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SLASHED DREAMS CRIES IN RED | 僕ぼくのヒーローアカデミア by -Y4NGJ1
❝ existence is fleeting as the dawn's dew, destined for oblivion. ❞ ‒ 𝖎𝖓 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖍; a sword master came down to be a student, unknown to the dangers she has put herse...
Ở ké mới vài tuần, đã bị dì không cho rời đi? by Jk99o08
Ở ké mới vài tuần, đã bị dì khô Ngọc Huyền
Xem có người đọc không đã :) Dì Swan 24 tuổi, bị trái cà tím 18 tuổi nuốt cái một
Dancing under the moonlight  by zoeybears
Dancing under the moonlight by sugarbears
(Acheron x male reader) Mostly Acheron POV -It's crazy how I felt in love with you in first sight -Please know that this is just a fanfic, this is not real. I do not ow...
Her Beacon (Acheron x Caelus) by JesterX3
Her Beacon (Acheron x Caelus)by Yojiro
In the starlit festivities of Penacony, she meets Caelus, a figure shrouded in mystery who shines as a beacon into her enduring night. He was her light, and she was his...
" Thus, I am Acheron. " SOLO Vervin / Hio
when a mysteriously named Galaxy Ranger "Acheron" accidentally gets herself into a world full of "Hunters." "I am Acheron. merely a burrowed nam...
Cosmic Ballet. by xivoyu
Cosmic pomegranate heart.
❪ ‪🪐 ❫ HONKAI STAR RAIL, she paints her future, it rushes before her eyes. she dreams, a dream in which she does not die. ㅤㅤ©opvulence, 2024. #3 in acheron. #1 in bo...
Izuku/Acheron: Self-Annihilator (BNHA Harem) by KafkaEnjoyer
Izuku/Acheron: Self-Annihilator ( Nami
Izuku, beaten by his friends and sister. on the verge of death, he encounters someone interesting. (Coming In The Near Future)
Helion Spellcleaver and the Lady of Autumn ; A new start by arobis_the_bookworm
Helion Spellcleaver and the Lady arobis_the_bookworm
This is a fanfic based on the characters of the AOCTAR book series by S.J.Mass Aurelia is the name I found appropriate to use as the name of Loa, as her name isnt menti...
HEAVENLY + UNHOLY | AcheSwan Short & Long Stories  by -tranqviijae
HEAVENLY + UNHOLY | AcheSwan nevtraluso
『Avoid entering someone's past memories lightly, especially hers』- Black Swan 【。_。】 Memokeeper and Galaxy Ranger. What could've been more surprising is their secret rela...
Beat Heels/Rough Ride. by xivoyu
Beat Heels/Rough pomegranate heart.
❪ ‪♡ ❫ BOOTHILL, she's a distant dream. oh! she's slipping, from the edges of my fingers.ㅤㅤ ©fviirsh, 2024.
Witch (Nessian) by misskillerdarkness
Witch (Nessian)by ❦𝐂𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧❦
Nesta tried-tried and failed-not to feel the blow, the sting of the words. Though she didn't know why she was surprised by it. There are no paintings of her in this hous...
Welt's Supermassive Black Holes by donkulousanimefan1
Welt's Supermassive Black Holesby donkulousanimefan1
In another timeline where Welt released his black hole just a little bit faster.
The Tears of Acheron by someonehugme
The Tears of Acheronby Laura Golding
Aofie Faeryn doesn't know who she is. Her earliest memory: staring up at the iron gates of the city of Dóchas as a child, with nothing but her mother's ring on a chain a...
The endless void  by OliviaYamato
The endless void by kiana kaslana
yandere mashle magic and muscle x Acheron!reader ------------------------------------------------------------ A realm of magic it's called so because magic is natural p...
ANGEL'S BLOOD AND GODS POWER by ProtogenoiofKhaos216
Story originally belonged to @Emma12Carstairs however I got permission from said amazing individual to continue with the story, I've changed the prophecy and ill be add...
Dear Death by DarkEveningStar
Dear Deathby DarkEveningStar
A short poem, just because, I've felt like the Ferryman deserves something.
The None-Existent Goddess by Sketcher999
The None-Existent Goddessby Deanna
Daughter of Artemis & Acheron Parenthopause Thanks go out to Rem & Tristessa for help writing these one-shots and for amazing art.
Chronicels of Nick: Fate's story by XxTonitheArtistxX
Chronicels of Nick: Fate's storyby ♡Toni♡
As a girl, Fate has searched for who she is. She has memories popping up from her long buried child, and she can't stop them. Now as a ghost from her past has come to ha...