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Savior in HI3rd: Houraiji Kyuushou reader x Honkai Impact 3rd by andrerb12
Savior in HI3rd: Houraiji Arstrike54
Y/N is reincarnated in HI3rd as her/his favorite character, Houraiji Kyuushou. She finds herself in Nagazora, and starts to explore it, trying to find a way out, she fin...
The First Male of a Valkyrie School - Discontinued by Senti_Senti
The First Male of a Valkyrie Anglea
DISCONTINUED, I have a short attention span Kazuha was once the heir of the infamous Kaedehara clan, but ever since a certain event, he became the last surviving Kaedeha...
The Lone Hitman of St. Freya by -Lord_of_Tuna-
The Lone Hitman of St. Freyaby -Shadow_Monarch-
A boy end up being transfered to another world where he end up in someone else body that reveals to be Ciel from Elsword. He also been gifted all Ciel power from all pat...
Reinclaynated As Enkidu In The World Of Honkai Impact 3rd! by UltraLily
Reinclaynated As Enkidu In The Demon-Like Judge of Ships
Barry and Erik were inseparable friends... Erik had a severe case of loneliness, until Barry reached out a hand to him and became the most important person in his life...
A New Human Fighter (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction) by Kize_Seikato
A New Human Fighter (A Honkai Kize
Diake was just a normal Nagazora City citizen, when the Honkai suddenly broke out into the city, turning anyone and everyone into mindless zombies or beasts of some sort...
Another Void  by arialenerda
Another Void by aria lenerda
A lost soul that get second chance to reborn in another world as sirin _______________________________ I do not own honkaiimpact3rd or any character that showed in this...
Reincarnated as Lucilius in Hoyoverse  by -Lord_of_Tuna-
Reincarnated as Lucilius in -Shadow_Monarch-
A teenager was a die hard fan of Granblue Fantasy because of it good story, good graphics, good ost's and good characters that some of it based by the mythology. One day...
Honkai Impact 3rd~SCENARIOS by UltimateTuna
Honkai Impact 3rd~SCENARIOSby Eez Nad
One-shots for each valkyries, requests are welcomed. You are the captain of the battleship hyperion and you are the only male around. These are only scenarios so there w...
Desire To Protect (Honkai Impact 3rd X Male Reader) by LampDoAlangina
Desire To Protect (Honkai Impact Only One
This Story is heavily Inspired by : @ReusKrispies Im Following the main story here, and maybe some flashback chapter too This is a story about a young boy who wants to p...
Honkai Impact 3rd x OC: Let's Fight Beasts! by Afrologia
Honkai Impact 3rd x OC: Let's Acnologia's Son & Master of t...
Onyx Scale was a regular teen with a lower turned middle class upbringing who really didn't have any issues, until a honkai eruption occurred in his home town. He remain...
Herrscher of Will(Honkai Impact Fanfic) by Reigch12
Herrscher of Will(Honkai Impact Red
Herrscher of Will, a herrscher that can use nature from it's will. Has born again, destined to kill the END ___________________________ Honkai Impact 3rd is owned my Hoy...
Reincarnated in Honkai Impact 3rd as Miss Pink Elf by Firetunakaslana
Reincarnated in Honkai Impact Daniela
A story talks about a boy who getting struck by a lightning while he was going his way to school and meet a god who will reincarnate/retrieve him in a world/univerese by...
Incorrect Honkai Impact 3rd Quotes by lightningmoonl1ght
Incorrect Honkai Impact 3rd Quotesby 𝐚𝐨𝐢 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐯
art from the cover: #1 - kaichou [11.22.21] #2 - elysia [11.20.21] #2 - muratahimeko [11.20.21] #3 - kallenkaslana [11.21.21] #5 - theres...
Honkai impact 3rd: I just want to survive! by Melisa_a_a
Honkai impact 3rd: I just want Melisa_a_a
An experienced Honkai impact 3rd player wakes up in her favourite game's world, having seen the story so far, her chances for survival are near zero and she's determined...
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love and Battles by Yuki_Slayer09
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love Yuki_Slayer
In this tense journey, Y/N speaks within his heart, "Wait for me, this time I won't fail, I promise. It seems my time in this world is up, but I will return with un...
The Void Drifter {Kiana Kaslana's Story} by kwaiiquinkittie
The Void Drifter {Kiana Kaslana' Kittie-chan
After the herrcher of the void is defeated by anti-entropy, Kiana is determined to fight back Schicksal after what they did to her. Kiana or K423 had major problems, not...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Honkai Beast  by -Lord_of_Tuna-
That Time I Got Reincarnated As -Shadow_Monarch-
A Hikikomori boy is hit by Truck-kun after pushing a little boy who trying to pick his ball while on his back home. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a...
A Tale of Flame and Frost (honkai impact 3rd) by Calamityhunt
A Tale of Flame and Frost ( Calamity
The Honkai wants to bring humanity to its destruction. But as anyone would know, humans have very high tenacity to want to survive no matter what comes at them. This st...
Honkai impact 3rd X Female Reader One-shots by empty_f
Honkai impact 3rd X Female Celestine 𖤐
" And like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again. " -------- Honkai Impact 3rd does not belong to me except Y/N and some other...
Another Herrscher?(Paused for now) by twistedchants
Another Herrscher?(Paused for now)by 》oracle !!
Another Herrscher has awakened. What Herrscher is it this time? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I truly apologize if any of the characters in this book are ooc, I've written this book...