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The Librarian by takyrack
The Librarianby Shinamonpan
HI3 x Male reader I do not own HI3, Hoyoverse, and any images used in this story. All credits go to original owners and creators.
Date of Impact ({Honkai Impact Fic})  by KochoTurin
Date of Impact ({Honkai Impact Fic...by Eden Simp Club Manager
Kiri Yatogami was ordinary high school student who plays the game Honkai Impact and watches many anime... during one of his walks home... he suddenly got hit in a crossf...
What?! I'm Mei?! by WilliamHu1
What?! I'm Mei?!by ᴀ_ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ_ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
Our protagonist, Aiden, accidentally falls down the stairs and dies. But once he wakes up, he was no longer in his world but instead in the world of his favorite videoga...
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odyssey by KazeharuHayato
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odysseyby KazeharuHayato
(A crossover fanfiction of Honkai Impact 3 x Ultraman Trigger, with several alterations.) A seemingly normal day for Manaka Kengo, a young man who aims to be a botanist...
The Self-loathing Commander by fraaqac
The Self-loathing Commanderby fraaqac
He couldn't take it anymore, so wanting to escape from his tormentors, Hachiman decides to settle down in Honshu... Problem is, he swapped his problems for a bigger one.
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Impact ff) by MaxLanePanda
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Imp...by Max Lane
A scientist, a fan of Honkai Impact, enters the world of this game, in the body of the first Kiana clone, but with some changes. { ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ } {I do not own Honkai...
Death in Paradise (Honkai impact x Male reader) by newone036
Death in Paradise (Honkai impact x...by new one
A War Veteran meets the Valkyrie's Of St. Freya. Follow his story as he tries to protect his loved ones from the Dangers of the honkai (I own none of these images, char...
19 Valkyrie Soulmates by fraaqac
19 Valkyrie Soulmatesby fraaqac
August, a teenager that dreams of getting away from his family, ends up with his wish granted, albeit in a way he never wanted. A reincarnation with his memory intact. T...
Multiverses fate changer, Bronya! by Beast21not7
Multiverses fate changer, Bronya!by Bronya forever
(I do not own anything used in this story such as pictures, characters, games, and anime's which belong to their respective creators and companies). So here's how I came...
It's Not My Fault that I want you to React by Syzygy36
It's Not My Fault that I want you...by Syzygy
Just read it No need for description
Banging a Snake (Pre-Era HI3) by Vanto_Kafka1
Banging a Snake (Pre-Era HI3)by Vanto Kafka
There was once a man named Julian Loki, his friend called him Loki, and he is a man who had a secret he never told anyone else. He was a reincarnate; the world where he...
estimated time of arrival by of-liyue
estimated time of arrivalby of-liyue
the looming threat of destruction akin to celestial annihilation versus... a collection of immortalized teens, their supervisors, and a train. multiple canons x multiple...
Is This Regret? (Honkai impact x Male reader) by LWTAWinds
Is This Regret? (Honkai impact x M...by Lost Wind
*sips tea* just another Honkai Impact x Male Reader story... Hopefully I can bring some depth in this story... Have fun reading. Oi, you. Yes you, the reader. I'm curren...
Reincarnated as Griseo in Date a Live Remastered by ShizuneMurasaki
Reincarnated as Griseo in Date a L...by Shizuo Murasaki
["𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕, 𝒊𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒅𝒔 𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒆 𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝑰 𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒆. 𝑯𝒎𝒎? 𝑾𝒉𝒐 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂...
Saving an era as true HOR. by Beast21not7
Saving an era as true HOR.by Bronya forever
I do not own honkai impact 3rd or any pictures used in this story. Chapters update when I feel motivated enough to make the next chapter. And finally this story has very...
Archon Reborn | Slices of Life by RexCelestial
Archon Reborn | Slices of Lifeby RexCelestial
Basically the story where I put all my Omakes from the main book in this one, also might include some M E M E S (DNA OF THE SO-) and maybe even some artworks from other...
KonoSuba:I shall serve my Queen even in this world (Hi3) by Rin8491
KonoSuba:I shall serve my Queen ev...by [ ~ TrashCan-Kun ~ ]
Yu shin is Y/n L/n's childhood friend, employer, and his reason to live, she is also a MAJOR Otaku gamer, and her favorite character being Sirin from Honkai impact 3rd. ...
HSR Story: Cast of HI3 and HSR React To The Captain New World Adventure.(Hiatus) by rue_23
HSR Story: Cast of HI3 and HSR Rea...by rue_23
Basically The Valkyries and many of the casts of Honkai Impact 3 alongside will react to Captain of Hyperion new life and adventure after Impact story and going to HSR w...
Shin Honkai Impact(Remake): Crossing Stars by TenshiHoshino
Shin Honkai Impact(Remake): Crossi...by Tenshi Hoshino
Alternative Title- True Honkai Impact, Starfall Disclaimer: Any images, videos, gifs, music used aren't mine. Honkai Impact and all the OG characters are owned by Mihoyo...
|𝐿𝒪𝒱𝐸 𝐼𝒮 𝒲𝐸𝐼𝑅𝒟|genshin + honkai oneshots| by _D1N0_
|𝐿𝒪𝒱𝐸 𝐼𝒮 𝒲𝐸𝐼𝑅𝒟|genshin...by •DIN0•
꧁༒☬𝓓𝓸 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓶𝓮?☬༒꧂ ꧁༒☬...𝓘 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝔀𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮☬༒꧂ |ON A HIATUS| |genshin impact and honkai impact...