save Chapa from her nightmare? ...
I need help, but I don't know how to ask for it...(shintodo) [editing on pause] by Flora7907
I need help, but I don't know how...by Flora
Todoroki is dealing with a lot of issues at home, he knows he needs help but... how does he ask for it? Will anyone even want to help him? Honestly this entire story cou...