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Archon Reborn by RexCelestial
Archon Rebornby 岩王帝君
Y/N L/N was always the odd one out of the students attending St. Freya, ostracized and shunned due to his gender, he was never exactly welcomed or acknowledged. However...
Honkai Impact: The Fulfiller by AstericShinyota
Honkai Impact: The Fulfillerby Aster
Hello everyone, welcome to my story. A world where I want to fix and save everything. Everything was my fault and I will fix it. Just keep watching over me sis... I'm d...
Honkai Impact|The Truth Beyond| by Nameless-Yn
Honkai Impact|The Truth Beyond|by Sup
This is a male reader story. Feel free to read it. Story Description: This is a life of a young man whose true identity is unknown. And Y/n is his name until he remember...
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odyssey by KazeharuHayato
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odysseyby KazeharuHayato
(A crossover fanfiction of Honkai Impact 3 x Ultraman Trigger, with several alterations.) A seemingly normal day for Manaka Kengo, a young man who aims to be a botanist...
Exploring the Honkaiverse by WilliamHu1
Exploring the Honkaiverseby ᴀ_ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ_ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
This is just a side story of Reincarnated in Honkai Impact 3rd as Starchasm Nyx. This book is about our protagonist visiting some bubble universes. 【Story is created on:...
The Self-loathing Commander by freezxp
The Self-loathing Commanderby freezxp
He couldn't take it anymore, so wanting to escape from his tormentors, Hachiman decides to settle down in Honshu... Problem is, he swapped his problems for a bigger one.
Remember Us - Honkai Impact 3rd x F!Reader by IsamuValerie
Remember Us - Honkai Impact 3rd x...by Kiana My BBG 😍
The truth of the pain will never allowed to let anyone know, it must be private. But if you can't hold back, you will regret it. The truth of the love or happiness won't...
Our Monsters ( Honkai impact 3 X male reader) by UnknowingFire
Our Monsters ( Honkai impact 3 X m...by Dreadnought
As the girls were having a nice vacation, they were immediately called in to the Shicksal headquarters, to go on a mission to recover a boy known as "the vigilant y...
Honkai (Full) Impact ( A Male Reader Story ) by ReusKrispies
Honkai (Full) Impact ( A Male Read...by ReusKrispies
This is a Male Reader Story and it's my first story. So it might have a shitty schedule and some plot holes or typos so bear with me. And this has an original plot so ye...
19 Valkyrie Soulmates by freezxp
19 Valkyrie Soulmatesby freezxp
August, a teenager that dreams of getting away from his family, ends up with his wish granted, albeit in a way he never wanted. A reincarnation with his memory intact. T...
Death in Paradise (Honkai impact x Male reader) by newone036
Death in Paradise (Honkai impact x...by new one
A War Veteran meets the Valkyrie's Of St. Freya. Follow his story as he tries to protect his loved ones from the Dangers of the honkai (I own none of these images, char...
I'm Elysia!? by SourKaos
I'm Elysia!?by Mobi /srs
(MOVED TO AO3) Reincarnated into another world, the once-dying protagonist, an unnamed woman, had fallen into the world of Honkai Impact... but as our favourite Miss Pin...
HI3: MO Journal  by The_Godly_Tuna_
HI3: MO Journal by K-423(Sirin)
Random things about on Honkai Impact My Odyssey.
Brighter than tomorrow and yesterday (Honkai 3rd AU Pt.2) (Ruikasa) by Sorakokomi
Brighter than tomorrow and yesterd...by Ruikasa Enthusiast
Tsukasa and Rui were captured by Schicksal for their Herrscher researches and transplanted Rui's Herrscher core into Tsukasa along with another Herrscher core, causing T...
seele in date a live  by yocasted
seele in date a live by rosenlie
a gamer girl in a hospital dies from cancer and wants to have a chance at life and god answers her but in a strange way let's follow her story of crazy new life
Hi3 Oneshotsyy by Entropytic
Hi3 Oneshotsyyby Forfeit
Idk mostly cringy
Nexus Impact | A Simple Captain's Viewpoint by RexCelestial
Nexus Impact | A Simple Captain's...by 岩王帝君
A boy who tragically lost his life at a young age soon found himself gazing at the very avatar of Ultraman Noa, a fictional yet omnipotent being whose powers transcend r...
Isekai'd as The Herrscher of Sentience by KirraL2
Isekai'd as The Herrscher of Senti...by Suzu
Hi yes welcome to another Isekai story of mine. Haruto Hosutchi is a 18 year old college student who is current experiencing... Troubles, in other words, he isn't keepin...
Ice against Light Stars (Honkai Impact 3 AU) by schrodingrr
Ice against Light Stars (Honkai Im...by schrodingrr
❄️ Honkai impact 3 role-swap AU ❄️ Synopsis: Ana Schariac, a war orphan girl who was adopted and trained as a Schicksal Valkyrie, along with her little sister: Kiana Sch...
Space In Control (Honkai Impact x Author inserted) by Gojo_19
Space In Control (Honkai Impact x...by Sirin_of_the_Void
Hey, I'm Yuji Kaslana, I was born into Kaslana Household and I was the twin of my after mention sister Kiana Kaslana, I was also very distant from my family most of the...