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The Boy Who Wore Boat Shoes by sophieanna
The Boy Who Wore Boat Shoesby c h e r
❝We were both just two messed up kids with pasts and the power to move forward.❞ Eric Wilson. He was gorgeous. He was the quarterback. He was smart. He was perfect. H...
Misadventure by twoghostsinonehome
Misadventureby twoghostsinonehome
Louis is good at piano. Harry wants to be good at piano. Louis just wants to be good enough. Warning: I won't go into specifics for the sake of spoilers, but addiction i...
Never Together Nor Apart by Criminalminds_addict
Never Together Nor Apartby CmWriter
Emily Prentiss is a new member of the FBI's BAU team. She meets a tall, dark haired man. From what she can tell he never smiles, but she wanted to change that. Will they...
You Go I Go. I go YOU stay. by thatlonelybitxh
You Go I Go. I go YOU J
Sienna James Cruz, currently 21, is "trying to find her way out of drugs," but is she really? Has she really moved on from her mother's random death? How is sh...
Runaway  by X0X0X02829729
Runaway by XXX♥️
Run. Run from your past Run from your family Run from the police A 14 year old girl had been on and off the streets. Running from orphanages and ending up in hospita...
The Beast is a Sex Addict by forgottenatmidnight
The Beast is a Sex Addictby Forgotten At Midnight
Adam Prince, better known as the Beast, is the owner of the Castle, a high end casino located in Miami, FL. He's rich, handsome and cursed with a sex addiction problem...
Steal your Heart | Twisted Wonderland by takutakubell
Steal your Heart | Twisted taku
twisted wonderland short stories
Revenge and Regret/eunwoo ff//mature content by tunawere62
Revenge and Regret/eunwoo ff// tunawere62
Tia has a crush on Eunwoo since in her middle school.Everything about Eunwoo was a priority for her.She's too addicted to Eunwoo and she felt like her world was only Eun...
Blood Stream by LarryShipperForLife
Blood Streamby LarryShipperForLife
Harry loves Louis, but Louis loves drugs and sex. However, his main priority is protecting Harry from the world. Louis won't let anyone close to Harry, wanting to keep t...
Rock Bottom by 2kayagirlss
Rock Bottomby 2kayagirlss
Almost 18 year old spirit starts a new school after being expelled from the last. How will she do ?
The Morningstar  by Cendrillon1996
The Morningstar by Cinderella
"Father forgive me for i have sinned , i had some unorthodox thoughts about that guy in church again." Nicholas is a good boy, he's the grandson of an abusive...
Halfway House (A Eminem interracial love story) #Wattys2019 by Eminemzminnie
Halfway House (A Eminem MsPlotTwister
Gardina Verena Holton is the late Deshuan Dupree Holton sister, who has had a long list of problems starting when she got pregnant at 17 to a man who later got arrested...
The Police Officer and The Addict // destiel AU  by areesem13
The Police Officer and The areesem13
Dean struggles with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, but his favorite cop helps him get clean, eventually the cop starts meaning more to Dean, but what will happen whe...
My Safe Place by Criminalminds_addict
My Safe Placeby CmWriter
As Will, JJ's boyfriend, begins to abuse her. She turns to one of her most trusted friends to help her. When Will realizes whats going on, he takes matters into his own...
Funerals and Absent Father Figures by imanenigma21
Funerals and Absent Father Figuresby imanenigma
Follows Orion Darling and his journey through Fatherhood at the age of twenty to a daughter that isn't even his.
War within Herself by LunaLevi5
War within Herselfby Luna
16 year old julie hernandez struggles through high school and family issues. She want to be free but there is always something stopping her. She feels as if she needs pi...
Red Ledger (The Winter Spider) by idiotic_human
Red Ledger (The Winter Spider)by Spencer
What will happen to fifteen year old Peter Parker after he gets kidnapped by hydra after they killed his Aunt? Guess you will have to read to find out. Obviously, charac...
Shade Of Pink  by glimmer_Ink
Shade Of Pink by glimmer_Ink
Roses are red Violent are blue Two souls destined to be together. Rahil and ansar who are destined to be together forever but hate each other's guts, how will the two en...
Watching Désirée by SciFurz
Watching Désiréeby SciFurz
Désirée, unable to stop her addiction to sex since her college years, made her decision to start working at a government run brothel as the solution to satisfy her const...